5 Quick Tips For How To Get Rid Of Common Cold Fast

common cold

Is your nose already running extra? With these tips, you will conquer a cough, runny nose and hoarseness on your own.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “5 Quick Tips For How To Get Rid Of Common Cold Fast”

The coughing and coughing, and also in your neck it begins to scratch? Do not hesitate, start quickly with countermeasures! Do not make the mistake of slowing the disease. Here are the best tips that make colds & co. Disappear quickly:

1. Do I Get A (Common Cold) Cold Or The Flu?

The head is buzzing; the nose is running, the cough can hardly be suppressed – quite clearly, you are rank. But these symptoms fit both the flu and a cold. If one needs to get rid of them quickly, you should first clarify precisely what torments your body.

Have a doctor tell you whether viruses or bacteria are responsible for your situation. In case of a bacterial infection, an antibiotic can help. Viruses, on the other hand, can not be eliminated by antibiotics.

2. Which Pain And Home Remedies Help Against The Cold?

If Viruses Are The Cause Of Your Symptoms, These Are The Best Tips:

  • aspirin: scientifically proven is the effect of acetylsalicylic acid (for dosage see package insert).
  • inhale: for inhalation, fill a bowl with chamomile tea and breathe in the steam, with the towel over your head, for 5 minutes.
  • chest wrap: wrap for spasmodic coughs go so: moisten a sheet with warm water and wrap from the armpits to the ribs around the rib cage. Then wrap a dry towel and finally a woolen cloth. Then put to bed for one and a half hours, repeat once or twice daily.

3. How Can I Get Colds Quickly Without Medication?

  • Beta-carotene: even if you are unaware, be aware of the intake of beta-carotene, such as carrots. The precursor of vitamin supports the defense function of white blood cells.
  • Zinc: eat many foods with zinc. The trace element is found in beef, nuts, and eggs and has been shown to shorten the period of the cold by several days. Then you’ll be back in shape in no time.
  • Vitamin c: in fruits such as oranges, lemons or gooseberries and all types of cabbage (red cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower) but also peppers, there is a lot of vitamin c, which provides your immune system with clean power against the common cold viruses.
  • Tea: in case of illness one should drink a lot, ideally tea. Chamomile tea relieves the pain in the scratching throat, thyme tea soothes the mucous membranes and helps with persistent coughing.
  • Chicken soup: in chicken soup, the protein cysteine? Is it proper quantities. It helps to inhibit inflammation and fight off viruses.

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4. What Helps Quickly With A Common Cold – Cold And Flu-like Infection?

You have a terrible cold, but have to be fit again at short notice? Only with home remedies does not succeed. Pseudoephedrine-containing medications can help. Pseudoephedrine constricts the mucous membranes and thereby eliminates the symptoms of a cold. In the pharmacy, this drug is offered in combination with aspirin.

They feel fit again in no time. But beware: they are not! Medicines that pretend to be healthy still reduce you to overload your body and then even sicker. Children, the chronically ill and older people should, therefore, keep their hands off and cure a cold properly.

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5. How Do I Quickly Get Rid Of A Sore Throat, Cough & Runny Nose?

common cold

Whether you get rid of an infection overnight, we can not promise. What can significantly speed up your recovery overnight is an artificially induced mild fever. Because an increased body temperature kills the viruses in your blood – therefore you should not even fight a slight fever with flu and cold with fever-reducing agents.

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Tip: lie well covered in bed, drink hot elderberry, ginger or linden blossom teas and sweat out the cold. By overheating your body in bed, without physical exertion, the heat has a destructive effect like a light fever.

6. Can I Play Sports With A Feverish Cold?

If your body temperature rises, you should stay home – and do without exercise. Never ignore such infections. “With influenza, the viruses are distributed throughout the body,” explains physician prang.

“Strengthen your sport, increase your blood circulation with your pulse, and then the virus will be pumped through your body more often than at a low pulse.” this way they also get into the heart, which leads to heart valves and muscle being affected. This means red alert for your health because a heart muscle inflammation can lead to a chronic heart defect.

Once the fever is gone, you can start the next day with free running or cycling units again. In the next few days, you can increase the intensity to a medium level, the spurs of the flu or an infection disappear in such a way.

As a rule of thumb for the time in which the cold subsides, the neck rule applies: if the cold symptoms only above the throat – a sore throat, runny nose, headache – you can again sport (and the last pathogens from your body) drive.

Conclusion: Act Immediately At The First Symptoms

Our tips will help you get rid of your cold quickly. It is essential to start with the steps right at the first symptoms. But the best thing is to protect your body from coughing, runny nose and hoarseness in the first place. By washing your hands regularly, look for sufficient sleep, less stress and a healthy diet.

Avoid sugar that inhibits the vitamin c exception and put on zinc-containing foods during the cold period. Your immune system then runs at full speed, and you get well through every cold wave.

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