5 Benefits Of Best Aloe Vera Gel For Face And Skin Problem

Best Aloe Vera Gel For Face

For more thousands of years, people have used aloe vera gel to heal and soften the skin. On this healing property of aloe does not end. Traditional medicine has long been using aloe gel and juice for the treatment of many diseases.

Aloe gel is used to treat skin diseases. Modern research confirms the healing properties of aloe vera. In our apartments, mainly aloe tree (agave) grows.

How To Use Aloe Vera Gel

How To Use Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera and aloe tree are different plants, albeit close relatives. They are similar in chemical composition and medical use. Aloe vera gel is made from aloe vera. The leaves of this aloe are more fleshy than that of aloe tree, contain more pulp from which gel is produced.

Since ancient times, aloe vera has to get used to eliminate skin defects and to treat various skin diseases and to restore overall health, with which modern medicine wholeheartedly agrees.

Studies must note that aloe gel could be useful in treating psoriasis, seborrhea, dandruff, minor burns and skin abrasions, as well as sunburn.

Aloe juice is a powerful laxative. Aloe vera juice is taken to lower blood sugar and lower cholesterol. Aloe preparations widely used in medicine. Aloe sap is made mainly from the aloe tree (agave).

Aloe Arborea (Aloe arborescens, also known as agave), Today we will talk about aloe vera gel and its external use at home. Aloe vera gel is commercially mined from Aloe Vera.

Useful Aloe Vera Gel Composition

Useful Aloe Vera Gel Composition

Aloe leaves are 96% water. Indeed, most of the year in nature, aloe feeds exclusively on its moisture reserves.

So What About Water?

  1. The composition of aloe vera includes more than 200 nutrients.
  2. The rich composition of vitamins A, groups B, E, 20 amino acids.
  3. Natural antiseptics – salicylic acid, etc.
  4. This mineral cocktail is sodium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, etc.

How Much Aloe Vera Is Contained In Cosmetic Products

How Much Aloe Vera Is Contained In Cosmetic Products - 5 Benefits Of Aloe Vera On Face Overnight For Skin Problem

Today, manufacturers in many cosmetics add aloe vera gel. The gel content in creams and lotions can vary from 0.5% to 99%. For treating skin diseases, aloe vera content in the product starts at 70%.

Caution: Do not apply aloe vera topically, for deep cuts or severe burns.

Somebody who is allergic to garlic, onions, and tulips are more likely to be allergic to aloe. Aloe vera is added to skin sprays, massage ointments, gels, shaving creams, kinds of toothpaste, and hair care products.

Many companies produce aloe vera concentrates with a gel content of up to 99%.

When Choosing Aloe Vera Gel, You Should Pay Attention To The Following Points:

  • Skin tolerability tested.
  • Lack of parabens.
  • High aloe vera content.
  • Only natural supplements and biologically active substances.

How To Apply Aloe Vera Gel – tips from experts

How To Apply Aloe Vera Gel

  1. For our skin, it is a universal moisturizer. Scarlet is suitable for all skin types. Dry skin is filled with moisture.
  2. Sensitive soothes, oily skin becomes matted and becomes less prone to irritation. Aloe vera is also suitable for fading skin, giving it a lost elasticity.
  3. Aloe Vera gel helps to preserve the natural acid-base balance of the skin and stimulates the regeneration of the skin. For home use, choose pure gel, without additives, flavours, and dyes.
  4. The easiest way is to apply aloe vera on damaged skin: small scratches, abrasions, bruises, light burns without grave damage to the tissue.

Eight Original Ways To Use Aloe Vera Gel

1. Remove Makeup With Aloe Vera Gel

Pure aloe vera gel can serve to remove cosmetics.
You should use a small amount of gel on a cotton swab and remove makeup.

2. Shaving Gel

Pure Aloe Gel is the perfect shaving cream.
The gel slips well, moisturizes, is rather thick and it has an anti-bacterial effect.
Can be used alone in combination with other means, for example, add a few drops of vitamin E.

3. Aloe Vera Face Masks

Aloe Vera Face Masks

For sensitive skin with slight inflammation, Mix 1 Tsp. Aloe gel a few drops of lemon juice and 1 hl. Plain yogurt or sturgeon. Use to face, after a few minutes, rinse with water.
For fading skin, mix 1 teaspoon and 1 teaspoon. Organic coconut oil. Apply on face, massage, after a few minutes rinse with water.

4. Aloe Vera Body Scrub

Peeling is necessary for radiance and purity of skin at least once a week.
Aloe vera is an excellent base for home scrub.
Aloe vera softens the skin, strengthens tissues, provides an influx of nutrients and oxygen.

Mix 50 gr. Aloe vera gel with brown sugar or baking soda. Wipe with a mixture of legs, heels, elbows, and everything you need. Wash off with water. Well, conduct a similar procedure in the shower or the bath.

5. Shape Eyebrows With Aloe Vera Gel

Shape Eyebrows With Aloe Vera Gel

Apply a little gel on a cotton swab.
Carefully shape the eyebrows, remove excess gel so that the eyebrows do not stick together.

6. Strengthening Eyebrows With Aloe Vera Gel

Mix the gel with one part of castor oil.
Apply the mixture on the eyebrows.
The procedure for strengthening the eyebrows is better to do in the evening, before bedtime.
Eyebrows recover and grow faster.

7. Mask To Give The Skin Of The Feet

We offer a unique way to use aloe vera gel.
They are softening mask for the skin of the feet.
This mask can be applied not only on foot but also on the entire leg as a peeling.


Flakes Hercules 100 gr. Turn in a blender to the state of flour.
Corn or rice flour 50 gr.
 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel.
100 gr. anybody lotion, better without fragrances and additives (very simple)

Mix all ingredients. Apply the mixture on the skin of the feet and rub in with massaging movements. Can be spread over the entire surface of the leg. Pre-legs can steam.

8. Restorative Hair Masks With Aloe Vera Gel

Gelatin-like aloe vera gel contains many nutrients not only for the skin but also for hair restoration.
Aloe gel masks are used to soften and moisturize hair, to fight dandruff, during the initial stages of baldness, to restore and nourish the scalp.

The easiest way is to apply the gel on the hair and scalp, rub. Leave the mask at least 15 to 20 minutes, then wash the hair as usual.
The hair mask can be enriched by adding some honey or olive oil to the aloe gel. After such a mask, the hair will be smooth, shiny and obedient.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

1) Aloe vera is the perfect moisturizer for face and body.
2) Suitable for daily use.
3) Restores skin after sunburn and chapping.
4) Accelerates tissue regeneration and softens the skin.
5) Restores the natural hydro balance of PH aloe = pH of the skin.
6) Suitable for all skin types.
7) Softens and soothes the skin after shaving.
8) Soothes the skin after insect bites, abrasions, and bruises.
9) Aloe Reduces allergies and diabetes.

The use of aloe vera gel at home is suitable for all family members. Aloe vera gel is a universal cosmetic product presented to us by nature. The aloe gel should be applied to the skin with a thin layer or diluted with water, for example for washing.

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