5 Amazing Benefits Of Dry Brushing Loose Skin – How To Dry Brush

benefits of dry brushing your skin

The first time you read or hear dry brushes, you might wonder why it is good to dry brushing your skin. This health-promoting measure brings many benefits and is also very straightforward feasible.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “5 Amazing Benefits Of Dry Brushing Loose Skin – How To Dry Brush”

Table Of Contents

  1. What Does Dry Brushing Mean?
  2. Lymphatic System
  3. 5 Advantages Of Dry Brushing
  4. Further Advantages
  5. Is Dry Brushing Suitable For Everyone?
  6. How To Use Dry Brush
  7. When, Where And How Often?

1 What Does Dry Brushing Mean?

Herbalist Todd Caldecott explains in his book that dry brushing is part of the Ayurvedic healing method and is called gharsana. Dry brushing aims to move the lymph (tissue fluid) towards the heart so that it can mix with blood to finally store stored toxins and metabolic waste for transport into the liver and kidneys.

2 The Lymphatic System And Its Functions

The lymphatic system is a chain of organs and tissues responsible for the removal of toxins, metabolic waste, abdominal fat, and inflammation products.

The body produces four to five litres of lymph daily, which is purified in the lymphatic system and returned to the blood.

Lymphatic drainage has its vascular system, which has about 600 lymph nodes. In these nodes, the lymph is filtered. The waste is ultimately transported to the kidneys and liver. The toxins, slags, etc. are excreted via these detoxification organs.

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The lymphatic system is similarly involved in the immune system because there are lymphocytes in the lymph. These white blood cells play a significant role in immune defence. In disease, the pathogens are flushed by the lymph into the lymph nodes, where immune cells are stimulated to produce antibodies.

The lymphatic system must work at full speed in the event of illness to combat the pathogens as quickly as possible and finally to transport them out of the body. It can lead to swelling of the lymph nodes, but in this case, is only a sign of a well-functioning lymphatic system.

dry brushing loose skin
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Due to various causes, it comes to dysfunction of the lymphatic system and consequently the lymphatic backlog. This disorder may be innate or acquired. It is important to stimulate the lymph flow and here comes the dry brushing into play.

Dry brushing also recommended for people with a functioning lymphatic system. If the lymphatic flow is stimulated, it supports the detoxification process of the body. Dry brushing brings with it even more benefits.

3 5 Advantages Of Dry Brushing

In Ayurvedic medicine, dry brushing is mainly used for people of the Kapha type. In Kneipp cures dry brushing used as a preventive measure against infections and colds. Still, for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, the stimulation of the lymphatic flow has a positive effect on the general well-being.

Dry Brushing Is Beneficial For:-

a) Immune Function

Dry brushing stimulates lymphatic flow, which in turn affects immune function. In an infection, for example, in a wound, viruses or bacteria are transported by lymphatic fluid into the lymph nodes.

The B and T cells available there produce corresponding antibodies which are adapted to pathogens responsible for the infection. As a result, viruses or bacteria can be quickly fought and transported away.

b) Hormone Balance

Through the lymphatic system, hormones can circulate throughout the body. If the lymph stagnates, the circulation of the hormones is interrupted, and there is an imbalance in the hormone balance. If the lymph flow is supported by dry brushing, it ensures good stability of hormones in the body.

Experts often recommend another type of technique to help couples who want to become parents: lymphatic drainage should increase fertility.

c) Detoxification

There are two circulatory systems in the body: The cardiovascular system pumps blood through the organism, and the lymphatic system collects the blood leaving the blood vessels to purify it and return it to the circulation.

The lymphatic system ensures the removal of toxins and metabolic waste. Dry brushing thus supports the detoxification process.

d) Smooth And Soft Skin

Dry brushing makes the skin smoother and softer. Brushing removes dead skin cells and promotes the production of new cells.

e) Emotional Well-Being

Most of the time, everyday life consists of to-do lists and busy schedules. Sustained stress can lead to emotional distress, as the thoughts regularly turn around the tasks or obligations to be done. Ultimately, one feels disconnected from oneself, and the connection between body and mind is disturbed.

i) Dry brushing is an excellent way to restore this connection. This should be taken in the morning and evening a few minutes for dry brushing. During dry brushing, it is beneficial to concentrate on the breath while breathing soft and thick.

ii) The regularity of breathing during dry brushing makes you feel more earthed and more balanced.

iii) Dry brushing has a balancing effect on the autonomic nervous system. This supports the adrenal function in stress reduction.

4 Further Advantages Of Dry Brushes

⇒ Daily dry brushing is effective against cellulite.

⇒ Dry brushing has a stimulating effect, so that morning muffle benefit. If you get into trouble in the morning, you will get a few minutes of dry brushing: your blood pressure will be regulated, and happiness hormones will be activated.

⇒ Dry brushing positively affects uric acid, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels.

5 Is Dry Brushing Suitable For Everyone?

Whether dry brushing is perceived as pleasant varies from person to person. In general, this method is suitable for every person. In people whose nervous system is greatly over-stimulated, dry brushing can be perceived as unpleasant. In that case, however, a washcloth may be used instead of a brush.

Dry brushing is not suitable for the following complaints:-

⇒ In varicose veins

⇒ On skin areas that are damaged or irritated (for example, eczema, psoriasis, acne or sunburn)

6 How To Use Dry Brush

For dry brushing, a high-quality brush should be used. Recommended is this set, which includes both soft and harder brushes: three-piece brush set.

Before the dry brushing, take a moment to see if you are thirsty. For the removal of toxins and metabolic wastes, healthy hydration of the body is very important. Even after the dry brushing should be paid attention to whether a feeling of thirst is present.

At least 1.5 liters of liquid should be drunk daily – ideal is still water with a splash of lemon and a pinch of salt. The two ingredients improve the fluid balance.

Now to carry out the dry brushing. Most counselors recommend brushing in the direction of the heart. This method is helpful to improve the appearance of the skin and to soften the skin.

However, another approach seems to be more helpful for improving lymphatic flow. This procedure is based on the techniques of manual lymphatic drainage massage developed by Emil Vodder and his wife, Estrid Vodder.

The advantage of this other method of dry brushing is described in the book by Mia Campbell. Mia Campell, a member of the Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies, explains the benefit of this approach as follows:

One should imagine a syringe bag with icing, the tip of which is clogged. If you now press on the end of the syringe bag, perhaps the blockage of the tip will break loose, but you have no control over the amount of frosting that is released now.

⇒ It is better to press directly behind the top. Thus, constipation can dissolve and then can be controlled release icing.

⇒ When brushing towards the heart, the lymph is led to the lymphatic drains, assuming that they are already open. But that’s not always the case.

⇒ As described in the book by Mia Campell, it is better first to open the lymphatic drain near the heart.

7 Dry Brushing – When, Where And How Often?

A) As a rule, it is recommended to do the dry brushing in the morning as it has a stimulating effect and thus provides an energy boost.

B) However, if the dry brushing is carried out less intensively, a relaxing effect sets in. This is conducive to healthy sleep.

C) Everyone should try out in what intensity and at what time of day the dry brushing is good.

D) Since dead skin dissolves during dry brushing, the ideal place for this health-promoting measure is the shower.

E) Even when questioning the frequency, no consistent recommendation can be given. Some people do the dry brushing daily and others only a few times a week.

F) In the beginning, it should be started slowly, say a few times a week. If you want, you can gradually increase it and brush your skin daily.

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