The Best DIY Face Mask For Pimples

DIY face mask for pimples

We show you our ultimate DIY face mask for pimples! These natural home remedies put an end to pustules and inflammation on the face.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “The Best DIY Face Mask For Pimples”

You need to do something good for your skin. Buy expensive creams, gels, and masks. And what happens? It just keeps getting worse. I know the problem with blemished skin only too well.

By the way, both of us are not alone. Very many women have at least once a month to fight with impurities, pimples, and mites. You know what I want out, right? The hormones let our otherwise relatively beautiful skin look crazy again. And this month by month.

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If you have to struggle with pimples and blemishes every now and again, you have to pay extra attention to your skin. Strict hygiene is essential and essential.

You will learn in this post:

  • What are DIY face masks?
  • which favors blemished skin
  • How best to use the anti-pimple mask
  • the recipe for the ultimate face mask for pimples
  • the recipe for a mask on fat skin
  • from which ingredients you can mix an anti-pimple mask

Instead of running into the drugstore and buying masks, you can make your face mask for pimples yourself. Very uncomplicated and at home. With natural elements that have no side effects.

Nature has grown a herb for everything, And we are doing well. Many home remedies could make our grandmother’s face masks against pimples.

DIY Face Mask For Pimples

This Speaks In Favor Of The DIY Face Mask For Pimples

The list of benefits is very long. I collected the most important ones for you 

Probably the most significant advantage of self-made anti pimple masks is that we do not make any artificial additives. Because that is precisely what makes the skin inflammation often much worse.

Many purchased masks contain remedies that cause the skin to dry out and irritate even more. If our skin is too dry, it starts with the production of fat. And that clogs the pores. Which in turn leads to pimples.

Even fragrances are often packed in the masks. You should smell good. This is pleasant, but our skin usually does not find it funny.

The same applies to dyes. So many face masks are artificially colored. Pink or light blue are the most common colors. That may look nice for the skin, but it does not bring any benefit.
Only the companies are that make such products costly benefit from the color.

Make The Face Mask For Pimples Itself Is Cheap 

Make The Face Mask For Pimples Itself Is Cheap - DIY face mask for pimples

You buy the ingredients for the anti blackhead and pimple mask only once. And you already have something of it several times. You also have many elements at home. So you can always touch a new mask and know precisely what you have packed into the recipe.

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I always order the ingredients from Amazon. There’s everything I need for the face mask for pimples and that also pretty cheap. You can also buy the products in the drugstore or the pharmacy.

You Decide What Is Right For Your Skin 

Not everyone reacts immediately to ingredients. That’s why it’s important that you slowly approach and try the DIY face mask for pimples. I pack in natural ingredients that disinfect and decrease the skin a bit. But at the same time produce them with a little moisture and let redness fade away.

The Face Mask For Pimples Is Made Quickly 

If you want to make a face mask for pimples yourself, you can now be happy: It is anything but complicated. You can mix them quickly and easily at home. I always prepare exactly as much as I need for 1x.

Important To Know:

This Favors Impure Skin

You can look at your skin like a mirror. She says a lot about our state of health. When the organs are not working as well as they should, acne is often noticeable.

For us women, it’s mostly the hormones that bother us. Shortly before the rule and during the first days it gets horrible. The skin is fat, impure and shiny. Precisely for this case, we designed our face mask against pimples.

By the way: too much sugar, an elevated cortisol level or a fatty diet have adverse effects on the skin’s appearance.

So Often I Put On The Pimple Mask 

I use the anti-pimple mask in the worst case – so if my skin is crazy, every other day. And as a precaution once a week.

Before You Apply The Mask

Most importantly, before you apply the mask to your face, you need to cleanse your face thoroughly. The makeup of all kinds must be off. Only then can the ingredients work well.

The last face mask against fat skin and pimples make themselves.

After trying it several times, I have my favorites for you. You can combine just about all anti pimple foods and oils. Just scroll down a bit. Here’s a full list of ingredients for your face mask for pimples. Because my skin is prone to pimples and sometimes like greasy, I’ve brought you two face masks to make your own.

If you then have all the ingredients together, you can do it yourself with the face mask

Face Mask Against Pimples

Face Mask Against Pimples

Ingredients Required:-

3 Tbsp Bentonite (Clay)
1 Tsp Activated Charcoal
1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice
5 Drops Of Lavender Oil
2 Tablespoons Green Tea

How To Use:-

  1. Blend all the ingredients in a container until you get a beautifully smooth and viscous mass.
  2. It’s best to mix the ingredients with a spatula. If the mask is too thick, take a little more of the green tea.
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Apply the mask on the skinned and dry skin.

Let it act until it scorched, Rubble the face mask with your fingers from the skin. Then you wash the face of cold water.

Facial Mask Against Oily Skin

Facial Mask Against Oily Skin

Ingredients Required:-

3 Tbs Of Healing Earth
5 Drops Of Rosemary Oil
2 Tablespoons Chamomile Tea
1/2 Teaspoon Honey

How To Use:-

  1. Mix all ingredients with a spatula in a bowl. Rühe until you have a beautiful and smooth mass.
  2. Use the mask to the skin and leave it in the face until it begins to crumble.
  3. Let the face mask work and scrub it with circular movements of the skin.

Wash face with cold water and then dab the skin with a towel.


First, wash a face very thoroughly.

Take off the makeup and put your hair up.

Now you only apply the mask to your face with your fingers.

Let them work until the healing earth starts to dry. The easiest way is by lying down. It is best to put a towel on the sofa before applying, How to avoid stains?

Wash the face mask for pimples after about 10 minutes. Use lukewarm water for this.

Dab the face dry. Do not rub!

Ingredients For Your Homemade Facial Mask Against Acne

Of course, there are many more good home remedies for impurities. And since we know that everyone reacts differently, here’s a list of ingredients that can be used in your face mask for pimples.

Honey For Pimples

Honey For Pimples

Honey not only tastes delicious, but it is also an excellent home remedy for blemished skin. It helps the skin to retain moisture.

Its properties are antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, Honey also reduces redness and inflammation.

Healing Earth In The Face Mask Against Pimples

Healing Earth In The Face Mask Against Pimples

Healing earth is an all-rounder. It used for inflammation, muscle problems, joint problems as a hair conditioner or problem skin.

Heilderde works so well against pimples because it develops a suction effect when drying on the skin. Sebum, bacteria, dead skin cells are simply absorbed into the earth.

Whoever has to fight with oily skin should pack healing clay in the face mask for pimples. She absorbs the excess sebum naturally. Thus, the breeding ground for new pimples has disappeared.

Green Tea Has An Anti-Inflammatory Effect Against Pimples

Green Tea Has An Anti-Inflammatory Effect Against Pimples

Green tea makes us gentle and is praised at many spring cures as the detox food terrible. But there is more to it. Because green tea is rich in antioxidants. They fight free radicals, and that ensures a clean and young-looking skin.

As an ingredient in the face mask against pimples, the tea has an anti-inflammatory effect.

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Tea Tree Oil And Black Cumin Oil

Tea Tree Oil And Black Cumin Oil

No little noses may be had with these two ingredients for the face mask for pimples. Tea tree oil and black cumin oil smell very intense. So maybe better close the door to the bathroom 🙂

Tea tree oil has an antimicrobial effect. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and thus inflammation and pimples. The oil of tea tree dries out the skin, which is why it is often applied directly to the pimple.

Black cumin oil has a strong antibacterial effect. It has a disinfectant effect and smoothes the skin. At the same time, it provides the face with moisture.

Cinnamon Against Inflammation In The Face

Cinnamon Against Inflammation In The Face

Cinnamon is a genuine all-rounder. In the drink with honey he stimulates our metabolism, cookies are delicious with cinnamon and our skin, he can help.

Cinnamon has an antimicrobial effect and inhibits inflammation. It gives the skin essential nutrients and should even be able to reduce the signs of aging.

Apple Cider Vinegar Opens The Pores 

Apple Cider Vinegar Opens The Pores

While it does not smell very good and persistently sticks to your nose, apple cider vinegar should not be missing from your anti pimple recipe. The vinegar acts namely disinfecting and opens the pores.

It is due to the alpha-hydroxy acid, which also ensures that dead skin cells are removed. Also, apple cider vinegar brings the pH of the skin into balance. He is thus the perfect ingredient for the face mask against pimples.

Quark And Milk Soothe The Skin

Quark and dairy products are a good weapon against pimples, redness and blemished skin. Quark even helps to refine the complexion and lighten dark circles.

The reason for this is the contained lactic acid, milk fats, and milk sugar, which absorbs our skin very well. Quark provides your skin with additional moisture.

Turmeric Against Acne Scars

Turmeric Against Acne Scars - DIY face mask for pimples

One says so beautifully: Keep your fingers off the pimple, and it disappears by itself. That’s true. But unfortunately, you often use your fingers for pimples. It is pressed, squeezed, scratched. The result: scars!

Turmeric brings fast help with acne scars. The root helps to make dark spots on the skin and make the wounds fainter.

Also, it also helps against existing impurities. Turmeric has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

Activated Carbon For Pimples

The activated carbon in the face mask pulls sebum out of the pores. The black powder frees and cleanses the skin. Therefore, the coal is very well suited for impure skin, pimples, and oily skin.


A face mask for pimples is done in an instant. Vary the ingredients to find the best home remedies for your face.

Our ultimate face mask for pimples is so effective because it contains a total of 5 ingredients, all of which are effective against blemishes, inflammation, and pimples.


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