How To Calculate Body Fat Percentage Without Calipers

How To Calculate Body Fat Percentage Without Calipers

If you want to calculate your body fat percentage, you’re right here! We’ll show you how to find you The percentage of body fat.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “How To Calculate Body Fat Percentage Without Calipers”

If you want to train effectively, you should not just keep an eye on your waist circumference. It pays off to calculate your body fat percentage or just do it yourself at home. The percentage of body fat says the most about your athletic progress.

Definition Of Body Fat Percentage

The body fat percentage shows how big the difference between your fat cells and other components of your body (bones, muscles, etc.).

How To Calculate Body Fat Percentage Without Calipers

When you calculate your body fat percentage, you get answers to two critical questions about physique:

a) How much of my weight is pure fat?
b) And how much of the burden is lean mass?

If you know these two things, you can measure the effect of diet and exercise on your body.

c) Body weight = fat mass + lean mass

d) The body fat percentage is not measured once but serves during training to observe the progress.

e) Or in other words, you can watch as body fat is broken down and muscle mass is built up.

f) Only if you calculate the body fat percentage, you can see if your training really leads to the desired goal.

And not to a low number on the scale. But to a tight and trained body.

1 What Is My Body Fat Percentage

When it comes to healthy weight loss, you should not just have kilograms in mind. It is essential that we regularly calculate the body fat percentage.

For a long time, the body mass index (BMI) was taken as the starting point for weight loss. He also has his permission. However, here only the height is related to weight.

What Is My Body Fat Percentage - How To Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage Without Calipers

As athletes, we know that muscles are much more massive than pure body fat. If an athlete rises on the scales, she will most likely be overweight according to the BMI. And she has a gram of fat on her body barely. But there are muscles, and they weigh it.

If you face the athlete and an overweight person, you will not believe that they have the same BMI. Therefore, the body mass index is only partially accurate.

a) He gives us a rough orientation value. But you should not take him too seriously.

b) This is where the body fat percentage comes into play.

c) Calculating body fat values also takes into account the muscles and the distribution of fat.

d) On the other hand, the body fat calculator reaches its limits. He can not distinguish between storage fat, depot fat, belly fat, and insulating fat.

e) You can be quite thin and still have a high body fat percentage, this is called Skinny Fat. So deep fat. At first glance, sufferers look thin.

2 Body Fat Percentage In Women – What Is Normal?

a) If one compares women and men with the body fat portion, one sees immediately that we differ clearly. We, women, have a significantly higher percentage of body fat.

b) That’s because of the lovely hormones. Men have more testosterone. It promotes muscle growth.

Body Fat Percentage In Women - What Is Normal? - How To Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage Without Calipers

Caution: If you take the pill, you tend to put on more body fat. Also, the hormones are to blame! Muscle building becomes even more difficult.

c) Your optimal body fat percentage depends on a few factors. These include age, physique, and gender.

d) A little further below you will find the “Body Fat Women Table.” Here you can see if you are in a healthy area.

e) When calculating body fat calculates a very high value, you should work to reduce the body fat. A high proportion of fat is usually associated with reduced blood levels and blood pressure. And leads to calcification of the veins and in turn to strokes, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

f) For example, if you weigh 60 kg and have 35% body fat, you will carry around 21 kilograms of body fat. That’s really a lot.

g) Especially your belly circumference you should keep an eye on. This visceral fat is not dangerous.

h) If you want to calculate your body fat percentage as a woman and come to a value of 39 to 40 percent, you urgently need to see the doctor.

Important:- Our body fat percentage changes with age. The older we get, the more muscles fat we can have. Of course, our body fat is also higher during pregnancy and lactation.

As much as we hate the love handles. To a reasonable degree, they have an important task: they protect our organs.

3 Body Fat Percentage In Women

a) Too little body fat in women can lead to immune diseases and make them infertile. The cycle is off.

Body Fat Percentage In Women - How To Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage

b) If the body fat percentage in women is below 12 percent, disturbances in the entire organism can occur. By the way, men are 5 percent.

c) Female athletes often have a little body fat percentage. Very sporty women like bodybuilders or women athletes can achieve 12 percent. They do this to make their body more defined.

d) Low Body Fat Percentage In Women

e) Gymnasts or Marathon runners move at a rate of 14 to 20 percent body fat.

f) Healthy body fat percentage in women

G) Anyone who is fit and in excellent physical condition can achieve a body fat percentage of 21 to 24 percent.

h) Acceptable Percentage Of Body Fat In Women
If your body fat percentage as a woman is 25 to 31 percent, that’s still acceptable. However, you should know that your risk for diabetes and co-is already increased. It does not hurt you to lower your body fat percentage a bit.

i) Too Much Body Fat As A Woman
Once your body fat accounts for more than 31 percent of your total weight, you’re considered overweight. Your risk of illness is increasing.

j) Body Fat Percentage Calculate Methods
So much in advance: To measure the proportion of body fat, there are different possibilities.

k) Calculate Body Fat Percentage With Body Fat Scale
The easiest way is to buy a body fat scale that you regularly use to keep track of your progress.

L) You give it your size, age, gender and body weight in the balance.
After that, the body fat scale with four electrodes measures the electrical resistance in the body. The bioimpedance method is used for this. A feeble current flows through your body. You feel nothing of it.

m) Fat is worse than muscle mass. This results in resistances that are detected by the body fat scale.

n) Very cheap scales are very inaccurate when it comes to calculating body fat percentage. The electrodes are usually only in the balance itself. As a result, the current only flows through the legs and inguinal region. The belly fat is not recorded.

o) It is different with more high body fat scales. They have more electrodes on their hands and feet. Thus, the body fat content in the upper body can be detected.

p) If you want to calculate your body fat percentage with a balance, the result can be falsified. For case, if you have a full bladder or just eaten.

q) That’s why you should always measure your body fat at the same time. For example, on Sundays just before breakfast and after the morning toilet.

r) This model gives you the results not only on the scale. There is also a free app to help you calculate your body fat. So you can have a track of your progress.

The app is controlled by Bluetooth and is compatible with Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit. ( Google is the best )

How To Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage Without Calipers

This Body Fat Scale Measures:-

body fat
fat-free body weight
Subcutaneous fat weight
visceral fat
body water
Bone and muscle
muscle mass
bone mass
basic reached revenues
Metabolic Age

The body fat scale from Manor measures the fat content with 4 sensors in 100-gram increments.

All you get to do is put yourself on the scales. Without turning on or off, you get an immediate result.

You can save your data directly on the scale. So you can watch a sign of progress. Per scale data of ten persons can be recorded.

Also equipped with an app iOS and Android. Use the app to share your progress with friends and family. You can also create unlimited users.

Measure Body Fat Percentage With Caliper Forceps

As something more accurate, the Caliper. Even so, you can measure your body fat content at home. In calorimetry, the layer thickness in the subcutaneous fat tissue is measured.

“The Thicker The Skin Fold, The Higher The Body Fat Percentage”

The thicker the skin fold, the higher the body fat percentage - How To Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage Without Calipers

Get a body fold on the stomach, the device measures the thickness. For the result to be correct, however, you have to weigh at different parts of the body.

These Numbers You Need To Calculate Body Fat:-

Belly fold – Miss vertical 2-3 cm to the left of your belly button
Triceps Wrinkle – Miss the skin fold on the triceps between shoulder and elbow
hip fold – Miss above the hip bone in the middle between the last rib and pelvic bone diagonally
In calorimetry, one differentiates between the 3, 4, 7 and 9 fold formula. By the way, men have to measure other values and body parts.

The Top 2 Body Fat Pliers:-

The disadvantage with body fat pliers is that you have to write down a lot of data and then calculate it. It’s different with the Eagle fit Caliper. It is one of the newer models – i.e., digital body fat pliers.

Equipped with Bluetooth, you have the results within a few seconds. It is especially popular with coaches, nutritionists, and athletes.

In the app are a total of 6 different measurement methods to choose from. You can track your progress on the phone.

Practically packed in a small pouch, you always have everything you need to calculate your body fat percentage right away.

With this pliers, there’s a tape measure and video explanations on top.

Measure Fat Content With Dexa:-

The DEXA procedure is used in larger clinics and orthopedic practices. These scanners measure your percentage of total body fat and the distribution of that fat. The DEXA method is exact.

“A Body Fat Measurement Costs About 100 Euros”

Calculate body fat percentage using the US Navy method.
In the US Navy method for body fat, various body parts are measured with the tape measure.

These Numbers You Need To Calculate Body Fat:-

Waist: Put the tape measure at the level of the belly button. Miss the girth in the relaxed state and after exhaling.
Hip Circumference:- Put the tape measure on the largest measurable circumference of the hip.
Neck and neck circumference:- Measure the circumference of your neck at the level of the larynx.

Observe Body Fat Percentage:-

In addition to calculating body fat percentage, you should rely on your eyes. So work with comparison photos. That sounds very inaccurate and bit irritating. But it’s a proven way to get a feel for your body and body fat.

Mark a spot in front of the mirror. And take a picture once a month. Wear the same clothes and hairstyle. Poses are allowed as long as you always do it. But do not cheat yourself.

Calculate Body Fat Percentage At The Sports Physician:-

More precisely, a sports physician can calculate your body fat percentage. He can tell you how much fat and muscle your body actually has.

Sports physicians also very often rely on bioimpedance analysis. However, they know better and use even more electrodes that are attached to different parts of the body.

A professional body fat measurement at a sports doctor costs about 25 euros.

4 Which Method To Calculate Body Fat Is The Best?

Well, as you can see, there are many ways to increase body fat levels.

The Most Accurate Method:-

By far the most precise way is the DEXA measurement. However, you can not have such a scanner at home, and if so, it would cost a fortune.

To spend 100 Euro per month for a DEXA measurement is less appropriate. But once a year you can treat yourself quietly.

For a DEXA measurement, you have to plan at least 30 minutes. But there are still waiting time, arrival and departure. So you probably need a total of 1-1.5 hours.

In Summary:- The DEXA body fat measurement is very accurate. But very expensive and time-consuming.

5 Easiest Way Of Body Fat Calculator

Quick and easy, you can calculate your body fat percentage with the scale. However, here the results can fluctuate significantly.

If you do not want to know exactly how high your body fat percentage is, then a balance is a good buy.

You should not necessarily rely on the exact number. But measured over a long period of time, you can keep an eye on the changes.

In Summary:- body fat scales are somewhat inaccurate. But the calculation is easy.

The Exact Method For Home

So there is still the Caliper method. If you perform this method correctly, you will get the correct values.

The purchase is very cheap at around 15 euros. And with a bit of practice, calculating body fat with the forceps is done very quickly.

6 How To Regulate The Body Fat Percentage?

If you have a high body fat level, you can reduce it by targeted muscle building. If you want to lower your body fat, you need to know that most of the time, the visceral fat – the fat around the organs – is lost. Only then is the visible sub collect fat in the abdomen, legs, butt, and co mined.

How To Regulate The Body Fat Percentage? - How To Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage

Watch For Trends

To get a better sense of whether your training and diet really fit, you should watch significant body trends.

Miss the body fat percentage regularly. The less you measure, the less you can be sure that you have built muscle and fat, or just gauged you.

For the results to be meaningful, you need to create comparable conditions. So even day, same time, even expiration.

Do not miss your body fat immediately after training or when you’ve just sweated a lot.

Reduce Body Fat – How To Lower Your CFA
Depending on how high your body fat is, the methods differ as you approach the challenge.

If Your Body Fat Percentage Is Higher Than 30%


  • Drink up to 2.5 liters of water daily and unsweetened teas
  • Eat more whole grain and do without white flour
  • Let the fingers of sugar in any form (soda, cake, etc)
  • Do not eat processed foods
  • Reduce meat
  • 3x daily vegetables and many low-calorie diets
  • Make sure you eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and eat small portions
  • Sports and lifestyle
  • Sleep at least 7 hours a day
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Try to add as much exercise as possible into everyday life
  • Walk at least 50 minutes daily (cycling, walking, walking fast, swimming)
  • Start with swimming and cycling so you can lose weight
  • Set on a mix of stamina and strength training

If Your Body Fat Percentage Is Between 25% – 30%


  • Eat slowly until you are at least half saturated
  • Watch for enough protein
  • Reduce meat
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water or unsweetened tea
  • Put on healthy vegetable snacks
  • Reduce sugar as much as you can
  • Keep your fingers away from processed foods
  • Fitness and Lifestyle

Walk a lot:-

  • Do 3-5x weekly sport
  • DO NOT give up on carbohydrates. Eat healthy whole grain carbs instead
  • Set on a mix of stamina and Krafftraining

Go run:-

Start with body weight exercises for the first muscle

If Your Body Fat Percentage Is Between 21% – 24%


  • Watch out for lots of protein
  • Drink enough Water
  • Eat lots of vegetables and fiber
  • Do not forget about healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, omega 3 and 6
  • Reduce sugar in any form
  • Stay away from fast food and prepared foods
  • Fitness and Lifestyle
  • Do HIIT training
  • If pure muscle exercises are not enough for you, you can bet on dumbbells or barbells
  • Schedule 3-4 workouts a week
  • Do not forget about endurance training!

Our Conclusion

It is not difficult to calculate the body fat percentage. If you really want to get fit, you should know and especially follow your body fat. Only in this way do you see if you really achieve success with your training.

For those who like to have it easy, they use the body fat percentage to calculate a body fat scale. If you want it correctly, you should prefer the Caliper.

It is entirely reasonable that the body fat percentage is higher in women than in men. But do not let that discourage you.

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