How To Eat More Fat To Lose Weight Metabolism

How To Eat More Fat To Lose Weight

Eat enough and lose weight anyway(Eat More Weigh Less)? Hunger is history thanks to the Volumetrics diet. You can eat as much as you like – as long as it is food with high water content and low calories.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss“How To Eat More Fat To Lose Weight Metabolism”

Table Of Contents

  1. Salads And Soups
  2. Fast Slim
  3. Diets In Comparison
  4. The Trend Diet Of The Stars
  5. Losing Weight Without A Plan
  6. Formula Diet
  7. Fat Blocker
  8. Carbohydrate Blocker
  9. Slim-Secret Of Nature
  10. Drink More Water

In a study, US nutritionist Barbara Rolls found that overweight women consume about the same amount of food as lean people. The big difference, however, was that the slender women ate first of all foods with low energy density, the round ones with high ones.

Rolls concluded that counting calories are the wrong recipe if you want to lose weight. Instead, it depends on the volume of food that fills the stomach and thus triggers the feeling of satiety.

Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.

Salads And Soups

Large volume foods make you more saturated. If they also have low calories, you can access them unconditionally. These foods are among the items on the Volumetrics diet: cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, lettuce, asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms, aubergines, spinach, peppers, strawberries, citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit.

How To Eat More Fat To Lose Weight

From these foods, you can put together various salads or soups. Soups fill your stomach, soak and save a lot of calories.

In addition to a salad, soup, fresh vegetables, and fruits, there are also whole grain and reduced-fat dairy products on the menu. Meat is not forbidden in the Volumetrics diet, but it should be lean.

Which Diet Works?

Lose weight fast before Christmas(Eat More Weigh Less)? Whether with FDH, Formula diet or slim pills: But which diet variant leads to success?

The 7 Best Diet:-

The average adult in Advent increases a total of 1.5 kilograms. In the new year it means for most people: Slimming! Making a diet is at the top of every second on the list of good intentions for the new year, but also just before the holidays.

A study of the nutrition portal shows: Those willing to lose weight are setting extremely ambitious goals: 5.5 kilos down from the hips! But how? We compared the most important diet forms.

1 Low Carb

Low Carb Diet is a low carbohydrate diet. Bread, pasta & Co. are reduced. There are plenty of protein and low-carbohydrate vegetables on the menu. Attention: Fruit has a lot of fructose and is considered as fattening by low carb fans! Low Carb is also popular with the stars: Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lawrence, and Angelina Jolie avoid carbohydrates.

eat more to lose more weight

Nutrition expert Kristin Bothor from “Low carb works for a limited time and permanently as a diet change.” Advantage: Even on noodles no one has to do. Food researchers have invented slimming spaghetti with just 14 kilocalories per serving.

Weight loss effect:- Half a kilo per week is possible. Above all, Low Carb is the first step to a healthier diet.

2 Losing Weight Without A Plan

FDH (“eat half”) is the mother of all diets. A little less of everything and thus reduce the number of calories – sounds logical and wonderfully simple. The nutrition expert warns: “It depends on what you omit!” If you eat the wrong way, you will consume fewer calories with FDH, but at the same time, you will also absorb fewer nutrients. Better to work on the composition of the diet.

eat more fiber to lose weight

Slimming effect: If you consume 800 kilocalories a day less than you drink, you lose about 600 grams of fat per week. Experts warn no lasting impact, yo-yo effect threatens!

3 Formula Diet With Shakes

Barbara Becker makes Formula Diet, Oprah Winfrey and also singer Shakira have slimmed it down: The magic word is called Formula-Diet. The Expert: “In this diet form, you replace meals with protein-rich shakes.” Mostly, you’re led through a multi-week program that involves one and a half kilos of weight loss per week. Without starvation? “A good formula diet provides enough protein,” says the expert.

eat more often to lose weight

Advantage: This is filling and is essential for a tight shape. Because protein requires the body to build muscle mass. And no sexy contour without muscles.

Smart: New versions of the Formula diets have an automatic starvation stop made in and contain psyllium husks that swell and saturate in the stomach.

Weight loss effect: one and a half kilos per week. But not all Formula diets taste.

4 Fat Blocker

Fat blocker pills are taken before eating. Their natural active ingredient Fiction is extracted from the fibers of the prickly pear. He makes sure you eat fewer calories from the fats you eat. Useful for those who tend to eat fat and do not want or can not reduce it. The expert: “Of course, people who eat very low in fat cannot save calories.”

eat more protein to lose weight

Slimming effect: Works, but a general slimming effect is hard to say. But those who eat very fat can lose 400 to 700 grams per week.

5 Carbohydrate Blocker

“Most people find it difficult to dispense with pasta,” says the nutrition expert. Are the different carbohydrate blockers the solution here?

Fact:- They reduce calorie intake from carbohydrates like bread and pasta. But: Those who already eat a low carbohydrate, can hardly save calories and the effect fizzles.

how to eat more and lose weight

However, as being overweight is often due to a carbohydrate-rich diet, the small capsules are an effective aid. And what is in it? “The active ingredient is called PhaSeo and is extracted from Phaseolus vulgaris extract.” For non-specialists: extract of the common bean.

Slimming effect: The slender wonder capsule is 100 percent natural. You can lose up to 800 grams per week, provided, of course, the calorie intake is reduced overall.

6 Saturation Capsules

Pill swallow and gone are the pounds? Not quite! “Saturation capsules are a medical device used to treat overweight and weight control,” says the expert.

The basis is Indian psyllium husk. They swell in the stomach, and the brain reports Satt! The effect lasts about three hours. Suitable for anyone who quickly gnaws their hunger.

do i need to eat more to lose weight

Attention:- When buying such preparations necessarily only buy from reputable providers, which one also knows. If you order slim pills from China or the US, which are not allowed here, even risks visiting the police: violation of the drug law!

7 Drink More Water

Atlist Drink up to 3 to 3.5 liters of water daily. Alcohol, Beer, wine, and Co should be better avoided.

should i eat more to lose weight

Follow your dreams, work hard, practice and persevere. Make sure you eat a variety of foods, get plenty of exercises and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Feasting without remorse remains a dream. But: saturation capsules, fat or carbohydrate blockers work. Who wants to lose weight with the system? For the Formula, Diet is best.

Its high protein content ensures a firm shape. A long-term conversion succeeds with low carb. No chance for FDH: nutrient deficiency and yo-yo effect are inevitable.

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