5 Amazing Health Benefits Of A Morning Walk + Beginner Tips

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of A Morning Walk + Beginner Tips

It is the first step to have a healthy and better lifestyle, for many people to become a daily morning walker. But is this kind of activity so simple as it seems? The secrets of effective and safe training shared the expert of the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit, Nikolay Goryachev.

Running is the most accessible and most versatile kind of physical activity. To start running, it is enough to buy a pair of suitable shoes and determine the place and time of training.

What To Choose The Nearest Stadium, Park Or The Path Of The Fitness Club?

Rules Of Effective morning walk

As a rule, on the street, we run on asphalt or open ground, which is acceptable if you have good running shoes.

“Ideal – a stadium with a special coating, which reduces the risk of injury”

The least suitable place is a gym, as the biomechanics of such a run has little to do with running on the surface, where you have to push off from the ground and experience the strength of the reaction of support.

The exception is modern mechanical tracks, on which the running belt drives the engaged person.

Timing Selection:-

tips for morning walk

When the jogging place is determined, it remains to select the time.

When Do You Need To Go To Practice – In The Morning Or In The Evening?

There is no proper and satisfactory answer to this question since everything depends on the chronotype and individual characteristics of a person.


The “owls” peak physical and mental activity falls on the evening, so the run is better to plan for the end of the day. If you are a “lark,” go to bed early and easily get up without an alarm clock, then the morning exercise is what you need.

morning walk tips for begginers

“If you can not relate yourself to any of these types, then experiment! Try to study at different times of the day, and the body itself will tell when it is better to run.”

“Unfortunately, even the most harmless at first glance run may be contraindicated.

If running were as easy as it seems, then all of us would have been marathoners for a long time. A huge number of fans get ridiculous injuries due to ignorance of the basic foundations of the foot, movements of the hip joint and thoracic spine.

-said Nikolai Goryachev, an expert of the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit. –
I recommend going through at least a few sessions with a professional trainer before doing this type of activity on your own.

Nikolai Goryachev Outlines The 5 Best Jogging Tips For Beginners Below:-

1) You Need To Get Enough Sleep

Need To Get Enough Sleep

The proper and enough sleep is a most important thing when preparing to run. It is important to capture the gap from 22:00 to 02:00; for these hours there is a peak of hormonal activity and this period is considered the most important for the restoration of the body.

2) Do Not Run On An Empty Stomach

Do Not Run On An Empty Stomach

There is a very popular misconception that you need to run on an empty stomach to lose weight faster. In fact, it’s just a myth!

For a couple of hours, you need a full meal. Otherwise, because of the low sugar content, the first thing after jogging you will pull into the grocery store or cafe. The emphasis with this meal can be made on protein foods, but you should not give up “slow” carbohydrates.

3) Warm Up Before Morning Walk

Warm Up Before Morning Walk

Deep breathing approaches where the inhalation phase will occur through the nose, and exhalation through the mouth. This rule should be followed during the race. The process ensures the start of the respiratory muscles, the coordinated work of which is necessary when running.

4) Drinking Is Necessary As The Desire Arises, In Small Sips

Drinking Is Necessary As The Desire Arises, In Small Sips

In hot weather, you can use an isotonic drink instead of water.

5) Do Not Set Yourself Sky-high Goals For Morning Walk

Do Not Set Yourself Sky-high Goals For Morning Walk

Refuse to run a marathon, after a couple of weeks of classes and gradually increase the load. Without much effort, run a kilometer? Good! Next week, add another 300 meters. You will find that you are already given serious distances easily, and there is almost no time to recover.

Own Thoughts About Benefits Of Morning Walk

Own Thoughts About Benefits Of Morning Walk

From my own experience, I can say that nothing is more motivating than its own results. Track the distance and jog time in special services on your smartphone, record your achievements and share them with friends and family. Believe me; you will not be able to stop!

Irina Tumanova, deputy general director for operating activities of the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit shares, – If the appearance is important for you, do not be shy! Go and purchase a beautiful outfit for running from a sporting goods store.

Everyone has their own sources of motivation, but nothing inspires more than positive changes in their own body!

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