3 Best Home Remedies For Gout Pain In Foot

Home Remedies For Gout Pain In Foot

Gout is one of those diseases around which there has grown myths and half-truths, and it is no wonder then that gout home remedies have themselves to become the stuff of misinformation.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “3 Best Home Remedies For Gout Pain In Foot”

Table Of Contents

  1. What Is Gout
  2. Causes Of Gout
  3. Symptoms Of Gout
  4. Possible Complications
  5. Gout Pain
  6. Gout In Men
  7. The Role Of Uric Acid In The Growth Of Gout
  8. What To Do With An Acute Attack Of Gout
  9. How To Prevent Gout
  10. Home Remedies For Gout Pain In Foot
  11. Drinking Water For Gout
  12. How To Prevent Gout Attacks
  13. Latest Gout Treatment Information

1 What Is Gout?

Gout is a metabolic disease in which salts of uric acids (known as urates) are deposited in the joints. Gout is also called “the disease of kings,” it is an old disease that was known at the time of Hippocrates. Now gout is considered a rare disease, It affects three people out of 1000.

So most often it affects men over the age of 40 years, in women it most often occurs after menopause. Gout itself is one type of joint disease caused by salt deposition.

All joints suffer from gout, ranging from the joints of the fingers to the bones of the toes.

It was identified at the time of Hippocrates and is called the “illness of kings” because the primary source of its occurrence is immoderation in food and alcoholic beverages. Gout is often chronic.

2 Causes Of Gout

The purpose of gout is a higher and stable level of uric acid in the blood. During the disease, the deposition of urate crystals (a derivative of uric acid) occurs in the joints, organs, and other body systems.

Sodium urate crystallizes, and fine particles are deposited in the joints, which ultimately leads to partial or destruction of the joint. For the exact reason, such situations are called microcrystalline.

A huge amount of uric acid in the body can be for two reasons: the first reason is when healthy kidneys do not cope with the output of an unusually large amount of uric acid, the second reason is when uric acid is released in reasonable amounts, but the kidneys are unable to remove it.(If you have Arthritis Pain on our food, you can get all info here)

Every year patients with gout become more and more. Doctors explain this trend by the fact that in recent years people more often consume foods rich in purines (for example, meat, oily fish) and a considerable amount of alcoholic beverages.

It is confirmed by the fact that during wars, the percentage of people suffering from gout was sharply reduced since meat products, and, especially alcohol, were very hard to get.

3 Symptoms Of Gout

A sign of gout is a standard attack of gouty arthritis – it is usually inflammation of one joint, most often it is a joint of the big toe, knee or ankle. Usually, an attack of gout happens early in the morning or at night.

It manifests itself as an unexpectedly severe pressing pain in one or another joint, the affected joint swells, the temperature rises in the joint area, the skin turns red and begins to shine.

Usually, during the day, the pain becomes a little less, but by night it gets worse again, the duration of a gout attack lasts from two to three days to a week, sometimes more. When a second attack occurs, other joints may become involved in this inflammation. It can lead to the partial destruction of the joint.

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Signs of gout is the appearance on the arms or legs of a kind of growths, while the level of uric acid is significantly elevated. When extensions, in other words, tophi burst, a person can see whitish uric acid crystals. The patient may feel quite intense pain in the affected areas. Such salt deposits in the joints make it difficult to lead a full life.

4 Possible Complications

The primary and most severe complication of gout is the appearance of gouty arthritis. It is also possible the occurrence of urolithiasis, in which the stones formed consist of urate or crystallized uric acid.

Gouty nodes, also known as “tophi” – is nothing more than conglomerates of sodium urate crystals, which can be deposited in all parts of the body. Also, in cases where such deposits are stuck in the joints or periarticular tissues, immunity reaction occurs, since the body perceives these deposits as a foreign body, which causes the accumulation of leukocytes and active inflammation, called gouty arthritis.

It is worth spending particular attention to the fact that kidney stones arising from gout can become the leading cause of renal failure and can eventually lead to death.

5 Gout pain

Understand the beginning of gout can be a sudden pain in the joint. They are accompanied by severe redness, swelling, and heat. “Burning” can not only the affected area, but also areas of the body near.

At the same time, body temperature can increase up to 39-40 degrees. Signs in most cases develop within an hour. Most often, the big toe suffers from this. Regular painkillers such as aspirin will not help.

The pain usually begins at night and becomes almost unbearable. In the daytime there is often some improvement, the pain recedes, but one should not think that everything has passed. Such acute symptoms can torment the patient for about a week.

6 Gout In Men 

Gout is a chronic disease, To cure it completely is almost impossible. This disease is often manifested precisely on the legs. After the onset of the disease, the symptoms may recur in six months or a year.

The disease can go to a dormant state, but, without any doubt, will be felt. With each attack, the time between them will decrease. Gout will return to the person more and more often.

Damaged areas on the legs are often destroyed more and more, and the adjacent joints can be affected. With long-term illness, over time, on the affected areas, peculiar tubercles may appear under the skin, which is called “gouty nodes” or “tophi.”

It happens since the body begins to perceive large salt deposits in the joints of the legs as a foreign body, the immune system begins to inevitably react – to accumulate white blood cells, after which starts severe inflammation. Sometimes tophi burst, and whitish dust is released from the – uric acid crystals.

Often gout develops already in old age. In men, it occurs much more frequently and at an earlier age. The male population is exposed to this disease by the age of 40.

It should be noted that women begin to suffer from gout closer to 55, mostly after menopause, when the body drastically reduces the amount of estrogen, female hormones. Children and young boys are practically not prone to gout.
There are rare conditions in cases of hereditary metabolic disorders of uric acid.

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7 The Role Of Uric Acid In The Growth Of Gout

This disease greatly upsets the metabolism. Purines enter the human body with food but are also produced by themselves. Next, the purines are split into uric acid, which is excreted by the kidneys.

In people with gout, the content of this uric acid is much higher than usual. Excess uric acid is deposited in those tissues where there is no blood supply. There the crystals are the easiest to consolidate.

The joints, cartilage, and tendons are most affected. As a result of this disease, not only these places are affected, but also the kidneys. Most often, gout develops urolithiasis, with a lower percentage of the likelihood the patient may suffer from renal colic.

It can start for two reasons: if uric acid is produced too much and the kidneys do not cope with the amount of output, so it has to be deposited in the human body. So the second reason for which the amount of uric acid is reasonable, but the kidneys cannot remove it.

However, the high content of uric acid in the body is not the only cause of gout. Several other factors play a decisive role here: excessive nutrition, fatty foods, overweight, an inactive way of life, and hereditary predisposition.

8 What To Do With An Acute Attack Of Gout?

Even if the recommendations are followed, an acute attack will not pass instantly. However, this will significantly reduce the time during which the disease will torment a person. Mainly need to comply with strict bed rest. Sick limbs are best kept in an elevated position, for example – put a pillow under them.

In the case of unbearable pain, ice can be applied. After that, it is desirable to make a compress on a sore spot with Vishnevsky ointment or dioxide. It is better to restrict yourself to food intake. Using liquid porridges and vegetable broths are possible.

Drink as much as reasonable alkaline drinks, for example, a decoction of oats, jelly, milk, mineral water or plain water, but with the addition of lemon juice (lemon juice dissolves uric acid deposits in rheumatism and gout). You want to drink at least 3 liters per day (in the absence of kidney disease).

Any painkillers will not help. You can take new anti-inflammatory drugs without steroids. If you have taken any preventive means prescribed by a doctor, then the reception should continue.

9 How To Prevent Gout

Most often, gout appears in those places where the joint was injured. Therefore, treat such places with caution. You should not wear narrow and uncomfortable shoes, as it can severely damage the big toe, which so “loves” gout. Mainly for the prevention of the onset of gout attacks, diet, and balanced nutrition are used.

Lifestyle will have to be reconsidered entirely, make it healthy. It would be best if you reviewed your taste preferences. which helps to reduce uric acid and urate in the body — strictly limited, if not wholly excluded products containing purine bases – the main source of urates.

But poor purines and therefore permitted milk, cheese, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and cereals will not leave you hungry. The patient’s diet should contain whole grains, eggs, vegetables, fruits, dairy products with a low degree of fat content.

In the food should limit the intake of meat, fish, caviar, mushrooms, legumes. Also, it is necessary to limit the consumption of smoked meat, marinade, anchovy, cauliflower, asparagus, sorrel, chocolate. Such a diet will lead to normalization of body weight and significantly reduce the load on the joints during exacerbation of gout.

Alcohol and smoking inhibit the excretion of uric acid from the body. Therefore, its crystals are more deposited in the joints. For prevention, you should eliminate alcohol, especially beer, as well as stop smoking. Do not use tea, coffee, cocoa. In addition to the diet should be done at least once a week unloading day with the use of a mono-product.

First of all, small joints are affected. Therefore, it is worth paying particular attention to the development of their mobility. Care should be concentrated on those areas where there are bouts of pain. Daily worth doing exercises for the joints.

At first, it will be unusual, because the joints are harder to move due to deposits. It is recommended to visit the air more often and take walks.

Drug Therapy To Reduce Uric Acid Levels

Since the root cause of gout is precisely the excess of uric acid, the solution of this problem in 90% of cases leads to the cessation of attacks of excruciating pain and allows us to expect a comfortable life in the future.

10 Home Remedies For Gout Pain In Foot

Once considered the disease of aristocrats and rich old men, gout has since thrown off that guise and is recognized as an arthritic disease of the joints that can affect anyone regardless of social background.

Primarily gout is caused by a build-up of uric acid in the tissues around the joints. Uric acid is the waste product from the purines found in some foods, and this acid goes on to form crystals that deposited around the tissues and joints. It is these crystals that cause the intense pain, typically in the big toe, that the gout sufferer endures.

Most of the gout home remedies that are centred around minimizing the effects of a gout attack and then controlling the frequency of attacks.

I) Good Diet

Home Remedies For Gout Pain

Keeping a close eye on the diet is an excellent foundation on which to base all gout home remedies. A low fat, low cholesterol diet is critical and should be introduced once gout has diagnosed. That means avoiding sugary foods and processed foods.

However, above all eradicating from the diet those foods rich in purines is a great way forward. These kinds of foods are typically, but not exclusively: red meats, plates of seafood, yeast-based foods and liver and kidney meats.

Alcohol, mainly yeasty beers should also be reduced or even cut out of a gout sufferers diet. It is because beer encourages the body to produce uric acid which for anyone looking to manage and mitigate their attacks of gout, is not something that should get supported.

II) Eat Cherries For Gout Pain

cherry-Home Remedies For Gout Pain

Cherries pretty much seen as the champion fighters of gout and many a gout sufferer is urged to include cherries into their regular diets because they so effectively reduce the levels of uric acid that causes the sharp crystals to form underneath the affected joints.

III) Ice Pack

Applying an ice pack to the inflamed joint is also one of the gout home remedies that has been proven to work and give ease to the gout sufferer.

ice-pack-Home Remedies For Gout Pain

The ice pack will help to reduce the swelling and can even get wrapped in a towel around the affected joint for prolonged relief. In the same way, the affected joint can be held under a running cold tap for a couple of minutes as this has been shown to give some ease.

Overall what has been proven to be a winning home remedy for gout is to keep the body weight down to a healthy level, cut out those foods listed, stay well hydrated and take as much regular exercise as is at all possible.

IV) Fresh Fruits

fresh-fruit,Home Remedies For Gout Pain

If you are suffering from gout pain, then please consult a dr first, but the home remedies really work.

11 Drinking Water For Gout

Mineral waters are excellent for eliminating unwanted purines from the body. Give preference to alkaline and organic-containing waters. These include Narzan, Yessentuki, and Borjomi primarily. Remember that any liquid should be consumed at least 2.5 liters per day.

12 How To Prevent Gout Attacks?


If possible, do not expose the sore joint to any loads, periodically fix it in an elevated position and apply ice for 15-30 minutes 2-3 times a day until the pain subsides;

Do not neglect aspirin, which can cause jumps in the level of uric acid in the blood and aggravate the symptoms of gout;

Regularly assess the level of uric acid – it should not exceed 60 mg.

Every day at least half an hour devote physical education: walk, ride a bike, jog, dance, swim. Do exercise in the morning. Regardless of age and weight, patients with gout should daily do whatever they can for themselves – sport works when gout is more effective than any medication;

Drink at least 2 liters of real water per day. For the kidneys to excrete uric acid from the body, they first need clean water. Without a sufficient amount of water, even healthy kidneys cannot cope with cleansing the body;

Take a blood test to determine the level of the essential minerals and vitamins, and if necessary, supplement the diet with an excellent vitamin-mineral complex. It is especially important for patients with gout to provide themselves with vitamin C;

Do not drink carbonated drinks with sodium benzoate and powdered juices with fructose, completely give up alcohol;

Revise your diet in favor of vegetables, fruits, and cereals, eat no more than 120 grams of animal protein per day, avoid by-products and fatty sausages.

13 Latest Gout Treatment Information

According to the latest data, obesity, caused by excessive consumption of fatty foods of animal origin, predisposes most strongly to gout at risk of lovers of sausages, meats, bacon, and hamburgers. It is an excess of proteins that lead to an excess of uric acid, and excess weight creates an increased load on the joints and, thereby, accelerates the development of the inflammatory process.

American scientists have also established a direct link between calcium deficiency and ascorbic acid and the development of gout. With age, these essential substances for the body begin to lack even those people who lead a healthy lifestyle and do not complain about excess weight. Therefore, after forty years, it is necessary to examine and take multivitamins prescribed by a doctor annually.

Recently, a new drug that inhibits the synthesis of uric acid, Benzbromarone, has been developed. Now active clinical trials are underway for this medication, and in some Western countries it has already been allowed and put on stream. But before the novelty settles in the domestic pharmaceutical market, it is likely that a long time will pass.

It is also known about the experimental development of new non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs that act directly on the protein interleukin, provoking gouty inflammation of the joints and tissues. However, the exact timing of the appearance of these medicines in the free market is difficult to call.

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