Severe Tooth Pain: Emergency Toothache Relief At Home – 21 Tips

Emergency Toothache Relief At Home

How to get rid of a toothache, and what helps from it? How to overcome a toothache

Toothache is an unpleasant disease. Moreover, the pain is aggravated by the fact that it appears suddenly. If you start to feel nauseous signs, do not panic and worry since the aching pain can be reduced and calmed with the help of home remedies that everyone has.

Toothache is the cruelest kind of pain a person has. There are 5 stages to alleviate, get rid of toothache.


It is known that if a tooth aches, it signals unfavorable oral health. As a result, oral disinfection is considered a significant step in reducing painful symptoms. When the main symptoms of toothache, you should gently clean them, removing food particles from the surface of the teeth, from the gaps between the teeth and dental cavities, if such is observed.

If you experience pain when brushing your teeth, you can use a particular pharmacy rinse solution or a solution prepared at home: baking soda diluted in boiled water — also considered a useful product of beekeeping – propolis. A small piece of propolis is applied to the sore spot in the mouth. The composition includes substances that will soon help relieve pain.

Some use cinnamon for toothache. The cinnamon stick is crushed, mixed with honey and applied to the gum. You can also use plantain. The root part, trunk, leaves are applied to the sore spot. A well-washed root can be put in the auricle where the pain is felt. Often, after thirty minutes, the pain subsides.

Some are helped by a mixture of garlic, salt, and onion. Herbal ingredients are crushed into mush, folded in several layers of gauze and applied near the source of pain. With external use of garlic clove half, you can rub that space on the inside of the hand, where the pulse is measured. Also, garlic mild can be tied to the wrist, shook in a bandage. Moreover, if the pain on the right, you need to attach to your left hand, and vice versa.

Essential oils, namely clove, coriander, lavender, mint, fir, will help to cope with the aching pain in the oral cavity. Hypericum oil has analgesic properties. It is necessary to moisten a little oil with a compress and attach to the tooth, squeezing the mouth.

Rinsing The Mouth

Rinsing The Mouth

The best medicine for therapeutic rinsing in family traditions with the inaccessibility of pharmaceuticals is tea, especially green. You can make your drink by pouring one vat of green tea per cup of boiling water. Next, you need to cool to the solution became warm, and you can begin to rinse.

You need to take small portions of tea in your mouth, hold for about thirty seconds in the area of ?? toothache, spit out and re-take a fresh sip. You can also rinse your mouth with an antiseptic – decoction of chamomile, plantain, sage.

Lowering The Temperature Of The Oral Cavity

Pain increases with body temperature. Increased blood pressure on the affected area. Reducing these symptoms will help calm. Frost stifles pain and lowers blood flow. The usual method of cooling a tooth is cooling lotions on a tender cheek. Is it also useful to dissolve ice cubes in the area? The diseased tooth, if the teeth are not susceptible to ice temperature.


Before proceeding with the treatment of gums, you first need to nerves froze, petrified. In medical institutions, this method is used with the help of special mixtures. Thus, at home, of course, will help alcohol, namely vodka. It is possible and not to drink, not to swallow. Having delayed a mouthful in the mouth in the region of the whining tooth, the gum can be iced up, arresting the nerve.


Massaging different parts of the body can help soothe the pain of a different nature. It can be explained by the fact that the pressure on specific areas of the body generates and sends the urge along the nerve endings, which pass the peak of pain. And the pain is dulled because the nerve endings are ready to carry out only once a pulse.

It is necessary to rub the leathery membrane between the thumb and index finger, gently pressing on it. Manipulation can last about five minutes. You can also use a piece of ice.

It is necessary to massage the auricle, pressing on the upper part and the earlobe from the sore side. Subsequent massaging should last at least five minutes.

It is important to remember that when teeth hurt, it is forbidden to use hot food and drinks and especially to use warming lotions. Also, if possible, do not use painkillers, analgesics, for example, sealing, ketorolac, and others from such drugs more harm to the body than help.


TRY to make a special dental elixir – dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and add 5-6 drops of iodine. This solution reduces irritation around the tissues of the teeth and relieves oedema. Rinsing can alleviate your condition if the pain is caused by inflammation of soft dental tissue or food debris stuck in your teeth.


TURN in a towel a few ice cubes and attach to your cheek. Cold constricts blood vessels and reduces the swelling of tissues.

Very often, warming bandages are applied to the cheek on the part of the patient’s tooth. It should not be done, even if the pain after the procedure subsides. Heat only aggravates the inflammation.

Tooth Drops

FOR A SMALL piece of cotton, 1-2 dental drops are applied and applied to the diseased tooth. Camphor elixir and valerian tincture can quickly soothe the pain. Peppermint oil and cloves are proven antiseptics. They help well if the toothache is caused by infection.

Hand Massage

MASSAGE the base of the thumb from the side of the palm or the gap between the thumb and index finger from the back. This massage affects the particular points that regulate pain.


KEEP a small amount of vodka or brandy in your mouth. Alcohol is an anaesthetic of reflex action. He will not cure a bad tooth, of course, but it will help “to forget and fall asleep”.

And the last. You can, of course, apply fresh unsalted lard to a sore tooth or bind pounded garlic with your wrist, but still, by the force of action, the folk methods are incomparable with painkillers.

If your cheek has swollen, the temperature has risen, or after removing a tooth in the hole, bleeding has opened, forget about self-treatment, call an ambulance.

Home Remedies For Toothache

Home Remedies For Toothache

From time to time, almost everyone is confronted with a toothache. If it is not possible to immediately seek medical help or for some reason, it is impossible to apply medication painkillers, pain can permanently knock a person out of the normal rhythm of life.

Sometimes pain syndrome is so intense that the patient is unable to continue to do any work. To cope even with extreme pain, you can use various folk remedies, which are often able to be even more effective than chemical analgesics.

Causes Of Toothache

Causes Of Toothache - Emergency Toothache Relief At Home

There are many reasons for the occurrence of toothache. Usually, the teeth start to hurt if they are observed:

  • Dental root abscess (flux)
  • Caries
  • Various gum diseases
  • Cracks in the tooth enamel
  • Tooth root irritation
  • Temporomandibular joint syndrome

Most often, provocateurs of pain are the first three reasons from the list. It is in their presence that favourite recipes help, whose action is aimed at relieving inflammation and pain relief.

Toothache Complications

By itself, a toothache can not cause complications, as it is just a symptom of developing the disease. Depending on what caused the pain, there are various types of difficulties. In the case of caries, complications of the disease will be:

  • The development of pulpitis
  • Development of dental root abscess
  • Tooth loss.

When pain is caused by a root abscess that has already occurred, complications can be much more severe.
In the absence of timely treatment, there is a risk of development:

  • Meningitis
  • Phlegmon

Both of these complications pose a severe threat to the life of the patient, even with timely medical treatment.

Medical Methods Of Relieving Toothache

Drug treatment of pain is to eliminate the very cause of its occurrence. If possible, the dentist will treat the affected tooth, and if it is impossible, remove it. In the case of an abscess of the root of the tooth, medication is prescribed with further treatment of the tooth or resorted to the surgical opening of an abscess with further processing.

In the case of gum disease, the nature of the procedure is also determined by the dentist. Seeking medical care at the first sign of problems with the teeth and gums guarantees not only the preservation of the tooth but also the minimum cost of it.

Home Recipes To Combat Toothache

Home Recipes To Combat Toothache

Use home remedies to combat toothache, it is essential to remember that they only relieve pain, and with an abscess of the root contribute to the release of pus, but do not eliminate the very cause of the occurrence of unpleasant sensations.

Recipes of traditional medicine can be used only as a means to alleviate the condition until the moment when it becomes possible to visit a qualified doctor.

1. The Fastest And Most Effective Ways To Relieve Toothache

Very quickly, the aching tooth is soothed by rinsing the diseased tooth with a healthy green tea with garlic. To prepare the composition and a half tablespoons of tea brewed in a glass of boiling water and infused for ten minutes.

Then, add five teeth of garlic grated on a fine grater into the tea. After that, the mixture is introduced for another ten minutes, filtered, and the resulting tooth is rinsed with an infected tooth. The pain disappears after the first minutes of rinsing. During the day, if necessary, the procedure can be repeated an unlimited number of times.

2. Another Fast Way To Treat Pain Is To Use A Mixture Of Salt, Garlic And Onions 

For the preparation of an anaesthetic paste, you need to take a teaspoon of salt, gruel of garlic and gruel of onion. Then all the ingredients must be well mixed and in the right quantity to impose on the aching tooth.

From above it is desirable to cover the tooth with a cotton pad. The pain passes in a few minutes. As in the previous recipe, there are no restrictions on the number of procedures per day.

3. Relief Also Brings Rinsing With A Warm Solution Of Salt And Iodine

They take two hundred and fifty millilitres of hot water and dissolve one teaspoon of table salt and seven drops of iodine in it. Once the salt is completely dissolved, you can begin to rinse. The pain is usually relieved after five minutes. A day can hold no more than three rinses in one glass.

4. Another Remedy For Quick Pain Relief Is The Alcohol Tincture Of Valerian

A small piece of cotton is moistened in the infusion and placed on the aching tooth. Vata is changed when pain occurs again.

Home Remedies To Eliminate Pain During Abscess Of The Tooth Root

Self-treatment in the development of flux is permissible only if there is no way to go to the dentist or visit a regular hospital, where they also provide urgent assistance for this ailment.

  1. It is possible to get rid of the pain of flux to try the following folk remedy, which at first glance may seem somewhat difficult to prepare. To obtain it, you must mix a teaspoon of granulated sugar and table salt and add half a teaspoon of black pepper (ground) to them.
    Then a little 3% vinegar is poured into this mixture (the mixture should make gruel). This mass is kept above the fire until it thickens. Next, the drug is applied to the aching tooth and left until the pain stops.
  2. There is a way to get rid of the flux and with the help of blue clay. However, it should be borne in mind that in the first ten minutes after applying the clay, the pain may significantly increase.
    To cure the abscess of the root, a small piece of blue clay is taken and wrapped in gauze. Next, a veil with clay put on a swollen gum. Already after the first procedure, oedema begins to subside, which will improve the patient’s condition and relieve him of the pain.
  3. Will relieve pain and slightly reduce swelling gargling with the sage decoction. Two large spoons of dried herbs are poured with half a litre of freshly boiled water and, covered with a lid, insist until entirely crisp. Next, the drug is filtered and divided into two portions.
    Rinse lead twice a day with an interval of twelve hours. Every day a new piece of sage is brewed for treatment. Pain relief occurs after the first rinse.
  4. It is useful to use onion juice to relieve acute flux symptoms. Squeeze the juice out of a small peeled onion. A cotton swab soaked in it is placed on the aching tooth and left until the pain disappears.

Home remedies for pain relief in caries

Home remedies for pain relief in caries - Emergency Toothache Relief At Home

When caries folk remedies can quickly soothe the pain, but only for a while, without the treatment of an infected tooth, it is impossible to count on getting rid of it completely.

  1. Mumie has a quick effect. To relieve pain, a piece of a mummy is laid in the cavity of caries. Top tooth covered with cotton wool. After a few minutes, the pain begins to decrease, and after a quarter of an hour, it completely disappears.
  2. Helps cope with depression and black tea. To alleviate the patient’s condition, you should take a bag of black tea (without any additives) and put it on the cheek opposite the patient’s tooth. Gradually, the pain will begin to subside, and within half an hour will ultimately pass.
  3. An effective remedy for toothache is garlic, which is attached to the wrist of the arm opposite to the affected tooth. To do this, the inside of the wrist is first firmly rubbed with garlic, cut in half, and then half of a clove of garlic is applied to the pulse and securely fixed with a band-aid. Leave the garlic for a few hours. Toothache subsides quickly enough.
  4. There is a popular way to treat toothache and with the help of a conventional magnet. For this, a magnet is applied to the cheek opposite the affected tooth. Pretty quickly comes a significant relief. For the pain not to resume, the attraction is used several times during the day.
  5. With a large hollow in the tooth, you can use a ball of propolis. It is laid in the cavity and covered with a gauze napkin or cotton wool. If the hole is small, propolis is applied to the gum around the tooth and also included. As the propolis dissolves and penetrates the tissue, the pain will subside.
  6. If there is hydrogen peroxide on hand, then with its help you can quickly and permanently cope with the pain syndrome. Vata impregnated with the drug and lay in the cavity of the tooth. For a more dense arrangement of cotton in the hole is used when putting the toothpick.
  7. If there are no drugs, you can try to get rid of the pain with ordinary water. You should take some room temperature water into your mouth and keep it on the aching tooth until it is warm. After that, they spit it out and make a new one. Five procedures are usually enough to eliminate the pain.
  8. To pass a toothache, you can use cotton wool dipped in vodka. However, this tool is only suitable if there is a cavity in the tooth. Vata tightly thrust into the hollow of the tooth and leave until complete relief of pain. In addition to vodka, you can use any other (only not sweet) strong alcohol.
  9. When the pain is not very sharp, you can get rid of it with horse sorrel. The fresh leaf of the plant is well washed, and its piece is laid between the cheek and the wrong tooth. The rest of the sheet is chewed. The pain subsides quickly and for a long time.
  10. There is a seemingly unusual but at the same time effective recipe. A small piece of onion is wrapped in clean gauze and placed in the ear on the side where the toothaches. Folk healers claim that the pain subsides after a quarter of an hour.
  11. Quick-relief comes from using lard, It is desirable. of course, to use unsalted fat, but for his lack of it is possible to take salty, you only need to clean it from grains of salt.
    A piece of fat is laid between the gum and the diseased tooth. After twenty minutes of such a procedure, the pain subsides.
  12. Using the fact that a lot of nerve endings are located on the earlobe, it is possible to influence the aching tooth through this part of the body. To do this, take a not very tight clothespin and pinch her earlobe. Usually, the pain should pass in a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, after removing the clothespin, the pain may come back.
  13. When weak pain syndrome will help fresh beet juice. To do this, squeeze the juice out of a raw, peeled root vegetable and slowly rinse a sore tooth with it.
  14. Can be used in the fight against toothache and chicory. It should be brewed in a glass of freshly boiled water with a teaspoon of dried chicory root (for its lack you can take soluble chicory). As soon as the temperature of the infusion equals the heat of the body, you can begin to rinse.
  15. Helps to cope with discomfort and for oil. A cotton swab is moistened with oil and applied to the gum near the patient’s tooth for ten minutes (no more). Then the cotton wool should be moved to the other side of the affected tooth, also for ten minutes. During such a procedure, it is essential to precisely observe the time, since when it is cast, the likelihood of mucosal burn is excellent.
  16. There is a very unusual remedy for relieving toothache, the effectiveness of which has been scientifically proven. The essence of this method of anaesthesia is to cause actual tearing. To this end, it is best to use onions, which irritate the mucous eyes and provoke the appearance of tears. During this process, the pressure in the gums is significantly reduced, which has an analgesic effect.
  17. When a toothache is recommended to use plantain root. After removing the plant from the ground, its leaves are cut off, and the heart is washed well. Clean the roots dried with a paper towel. There are two ways to use them. The first is the laying of several sources between the cheek and the aching tooth. The second – laying one source in the ear canal of the ear, located on the same side as the aching tooth.
  18. Relieves toothache and rinsing based on chamomile and honey. To prepare it, you need to take two pinches of dried chamomile and brew them with 250 ml of freshly boiled water. The drug is infused under the lid for a quarter of an hour.Then the broth is filtered, and a teaspoon of honey is added to it. After the baby has dissolved, proceed to rinse. For one rinse using 50 ml of the drug. The procedure is carried out every thirty minutes until the complete cessation of pain.
  19. Gathering rinsing can help. It requires fifty grams of dried peppermint, twenty-five grams of dried oregano, and twenty-five grams of dried Hypericum. All the ingredients of the collection are well mixed.Then take two large spoons of the mixture and pour one full glass of freshly boiled water. Next, the composition is brought to a boil and cook for three minutes. After removing the drug from the heat, insist under the lid for two hours, and then filter. The finished medicine is used for rinsing. For one procedure, use one glass of infusion.
  20. Can help in the elimination of acute toothache no-spa or its analogue – drotaverin. One-quarter of the pill should be crushed, put the powder on a damp cotton swab and place it in the cavity of the patient’s tooth. After a few minutes, dissolving, the medicine will have an anaesthetic effect.

Preventive Measures To Prevent Toothache

In most cases, diseases that cause pain are caused by improper dental care and neglect of preventive measures. In that case, if you competently take steps to prevent the development of dental diseases, most likely, you will not need to carry out complicated and expensive treatment, as well as suffer from pain.

In order not to face a toothache, the following preventive actions should be taken:

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