Avalon Organics Reviews

Avalon Organics Reviews
Avalon Organics Reviews

American brand Avalon Organics was founded in 1989. At that time, few people thought that care cosmetics containing aggressive PAVs, silicones, parabens, chemical perfumes and other similar components, does more harm than good, and in the long term. The founders of Avalon Organics not only offered conceptually new natural cosmetics but products whose production does not harm the planet and animals.

Five Principles of Beauty

Avalon Organics has five essential principles in creating its hair, face and body guidelines.

  • Clean
  • Honesty
  • Security
  • Kindness
  • Growth, development

Clean (in “pure”)

Treating with great respect to the planet, the team of brand specialists in the development and creation of new cosmetic products uses the synthesis of centuries-old knowledge in the field of botany and herbal medicine and the latest advances in modern science. As a result, natural components are chosen very thoughtfully and carefully for each new line.

Honesty (true)

Avalon Organics product formulas are transparent and straightforward. In the production of creams, shampoos and other care products, the brand uses only those plant components that were obtained from the fields, where only organic farming methods are used. The NSF/ANSI 305 and USDA quality certificates are proof of that.

Kindness (in the meaning of “kind”)

The philosophy of cruelty-free and the logo with the rabbit show that no products that are produced under the brand Avalon Organics, as well as their components, are not tested on animals. 

If you want to create something new, it should not be born on the suffering and pain of other creatures – so believe the founders of the company.

Security (safe)

And more specifically, safety for the planet. Avalon Organics draws its inspiration from the infinite beauty of the surrounding nature, takes from it the resources necessary to create its cosmetics. The least that can be done in this case is not to harm the environment. 

This means spending the available resources as wisely, prudently and carefully as possible, as well as avoiding what could harm the environment. Avalon Organics has completely abandoned pesticides and pesticides and introduced the most effective organic farming techniques into its production cycle. 

This allows them not only to produce hypoallergenic natural cosmetics but also to implement the principles of waste-free production fully.

Growth, Development (in the meaning of “grow”)

The natural process of continuous growth and development is typical of Avalon Organics as a successful and ethically established brand. The company’s specialists are always looking for and try to improve the formulas of new products as much as possible, making them even more effective and safe. 

They study the nature and achievements of modern technologies, choosing. As a result, the best composition for each new product. Their sincere interest in all living things combined with a careful approach to any detail is the key to the success of Avalon Organics for 30 years.

Avalon Organics Reviews
Avalon Organics Natural Shampoo

Natural shampoos of the organic brand Avalon Organics do not contain:

  • Sulfates
  • Synthetic perfumes or dyes,
  • Gmo
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates.

They are suitable for vegans and are entirely biodegradable. Their high quality is confirmed by several certificates, including EWG, NSF/ANSI 305.

Supporting global cosmetic trends, the company has supplemented the line of shampoos with scalp care products. In addition to dandruff shampoo and classic scalp shampoo, there is also a product that is designed to normalize the condition of the scalp. 

It has a softer effect and has a pronounced moisturizing effect. Such shampoos should be used in addition to the usual washing of the head and hair care. Moisturized elastic scalp is the key to healthy and thick hair.

Avalon Organics shampoos are not so much produced by hair types (e.g. thin, curly, dyed), but are designed to solve one or more problems. 

For example, shampoos with a moisturizing effect will be suitable both after a chemical perm and for the care of hair during the holidays. 

Avalon Organics Reviews
Avalon Organics Reviews

The deep cleansing shampoo is the perfect solution for those who can’t altogether remove silicone products from their care. Shampoo with argan oil will help to restore elasticity and shine to badly damaged hair.

All shampoos come complete with conditioners. To get acquainted with the brand, we recommend starting with the purchase of cleansing and moisturizing shampoo. For comprehensive care, this set should be supplemented with shampoo for the scalp.

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