Bones Of The Leg And Foot-Best Treatment Of Home Remedies

Bones Of The Leg And Foot-Best Treatment Of Home Remedies

How to treat the bones of the leg and foot without surgery, and get rid of the best home remedies at home, I’m happy to share with you. Increasingly, I think that age takes its toll. And wrinkles appeared on the face, and the figure was long gone. And the new attack looked – the bone at the big toe grew. Well, that while only one, and does not hurt. But it is necessary to do something until it is very late. I used to dig in the high and mighty Internet to find out about the reasons for the appearance of an ugly bump.

Bones On Legs

First of all, let’s define what it is – bones, or as they are sometimes called – bumps. Bones at the finger, according to scientific – valgus deformity of the big toe.

bones of the leg and hip

It occurs due to the deviation of the big toe under a certain degree, with the first metatarsal bone deviating inward. As a result, a characteristic bump is formed on foot. The head of the metatarsal bone forms the bump. In some especially neglected cases, the second and third fingers are deformed, which leads to even more painful sensations.

Depending on the degree of deviation, there are 4 degrees of the disease.

1st. The first stage assumes a deviation degree of less than 20, you experience only a little discomfort, more often aesthetic, but there is no pain.

2nd. In the second stage, the thumb deviates by 20–30 degrees; you will begin to experience some pain after a long walk.

3rd. When the finger mixes 30–50 degrees to the side, the bone usually begins to turn red, swelling is observed, and the mobility of the joint is limited.

4th. Diagnosed at an offset of over 50 degrees. Severe pain, discomfort when moving, difficulty in buying shoes.

Bones On The Feet – Causes

1. Heredity. The most common cause of bone on the legs is heredity. You got a foot with a specific structure.bones of the leg and foot2. Illiterately matched shoes. High heels and narrow shoes. When wearing shoes, the first stress when walking falls on the big toe. Because of this, the leg bone increases the fulcrum in size, which leads to the appearance of a bone.

3. Gout. The disease occurs due to metabolic disorders, as a result of which an excess of uric acid accumulates in the human body, which is poorly excreted by the kidneys. The accumulation of uric acid leads to the fact that salts are deposited in the joints. Remarkably often, gout occurs in people who consume a lot of meat products that abuse alcohol.

4. Flatfoot. When the foot flatfoot, the arch of the foot does not have reliable support. The foot sags, body weight, is unevenly distributed. As a result, the finger goes to the side to withstand the load of the body.

5. Overweight. The same thing happens as with flat feet – the weight increases the load on the arch of the foot, to withstand it, the finger deviates to the side, and this results in the growth of the metatarsal bone – the bumps of the thumb.

6. Cones can occur due to malnutrition, poor in vitamins A, C, E.

7. The next cause of occurrence is a long load on the legs (standing work).

8. Foot injuries.

9. Some diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

10. Congenital anomaly of foot bones.

Useful advice: In order not to miss the beginning of the development of the bone, you can do the following: with your fingers, pull the big toe as far as possible. If there is no difficulty, then there is no reason to worry.

If, while taking a big toe to the side, you have to make an effort, also, you notice that when walking your feet often get tired quickly, this is a signal – it’s time to think about treating the feet.

Bones On The Legs – How To Get Rid Of At Home

Do not think that the bump on foot – just an inconvenience in choosing shoes, pain in the legs and lack of elegance of the foot. It is a disease with a running form that can lead to much more severe disorders not related to the legs, such as arthrosis, osteoarthritis of the knees and hip joint, osteochondrosis, bursitis, scoliosis.

how to get rid of leg pain fastContact your doctor, most likely. He will offer to undergo surgery. In a surgical intervention, there are certain disadvantages. For example, a long recovery period, that is, disability. Sometimes there are infectious complications, displacement of bones, etc. But most importantly – the bone can grow again. According to statistics, up to 30% of patients lump reappears.

It’s clear that no one needs to have an operation to get rid of the bone on the legs. If the disease is not too neglected, and you have one of the first stages, you can try to clean the bone at home by yourself, including home remedies.

Non-surgical correction with orthopedic means is one of the treatment methods that can reduce bone.

Find in a pharmacy and buy a special orthopedic splint for treating cones on the legs. It makes sense to use it at 1-3 stages of the disease. The tire holds the finger securely in the shoe. This gives an excellent treatment effect. With regular and prolonged wearing of the casing, the natural structure of the foot is restored, and the manifestation of the bone is eliminated.

In pharmacies, you can purchase a diverting night bandage, which is otherwise called “finger proofreaders.” They ensure the fixation of the finger in the correct position.

My personal experience. I bought such a corrector. Frankly, I couldn’t walk for a long time at first, at first, the foot began to hurt, and then my entire leg to the knee. It took any time for the pain to pass. From here I concluded: the thumb rose to its native place and began to get used to it.

I can give one piece of advice: at first, use the proofreader at night, during sleep. The foot will get used faster, and you will experience less pain.

Get interdigital rollers and instep supports. They help to distribute the weight on the forefoot correctly, and the bone will eventually become smaller.

Also, work orthopedic insoles that can be selected individually. Wearing insoles helps unload the problem area.

Also, reasonably good help legs provide exercises for the feet.

It is easy to perform them, the main thing here is a regularity. Do every day at least 15 minutes. The result will appear soon.

The Most Simple Exercises And Most Of Them Know:

  • Collect small objects with your fingers.
  • Draw with your fingers on the sand or floor.
  • Swing from heel to toe, walk on the outside and inside of the foot.

Bones Of The Leg And Foot – Treatment Of Home Remedies

In addition to non-surgical correction, at home, you can try to use home remedies for the treatment of bones without surgery. I offer several recipes.bone pain in legs at night

1. At 10 mg. 3% solution of iodine, add 5 crushed aspirin beforehand. Iodine should lose color. Before going to bed, grease with a bone solution, wearing warm socks from above.
Soon the pain will pass, and the bones will be noticeably smaller.

2. Steam your feet, wipe them dry, and then spread the bones first with camphor oil, then iodine – in that order.

3. Two large burdock smear from the green side with pharmacy turpentine (with own intolerance with caution, you can eliminate). Make a compress from the knee to the foot, covering the top with plastic wrap for the night.

4. Yellow flowers of dandelion can be a good help in treating home remedies. 100g we grind herbs and we a little dry. We add iodine, in such quantity that it covers the flowers completely, insist two weeks. Feet first you need to steam well, wipe dry and apply the mixture on the stone in the form of a grid. It’s essential to carry out the procedure at night, until recovery.

5. On enlarged bones, you can make a compress from propolis. We soften the propolis in hand and apply it on the sore spot, putting a fixing bandage on top.

6. It is recommended to make an ointment of red clay (50 g.), To which is added a few drops of oil, 1 tbsp. A spoon of sea salt and 300 ml. water. Make a tortilla, put it on a bone and tie it with a red wool fabric (it is believed that red wool accelerates blood flow, and, therefore, the treatment itself). Lay the cake should be for two hours.

Some Bone Treatment Tips – Bones On The Legs – Best Treatment Of Home Remedies

  1. Wear only comfortable shoes, on a low heel – no more than 5 cm.
  2. Buy special silicone pads that need to be inserted between the toes of the sore foot — the big one and the second. If there is no gasket, enter small flagella of cotton wool.
  3. To ease the pain when walking, put a small piece of foam rubber in the shoes, after cutting a hole in it so that it falls on the bone. As a result, there will be a small distance between the bump and the shoes, and the boots will not put pressure on the sore spot.
  4. Daily perform simple medical exercises for the legs: With your toes, grab a piece of paper from the floor, gradually try to learn how to catch larger objects – a pen, a cloth, a lighter. Try to move your toes separately – if it does not work, then do not despair – in any case, small muscles and ankle ligaments will to make bones and joints strong

I strongly hope that all the tips will help get rid of the bone on the leg at the thumb without an operation at home with the help of home remedies. Be healthy, my dear, and let your legs do not know fatigue.

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