11 Best DIY + Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask Benefits For Bright Skin

aloe vera face mask benefits

Aloe vera (or it is called agave) – one of the most useful and unpretentious plants, which in most people can be found on window sills. They knew about its healing properties even in the times of Ancient Rome, and even now the mistresses try to grow this flower at home so that if necessary, they have some first aid for various diseases.

For cosmetic purposes, aloe is used as a preparation with different microelements and vitamins, thanks to which it is possible to slow down the ageing of the skin for a long time and very efficient.

Due to its properties, green healer aloe may well come out on top in the competition of popular and costly anti-wrinkle products.

1 Aloe Vera Face Mask Benefits

Aloe vera is a herbaceous plant. About its beneficial properties talked back in 1500 BC. e. In Egypt. Then he was considered the source of youth and unfading beauty. It said that Cleopatra herself was famous for her irresistible precisely because she performed ablutions in the healing juice.

aloe vera face mask benefits
11 Best DIY + Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask Benefits For Bright Skin

Aloe vera face mask is a magical tool that can solve all issues related to the needs of the skin of the face. If it is applied to the dry dermis, it can tone and moisturize, if it is oily, it can be dried and degreased.

Healthy skin will be cleansed and nourished, and problem skin will get rid of its shortcomings because the aloe vera face mask is used.


  1. Cleansing aloe penetrates the pores of the skin thick enough, acts as an incentive for toxins.
  2. To the removal of any pollutants, the channels of the sweat and sebaceous glands are released, and so they function much better.
  3. Recovery recovery, and repair processes are activated through the exchange of purines.
  4. Stopping of inflammatory processes inflammations that already exist, slow down or do not develop an infectious process.
  5. Antioxidant free radicals are destroyed, and the skin is protected from oxidation, acid-base balance is restored, and this leads to the fact that local immunity is activated.
  6. Wound healing aloe has 18 essential amino acids, which when combined with vitamin C stimulate the speedy healing of various kinds of damage, which is because synthesis of new cells, fibers, as well as elastin and collagen is stimulated.
  7. Adjustment the skin is cleared of acne and other types of rash, cleansing pigmentation disorders, removes the effects of not very successful tanning procedures or peeling.
  8. Stimulation the biological activity of the muscles and tissues is somewhat affected, resulting in improved blood circulation, stimulation of the endocrine glands and a protective barrier, and biologically active substances are produced.
  9. Rejuvenation there is a gradual slowdown of the aging process of cells, a gradual restoration of elasticity, plasticity, turgor, and uniformity of the skin.
  10. If the mode of use is correct, the folds are smoothed, and the tone is normalized; implementation is due to an increase in the number of connective fibers (elastin and collagen) and restoration of water balance in cells.

Many qualities of aloe help to affect the skin in a variety of ways, change its properties, correct some deficiencies, exchange of minerals and substances, launch the internal recovery mechanism.

2 Aloe Vera Face Mask – Some Contraindications:

We have already found out that this plant combines a huge amount of various beneficial properties, so we can say that this plant is a unique plant complex of medicinal and cosmetic effects on the skin. In many countries, women, both young and not, use aloe facial masks from wrinkles.

Aloe Vera Face Mask
11 Best DIY + Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask Benefits For Bright Skin

Also, each of them has excellent help from a moisturizing mask, as well as a cover that saves from acne. Also, there are a huge number of such recipes that can provide real relief. The only thing to consider is how and to whom they can be applied.

To avoid the development of these problems, you should first conduct an allergic test with the sap of the plant.

It is enough to apply a few drops on the skin area opened to the eye, wait half an hour and examine this place – is there a response of the body. If no visible changes are detected, the aloe face mask, the recipe of which will be described below, is approved for use.

There are some conditions, in the presence of which it is necessary to abandon these cosmetic procedures for a particular time or to begin to eliminate the cause of the situation.

Pregnancy –
Aloe contains anthraquinone – a substance that can provoke a contraction of the muscles of the uterus, which will result in premature birth or miscarriage.

There is telangiectasia on the face – the vascular network is located quite close to the skin surface, and this provokes the risk of systemic circulation of substances from the aloe vera mask.

Menstruation –
If you apply a face mask with aloe juice during critical days, there is a high risk of bleeding from the uterus, This is due to the vasodilator action of aloe vera.

Strong Develop Of Hair –
Due to the signs of hair, the effectiveness of the procedure is quite reduced, and its implementation becomes more complicated.

3 Recipes Aloe Vera Juice

Agave has many varieties, but the most useful is aloe vera juice. It is on it, and you can prepare the basis for many cosmetic masks.

Recipes Aloe Vera Juice - 11 Best DIY + Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask Benefits For Bright Skin
11 Best DIY + Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask Benefits For Bright Skin

Make It Simple: do not water the agave for two weeks so that as many nutrients as possible can be collected.

In The Leaves: then cut several fleshy leaves, wash them thoroughly, dry them, wrap them in thick paper and put them in the fridge for twelve days so that biostimulants accumulate in them.

time passes, now you can squeeze the juice out of the leaves – it is this that is used in masks for wrinkles.

The stimulated juice prepared in this way can be stored in the refrigerator for three days, if it is diluted with one-to-one alcohol, then a whole month.

4 Aloe Vera For Wrinkles

Consider the recipes of masks, which enjoy the greatest sympathy in the female audience. After all, aloe is indispensable in many situations. The method for making masks is usually straightforward, so anyone who wants to improve their appearance can easily use them.

First, we turn our attention to aloe face wrinkle masks, because this is what worries many women.

5 Mask For All Skin Types To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

Ingredients Required:-

Two Tablespoons Honey
One Tablespoon Aloe Juice

How To Use:-

We need honey – two tablespoons and aloe juice – one tablespoon. Ingredients must be mixed and applied for a third of an hour on the face. Thus, you can improve the complexion and remove small facial wrinkles.

6 Aloe Vera Face Mask At Home

Ingredients Required:-

One Egg Yolk
One Tablespoon Of Aloe
One Teaspoon Of Sour Cream

Aloe Vera Face Mask At Home
11 Best DIY + Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask Benefits For Bright Skin

How To Use:-

It has only three ingredients – one chicken egg yolk, one tablespoon of aloe and one teaspoon of sour cream. Mix everything well and apply on steamed skin for about twenty minutes. After the time has come to an end, wash off with a contrast shower.

7 Aloe Vera Acne Face Mask

Ingredients Required:-

1 Leaf Of Aloe Vera
A Half Liter Water
4 Tablespoons Of Honey

How To Use:-

It will take 1 leaf of aloe, half a liter of water, four tablespoons of honey. Preparing a face mask for acne will take a little time. Wash the aloe leaf, chop it finely, cover with water and place on fire. Please wait until the mixture boils and hold it for fifteen minutes on low flame.

Add honey to the broth, stir and cool. Apply on face and wait ten minutes.

A face mask with aloe and honey is suitable if the skin type is only if it is a problem and inflamed. You can apply two or three times a week.

8 Face Mask With Aloe Juice And Oil

Ingredients Required:-

Two Tablespoons Of Aloe Juice
One Tablespoon Any Vegetable Oil

How To Use:-

You will need two tablespoons of aloe juice and one tablespoon of any vegetable oil. You need to mix the juice with the selected oil and apply for half an hour.

This procedure moisturizes the skin, softens and tones it. It is suitable for age skin. Can be used twice a week.

9 Aloe Vera And Honey Face Mask

Ingredients Required:-

Two Teaspoons Of Honey
A Tablespoon Cottage Cheese
Two Tablespoons Of Aloe Juice

How To Use:-

To prepare it, two teaspoons of honey, a tablespoon of cottage cheese, two tablespoons of aloe juice will come in handy.

All mix and gently apply to face. Keep a quarter of an hour. Aloe vera facial mask is suitable for fading skin. Permitted to use twice a week.

10 Aloe Face Mask

Ingredients Required:-

Aloe Juice
Sour Cream

Aloe Face Mask - 11 Aloe Vera Face Mask Benefits For Bright And Beautiful Skin
11 Best DIY + Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask Benefits For Bright Skin

How To Use:-

Sour cream, fruit are necessary (to choose, starting from the type of skin of the face – banana, persimmon, strawberry) and aloe juice. Mix everything thoroughly, apply on steamed face skin and hold for fifteen or twenty minutes. Then wash with a decoction of healing herbs and moisturize the face with a nourishing cream.

11 Rosehip Oil And Aloe Vera

Ingredients Required:-

Two Tablespoons Chopped Rosehip
Warm Water
Two Leaves Of Aloe

How To Use:-

To prepare two tablespoons of finely chopped rosehip, brew in a small amount of boiling water and insist for a third of the hour under the lid. Two leaves of aloe grate on a small grater and mix with half a decoction. Boil the mixture and cool.

Apply to face with sterile gauze dressing for a quarter of an hour. Wash the skin with the rest of the rosehip broth.

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