How To Make A Smoothie: Green Smoothie Recipe

How To Make A Smoothie Green Smoothie Recipe
How To Make A Smoothie Green Smoothie Recipe

Green smoothies are often referred to as “salad in a glass. Green Smoothie Recipe” This is just the perfect breakfast from which many Hollywood stars start their day. In Europe today, there are thousands of bars, where only smoothies are cooked. And you have many reasons to love this fantastic cocktail! Add green smoothies to your diet, and your body will always get the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll, plant fibre and antioxidants you need. Superdrink will be a source of vital energy, attractiveness and irresistibility.

Top 10 Most Valuable Properties Of Green Smoothies – Green Smoothie Recipe

Useful green smoothies are prepared in two accounts – it is enough to have at hand the necessary ingredients and blender. And in its usefulness, this drink – a fresh product, which:

  • Is A Powerful Detox (This Allows You To Use Green Smoothies To Cleanse The Body).
  • Helps To Maintain The Perfect Figure (Low-calorie Green Smoothies For Weight Loss – A Great Help In The Fight Against Excess Pounds).
  • Improves The Appearance Of Skin, Hair And Nails.
  • Reduces Cravings For Food With Added Sugar And Salt.
  • Promotes Full Digestion.
  • Has A Beneficial Effect On The Immune System.
  • Helps To Maintain Healthy Levels Of Hemoglobin, Cholesterol, Sugar, Blood Pressure.
  • Gives A Charge Of Vivacity And Energy For The Whole Day.
  • Increases Stress Resistance.
  • Helps Maintain A Good Mood And Health.

What Green Smoothies Are Made Of

How To Make A Smoothie: Green Smoothie Recipe
How To Make A Smoothie: Green Smoothie Recipe

For this purpose, you can use almost any greens and vegetables, from which you usually make green salads: spinach, celery, dill, parsley, lettuce, cucumber, and cabbage, etc. smoothie from green vegetables – this is a mystery of natural power!

However, the drink may include your favourite fruit. Bananas, mangoes, pineapple, green apple, pears, citrus fruits are perfect. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment! Create masterpieces every day!

And don’t forget that the products you make smoothies from should be as fresh as possible. A sluggish lettuce leaf or a shrivelled apple place in a trash can, not a smoothie!

Six Life hacks For A Superb Green Smoothie

How To Make A Smoothie Green Smoothie Recipe
How To Make A Smoothie Green Smoothie Recipe

Catch Our Life Hacks To Help You Make A Beautiful Green Smoothie! Try It Now!

First of all, let’s choose the basis for a green cocktail. Coconut or nut milk, coconut water, juice and even freshly brewed green tea are perfect. Just do not rush to use the entire portion of the base at once! The right smoothie should be moderately thick and saturated. Therefore, it is better to cook it with a little liquid, and then, if necessary, gradually add it.

To make the smoothie perfectly creamy in texture, diversify its composition with banana, mango or avocado.

You can make smoothies more satisfying by adding a little protein powder, oatmeal or a handful of nuts. By the way, this nutritious cocktail is excellent as a snack or replacement for one of the meals.

And if you want to create your formula of beauty and youth, add hydrolyzed fish collagen to smoothies!

If desired, add to the smoothie. Not sugar! Use healthy natural ingredients: date syrup or topinambura (sunflower artichoke) without sugar, cranberry syrup or carrot on fructose, etc.

And we also recommend adding superfoods – they will further enrich smoothies with useful substances and significantly expand the possibilities of green drink.

Excellent Ingredients For Green Smoothies:- Spirulina, Chlorella and Kelp. (Green Smoothie Recipe)

How To Make A Smoothie Green Smoothie Recipe
How To Make A Smoothie Green Smoothie Recipe
  • Spirulina is one of the most popular superfoods in the world. Did you know that almost 65% of it is made up of protein? An excellent alternative to meat! Also, spirulina contains a unique antioxidant and immune stimulant phycocyanin. It is also rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, Group B, as well as minerals – phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron.

Such a variety of nutrients gives spirulina genuinely magical properties. It helps to strengthen the immune system, maintain a healthy metabolism, cleanse the body, normalize the gut microflora, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, improve the condition of the skin and hair. And these are not all talents of spirulina! Read all the details here!

  • Chlorella is another representative of the mysterious world of algae. Like spirulina, it is extremely rich in protein (more than 55% of dry mass), contains valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids, a lot of vitamins, micro and macronutrients.

Chlorella has healthy detox, and anti-age effects help to maintain the reasonable condition of the intestines and its microflora, metabolism, getting rid of extra pounds, lowering cholesterol and sugar in the blood, strengthening the immune system, increasing stress-resistant.

And on this, the properties of chlorella are not exhausted! Find out about them from our article!

  • Laminaria (Sea cabbage) – used for a long time. One of the main “chips” of this algae is the high content of bioavailable iodine, which is necessary for thyroid health. 
Laminaria (Sea cabbage) - How To Make A Smoothie Green Smoothie Recipe
Laminaria (Sea cabbage) – How To Make A Smoothie Green Smoothie Recipe

Also, kelp is rich in alginic acid, which is an essential component of the cell wall. Meanwhile, polysaccharide laminarin inhibits glucose absorption in the small intestine and helps to increase insulin levels.

Also, sea cabbage helps to remove from the body “harmful” cholesterol, maintaining the normal blood pressure and gastrointestinal tract. And thanks to the perfect combination of fibre and mineral salts, kelp has a mild relaxing effect.

Feel the life-giving benefit of incredible green smoothies! And to buy ingredients for their preparation – spirulina, chlorella and kelp, as well as other certified superfoods from proven foreign and domestic manufacturers can be in the Fitomarket from Evalar right now!

Important! When preparing a smoothie, the ingredients mentioned in the article are recommended to be used in the quantities and ratios specified in the corresponding recipe.

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