Best Smelling Essential Oils For Skin

Best Smelling Essential Oils For Skin

Today I invite you to relax and talk about the smell of women, about smells and how they affect our lives. The fact is that I have recently been fascinated by aromatherapy and essential oils. And I want to share with you my experience ‘Best Smelling Essential Oils For Skin’.

Smells accompany us everywhere and everywhere. They influence our mood, our emotions and even smells are able to evoke images from the past and create an atmosphere in the present.

“Why is the power of smells so strong about us? Why can no memory break what has been experienced as the familiar smell associated with it?”

The smell of mandarins – and the whole image before my eyes, the smell of familiar male perfumes – and we are absorbed into the memories.

Essential Oils For Skin -essential oils benefits

Everything has a smell: health and illness, cold and wind.

And how does a newborn smell? Can a person feel this smell experience negative emotions? Instead, the best qualities of each person are revealed at this moment.

In general, children retain a “milky” smell for a very long time, and it is the change in smell that makes it clear that the child has matured.

Smells create our mood, affect our mental state and emotions, cause associations, and, as scientists have proven, can even change our consciousness.

As for the female sense of smell, it is much stronger than the male and can distinguish a higher number of nuances.

Therefore, the feeling of pleasant smells, exploring the beautiful scents, a woman can fully enjoy and enjoy life. As you develop your sense of smell, you improve your sensitivity. An improved sense of smell helps to read immediately and intuitively the atmosphere of each room as well as all human emotions.

Finally, emotions trigger specific chemical reactions in the body, and it begins to produce certain hormones, the skin puts weak odors on the surface, and we feel it.

The ability to feel is an essential quality for a woman. No words are needed, the smell will tell you everything, and it will never deceive you.

Essential Oils Help To Develop Sensitivity – (Best Smelling Essential Oils For Skin)

essential oils for sensitive skin

Essential oils are odours produced by essential oil plants. When inhaling these volatile substances, we act on the zones in the brain that are responsible for certain emotions. Therefore, with the help of various essential oils, we can relieve fatigue, irritability, tone and mood improvement.

And we can start with our own homeĀ 

I want to tell you a story about how I used the smell in real estate sales. Some time ago I read that you can sell or rent an apartment much faster if you make coffee before you show the apartment. The smell of coffee creates an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and something good.

But I improved this advice a little, and before making coffee, I decided to remove all the odors that we may have stopped feeling out of habit. Our home retains all the negative emotions that settle on the walls. That’s why I cleaned and washed the whole apartment.

And then she made coffee. This method gives a 100% result, no need to convince someone and say something. Every person is comfortable and cozy in the apartment, where there are no unpleasant and foreign smells, but only the familiar smell of coffee.

I hope that I have convinced you that the main component of comfort is not only cleanliness, but also a pleasant aroma. Then in such a house, they not only want to be long, but also to return there faster.

With the help of essential oils, it is easy to fill your house with flavors. And what is important! Natural fragrances.

With the help of essential oils, it is easy to fill your house with flavors. And what is important! Natural fragrances.

So the first thing we need to do is buy essential oil. We are all different and perceive the same smell differently. Need to sniff and pick up. What I like, you may not like. Under no circumstances should oil be inhaled near the nose, but slowly breathe 5 cm from the nose. This oil reveals its smell and pours various shades.

But if you don’t like, for example, oil the first time, don’t put a cross on it. After all, different raw materials and oil from different manufacturers can smell different. Try to feel the oil of another company.

Very important! You should like oil. Whatever superfood is useful, if you don’t like it, don’t take it. There will be no benefit.

When I started studying information about essential oils, the first thing I heard was that real natural oils are not cheap. But we love to learn from our mistakes. I went to the pharmacy and bought oil for 120-200 rubles. And of course I was disappointed.

I didn’t like the smell. The fact is that a few years ago I was in the production of essential oils in St. Petersburg. And I had the opportunity to smell high-quality essential oils. Unfortunately, my purchased oils had nothing to do with my memory of important oils.

So there is such a feature that the smell of natural oil seems to overflow, changes, eventually opens up. Poor quality has a sharp, intense fragrance that quickly fades.

It is also important to read what is on the bottle. On the bottle should be written: 100% natural essential oil for aromatherapy.

And on my “lavender” was written cosmetic oil. Ingredients: Lavender oil 50% soy oil 50%. Money in the wind. Why do I ask soybean oil?

Thus, the price of essential oil can not be lower than 400-500 rubles. And on rose and jasmine oil, 3,000-4,000 rubles, the fact is that you can imagine how much raw materials you need to get 1 drop of rose essential oil, how many rose petals do you need? 1 gr. Oils must eat 5 kg of raw materials. Hence the price. Can not oil rose or jasmine cost 500 rubles.

A simple test will help you determine the quality of the oil. Place a drop of essential oil on white paper. After 1.5 hours, look, high quality oil should leave no trace. If there is an oil trace, the oil is not natural and not of high quality. If you test more than one fuel, it is better to sign papers.

Manufacturers of high-quality essential oils: “Primavera Life”, “Bergland”, “Dr. Taffi”, “Karl Hayek”, “Vivasan”, “Glorious”, Stix.

There Are Several Ways To Fill And Harmonize The Space:

how to use essential oils for skin

  1. Aroma lamp
    Pour two tablespoons of water & up to 5 drops of oil from above, and under the lamp in the grotto light a candle.
  2. Aromakamen
    You can make them yourself, here’s a detailed lesson, good, or buy.
  3. Spray with water
    Add a few drops of essential oil to spoil the space.

Essential Oils Have Such A Property That Their Effectiveness Increases When Mixed As They Properly Stimulate Each Other.

  • Floral fragrances mix well: jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, lavender, neroli, chamomile.
  • Lavender is combined with almost all but rosemary.
  • All needle oils are perfectly combined with citrus fruits.
  • Cedar wood and sandalwood make a tart note in any composition.

Interesting information I have found about orange oil, this oil must be used if you want to love others. And neroli oil is an orange flower oil.

Women’s Oils Top 7th Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Rosemary, Lavender, Geranium, Myrrh. It is clear that these oils are the most expensive, they are also women.

essential oils for skin


  1. If you are waiting for guests, use aromatic lamps: 3 drops of cinnamon, two drops of lemon, one drop of eucalyptus.
  2. If you want to give the room freshness, moisten a piece of cotton with 3-4 drops of lavender and vacuum in and then vacuum. You will find yourself in Provence immediately.
  3. To always have a pleasant smell in the garbage can, you need to wash it. And then drop a drop of lavender and a drop of tea tree on the aromatic flower and place it on the bottom of the basket.
  4. It is possible to fill the toilet and bathroom with flavors, even with aroma oil. Place a few drops of ylang-ylang, lavender and pine on top.
  5. You can spray your room by adding a few drops of mint to the water dispenser or one of your favorite oils.
  6. If you want your clothes to smell beautiful, then you can put one of your favorite oils in the iron compartment – rose, lavender, eucalyptus, mint.

You can also flavour bed linen, drop a few drops of essential oil on paper napkins and then plaster these napkins in bed linen.

Before adding oil to water, it must be diluted either in half a teaspoon of alcohol or half a teaspoon of sea salt. Fat does not dissolve in water.

It is also recommended when using essential oils, take into account the time of day.

benefits of essential oils for skin

  • Aromas of the morning: orange, bergamot, geranium, grapefruit, cedar, lemon, mandarin, juniper, mint, rose, pine.
  • Aromas of the day: basil, cloves, oregano, spruce needles, ginger, cypress, cinnamon, lemon balm, neroli, fir, rose, rosemary, pine, tea tree, eucalyptus.

The aromas of the evening are bergamot, cloves, jasmine, ylang-ylang, ginger, cedar, cinnamon, rose, sandalwood.

  • Aromas of the night: anise, orange, grapefruit, jasmine, ylang-ylang, cypress, lavender, neroli, rose, chamomile, sandalwood, fennel.

Finally, a recommendation for a romantic evening. Recipe for aroma lamps. Mix a drop of orange oil, lavender, rose and glue. They promise that the man will be yours forever, just a joke, but you can try it!

When choosing and using essential oils, consider the recommendations, but rely only on your intuition and taste. Don’t just break the only advice – don’t use cheap oils.

One of us is attracted by a rose, the other by cinnamon and a third by incense. We are all different, looking for your oils and smells and filling your house with them. After all, we are attracted to the smells of what we lack in life.

Someone needs bright impressions, and someone needs silence and domestic warmth. It is with the help of the fragrance that you can bring it into your life here and now without putting anything for later. It is also the ability of conscious female life. Very subtle, beautiful and feminine to create your unique fragrance at home.

In the future, I will continue the topic of essential oils so as not to miss the registration for the newsletter. And if this article ‘Best Smelling Essential Oils For Skin’ was useful to you, leave comments below.

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