7 TIPS+DIY Body Scrubs & Bath Bombs

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7 TIPS+DIY Body Scrubs & Bath Bombs

The skin is the largest process of the body and is one of the excretory organs. Through skin respiration, many acids and toxins can be eliminated. A regular supportive brush massage significantly increases the excretion of the polluting substances.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “7 TIPS+DIY Body Scrubs & Bath Bombs”

Dry Brush Massages Help The Skin

Also, the brushing of the skin supports its self-regulation, so that even a derailed skin can regenerate again.

“Chemical skin care products damage the skin”

Because of the many chemical “skin care” medications that are used by most people every day, the skin has often lost its ability to sweat acids and toxins.

The chemical substances, which like a film put on the skin, prevent the acid and poison excretion but also the dead skin cells, which can not be removed fast enough, contribute very much to it.

7 TIPS+DIY Body Scrubs & Bath Bombs
7 TIPS+DIY Body Scrubs & Bath Bombs

Therefore, it is so important to support the body by regular brushing in its deacidification and detoxification.

The dry brushing causes the pores of the skin to open, resulting in significantly better blood circulation. Soon after the massage, the body is warmed, and the skin becomes wonderfully soft and supple.

Activate The Lymphatic System

1 The rapid removal of acids and poisons by regular brush massages is particularly important if there are already health problems associated with an overload of the excretory organs. Since the lymphatic system is also activated by brushing, the pollutants can be transported faster and excreted accordingly.

2 Unlike the blood, which is kept continuously flowing by the pumping heart, the lymphatic system lacks such a pump. Therefore, the lymph is dependent on other factors, such as exercise and massage.

3 In addition to the activation of the lymphatic system, the dry brush massage also has a very favorable effect on the cardiovascular system. The nervous system as a whole is also stimulated by brushing.

How The Skin Is Brushed

If you also want to benefit from the high health benefits of a dry massage, brush your skin carefully before each shower or bath – of course with the help of broken skin areas (inflammations, rashes, etc.). You should also treat the face exclusively with a unique facial brush.

Diy exfoliating body scrub - 7 TIPS+DIY Body Scrubs & Bath Bombs
Diy exfoliating body scrub – 7 TIPS+DIY Body Scrubs & Bath Bombs

Brush The Skin With Long Strokes And Light Pressure As Follows:-

1) Start at the outer right foot and brush toward the trunk, then continue at the inner right foot.

2) On the thigh and butt can also be made circular movements.

3) Then switch to the left leg.

4) Now the arms are on: They start at the right back of the hand and brush over the arm outside up to the shoulder and then inside again in the same direction.

5) Change to the left arm and proceed in the same way.

6) In the area of the abdomen and the breast, the line should be circular.

Since the dry brush massage has a stimulating effect, it makes sense to perform it in the morning. In the evening, it can lead to trouble falling asleep. A refreshing optimal impact can be achieved by taking a cold shower after the brush massage.

Our Tip

A very special brush down the dry brushes is the monastery brush. Already in the Middle Ages, the monks and nuns knew about their miraculous, energy-giving effect. This effect is based on the particular copper alloy of the bristles.

Homemade body scrub recipe - 7 TIPS+DIY Body Scrubs & Bath Bombs
Homemade body scrub recipe – 7 TIPS+DIY Body Scrubs & Bath Bombs

They create a tiny stream of friction that instantly relaxes the brushed areas and revitalizes the body as a whole. With the {Klosterbürste – The monastery brush} you achieve an incomparably refreshing, invigorating massage.

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