11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Baking Soda

Health Benefits Of Drinking Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate is a natural, economical, ecological and readily available remedy. It can be used in a thousand ways. Let’s see Benefits And Uses Of Baking Soda”Health Benefits Of Drinking Baking Soda”.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “111 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Baking Soda”

Table Of Contents

  1. Digestive Problems
  2. Drinking Baking Soda For Weight Loss
  3. Bicarbonate Against Malaise
  4. Irritations, Burns, And Itching
  5. Bicarbonate For The Care Of The House
  6. Bicarbonate For The Daily Beauty
  7. Exfoliating
  8. Bleaching Bicarbonate
  9. Contraindications Of Sodium Bicarbonate
  10. When To Use Bicarbonate
  11. How To Whiten Teeth With Baking Soda
  12. Where To Buy

In Italy, one of the most important places for the extraction of natural sodium bicarbonate is found in Tuscany, in Rosignano. The very pure bicarbonate obtained can be used in food, for home use, and personal care. This bicarbonate can be easily purchased online, safely and quickly, on Amazon otherwise help google.

Benefits Of Baking Soda

Health Benefits Of Drinking Baking Soda
Health Benefits Of Drinking Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) is a naturally occurring substance in the form of encrustations and effervescence, but it can also be produced industrially using ammonia, carbon dioxide, and sodium chloride. It chemically defined as the sodium salt of carbonic acid.

The characteristics of bicarbonate give it different possibilities of use. It considered a “buffer substance” in that it can stabilize the pH of the solutions, counteracting the acidity: from those of the stomach to those that destroy the pipes.

The sodium bicarbonate is therefore versatile and useful every day and also, famous, safe use and environment friend.

What are the benefits of using bicarbonate and what are its uses? Here are some examples.

⇒ Bicarbonate for personal care

⇒ Bicarbonate can have many uses in personal responsibility.

Here are some:

1 Digestive Problems

Thanks to its stabilizing properties, it allows calming stomach acidity.
To eliminate stomach acid, you can dissolve a teaspoon of bicarbonate in a glass of water and lemon: this will help the proper digestion. This recipe can also be used in case of annoying urinary infections.

2 Drinking Baking Soda For Weight Loss

Ways to lose weight, at present, without putting any effort, like “wild monkeys in Brazil” – “And do not count.” Green coffee, cinnamon, celery, ginger, belts for losing weight. Another “miracle recipe” is soda for losing weight.

Adherents and apologists of this method believe that baking soda creates an alkaline environment in the body, which, in their opinion, contributes to weight loss. Plus, baking soda added to baking, makes it more in volume (at the same weight), which, allegedly, psychologically, leads to less calorie intake.

Slimming Soda: Theoretical Basis

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is known to us mainly as an ingredient in baking. It acts on the dough as baking powder, increasing the volume of the product in the baking process.

The theoretical basis for the use of soda for weight loss is the statement that adding soda to water (drinks) and food increases the pH, which shifts the acid-base balance, in our body, to the alkaline side.

Alkalinity Benefits

According to Dr. George M. Volverton, an “alkaline” body turns fat into muscle and energy, while “acidic” burn muscle, not fat reserves. Dr. Wolverton believes that the diet of the average American, in which a sufficiently large amount of white sugar and flour, “acidifies” the body, which leads to “burning” of muscle tissue and fat deposition.

The doctor insists that drinking alkaline water and consuming salty foods helps the body get rid of acid waste, returns the collection to a healthy pH and helps lose weight.

Doubts Of Scientists

However, the addition of baking soda in food or water is associated with certain risks. So, as before, it is not clear which doses of this substance are safe. Some scientists argue that an overdose of a soda can adversely affect the human gastrointestinal tract and its nervous system.

  1. Symptoms May Include:
  2. Irritability
  3. Constipation
  4. Muscle Weakness
  5. Muscle Spasms, Cramps
  6. Frequent Urination

Dr. Catherine Zeratski, their Mayo Clinic, believes that drinking alkaline water, instead of simple, will lead to an improvement in your health. Dr. Catherine Zeratsky, in principle, recognizes the potential possibility of having the benefits of drinking alkaline water, such as:

  1. Neutralization Of Acid In The Blood
  2. Increase Metabolism And Energy Of The Body
  3. Activation Of The Processes Of Assimilation Of Nutrients
  4. Slowing The Aging Process
  5. Increasing The Body Resistance To Disease

Nevertheless, she emphasizes that research on the effects listed above, from the use of soda for weight loss, was not conducted. The only proven fact is that the use of alkaline water slows down bone loss.


“Quick solutions” for weight loss, including the use of soda for weight loss, no. Weight loss is ideally achieved through lifestyle changes, which must include:

  1. Sufficient Water Intake
  2. The Variety Of Fruits And Vegetables In The Diet
  3. Regular Exercise

If soda for weight loss is included in your weight loss program, be sure to consult your doctor, to avoid unpleasant consequences.

3 Bicarbonate Against Malaise

Urinary infections: a prevalent problem, especially in women, which can be treated with sodium bicarbonate mixed with lemon. With them, the pain and burning sensation are reduced, as the alkaline substance makes the urine less acidic.

Slimming action: bicarbonate helps burn fat. This depends on the fact that on the one hand makes us feel a feeling of satiety, on the other, increasing the level of PH in the blood, allows better digestion and elimination of excess fats.

Finally, the product can be used in the case of colds:

In this case, you can use sodium bicarbonate to make inhalations of steam:

Boil water, add two tablespoons of bicarbonate and cover your head with a cloth:

An old effective remedy.

4 Irritations, Burns, And Itching

If you suffer from Candida or vaginal itching, you need to add a couple of teaspoons to lukewarm water and carry out external washing every day; this use is also possible during pregnancy.

The same recipe can be prepared if you suffer from mycosis on the feet, which can be treated with daily foot baths and even dusting a little dust on the dry feet (it would be useful to also insert the powder inside the same shoes).

A second similar use is the suffixes: to decongest the respiratory tract.

5 Bicarbonate For The Care Of The House

Against mites: are you allergic to those annoying animals that lurk in your home? Sprinkle the carpets with bicarbonate, leave it to work overnight; then remove everything, first with a broom and then with a vacuum cleaner. This remedy is also useful to remove bad odors from the vacuum cleaner.

Bicarbonate For The Care Of The House - Amazing Natural Benefits And Uses Of Baking Soda
Health Benefits Of Drinking Baking Soda

Cleaning brushes, combs, pots, tiles, clothes and much more; it is good to remember, however, that bicarbonate does not decrease since the alkalinity of bicarbonate is mild (and to reduce an alkaline environment is necessary); it is, however, possible to use bicarbonate to prepare a simple recipe that helps to clean the fat by mixing thoroughly

⇒ 100 g of Soda Solvay (it is sodium carbonate with a purity of more than 99%)
⇒ 80/100 g of concentrated dish detergent (the surfactant in fact)
⇒ add water up to 500 g.

For house cleaning, especially bathtubs, tiles, and bathroom fixtures, merely sprinkle the surfaces with a little bit of bicarbonate and then rub them.

To obtain the maximum cleaning and hygiene of pots and dishes, add a teaspoon of bicarbonate to the normally used detergent. Add the same amount in the washing machine, before a regular washing: in this way, the effect of the soap will be increased, and the washing machine will also be used to eliminate excess scale.

6 Bicarbonate For The Daily Beauty

Shampoo: useful for soft and shiny hair:

⇒ Add a teaspoon of baking soda.

⇒ The usual amount of shampoo.

⇒ Mix well. Doing so will get soft and silky hair.

7 Exfoliating

If you want to use bicarbonate as an exfoliant, you need to create a kind of ball that you can apply on your face. In this case, you have to dissolve a few tablespoons of powder in half a glass of water and then pass it on your face and body.

Besides being a completely natural product, it is also very cheap!

Natural deodorant: ideal especially for those allergic to regular deodorants.

8 Bleaching Bicarbonate

Very useful for oral and dental hygiene, prevents plaque and tooth decay and whitens tooth enamel, soothes inflammation of the mouth and gums and is helpful in cases of halitosis.

It is no coincidence that one of the essential ingredients of toothpaste is just the bicarbonate.

For correct oral hygiene dissolve a teaspoon of bicarbonate in half a glass of water and clean your mouth for some seconds.

If you want to use bicarbonate as toothpaste, for the uses described above, once a week dips the toothbrush in a little dust, pass it under water and brush your teeth as usual: the results will be assured! But be careful not to exaggerate, because this substance could ruin the natural enamel of our teeth.

9 Contraindications Of Sodium Bicarbonate

Like all the things that are assumed, it is good to underline that bicarbonate also has some contraindications, if taken in excessive doses. It can cause headaches and vomit and metabolic alkalosis, an increase in the PH of our blood above the physiological threshold. Not recommended especially for hypertensive and pregnant women.

In general, bicarbonate can be used safely and effectively for personal care (external). When this substance is ingested, it is always best to do it by consulting the doctor and never exaggerating.

In fact, in the treatment of heartburn, for example, the use of bicarbonate is intended as an emergency solution, but in case the problem persists, you must contact your doctor. Sodium intake should be limited, especially in hypertensive people.

It is also good to pay attention in the case in which it enters in combination with aspirin and vitamins (example with the vitamin C).

Also about the hygiene of the house, it is good to keep in mind some precautions. First of all, the use of bicarbonate on pots and aluminum surfaces is not recommended because, being alkaline, it would cause loss of gloss and color.

Even if you want to use this substance on your face, it would be better to avoid it if there are pimples: bicarbonate, neutralizing the natural acids of the body that serve to keep the bacteria under control, would promote the proliferation of such annoying imperfections.

10 When To Use Bicarbonate

The bicarbonate of sodium, in the right quantities and modalities, is therefore useful on many occasions, to solve small health problems, for the hygiene of the body and the home.

When To Use Bicarbonate - Amazing Natural Benefits And Uses Of Baking Soda
Health Benefits Of Drinking Baking Soda

But how does this substance work inside our body? By coming into contact with the hydrochloric acid present in the stomach, it develops carbon dioxide in the gaseous state: this causes an expansion of the stomach and at the same time stimulates the release of gastrin. this results in the first sensation of swelling and meteorism followed by the relief of digestion.

Sodium bicarbonate is generally used by all people who love natural remedies and want to use simple, versatile, economical and non-polluting products.

Baking soda can also be used in the kitchen as a leavening agent. Reacting with acids produces carbon dioxide (CO2). By itself, therefore, it is not sufficient to provoke leavening, but it is necessary to associate it with an acid, such as whey, sour cream, vinegar or lemon juice. Sodium bicarbonate in salty recipes is used for different purposes.

It can be used to give fragrance to the salted shortcrust pastry or to the brisé pasta (the tip of a teaspoon is enough for half a kilo of shortbread).

It serves to make legumes soft and digestible; it should be added to the water where chickpeas and beans are soaked.

It helps to alleviate the bad smell that develops during the preparation of vegetables such as cabbage and turnips (add a teaspoon to the cooking water).

Serves to reduce the acidity of tomatoes (add a little ‘to the sauce).

11 How To Whiten Teeth With Baking Soda

Baking soda to whiten your teeth, does it really work?

Sodium bicarbonate brings many benefits if exploited in the right way. We see one of its most common uses, that of teeth whitening

Bicarbonate is a multifunctional element and brings different benefits in our daily lives. It is used as a natural yeast in the kitchen for example, or as a beauty remedy to restore the body ph. One of its most frequent uses is dental whitening.

Thanks to its chemical properties it is, in fact, able to make the teeth brighter and white, eliminating stains due to the consumption of foods such as coffee.

When performing professional dental bleaching, the air polishing technique is used. This procedure consists in spraying on the tooth at a certain speed a liquid composed of sodium bicarbonate water and air.

In this way, the pressure created, together with the liquid, which, depending on the quantity of bicarbonate present in it, will be more or less abrasive, eliminates the plaque.

Bleaching Recipes

The baking soda, as it is called in English, thanks to these properties is also used in the methods of many kinds of toothpaste to help eliminate stains and plaque. Moreover, it is often used in DIY recipes thanks to its easy availability, not only for the dental sphere but also for the health of the digestive system.

⇒ An example of a homemade whitening recipe can be to combine a few drops of lemon with a teaspoon of bicarbonate and then spread it on the teeth like toothpaste.

⇒ Another tip is to immerse the toothbrush in baking soda and then wet it with hydrogen peroxide and then proceed to brush your teeth with this mixture.

A Natural Whitening

So, bicarbonate is excellent for getting rid of stains due to time from the teeth. But you must be careful with bleaching recipes for homemakers. The problem of baking soda is that if used excessively it can bring issues to our oral health.

If not appropriately diluted, it can even cause burns to the mucosa.

Another risk is to destabilize the ph in the mouth making it too low and endangering the bacterial flora. Also, it is discouraged to those who have dentin exposed in some points, because it risks worsening dental sensitivity.

Therefore, the advice is not to use it more than once a week and to rinse the mouth thoroughly after application.

12 Where To Buy

Another aspect, not of secondary importance that makes bicarbonate so easy to use is its availability. Everyone wants to use natural and ecological products at home.

So here we are looking for recipes, remedies, tips, we browse magazines and document. But often there is in front of preparations that require ingredients that are necessarily only found in herbal medicine or some specialized stores. And then all good intentions start to waver.

This is not the case with bicarbonate. This product is easily available in all supermarkets, from the one under the house to the online store. And so with a simple click, we can have a product with a thousand uses in all tranquility and speed. And at a price that anyone can provide.

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