Home Remedies For Toothache Pain And Swelling

Home Remedies For Toothache Pain And Swelling

Dental problems in many people cause panic and unwillingness to consult a doctor. However, while we come up with another reason for which we cannot visit the dental clinic, a toothache can become unbearable. What should be done in this case, which drugs to take otherwise Home Remedies For Toothache Pain, and how to prevent the most severe consequences of pain?

Causes Of Toothache

Pain arises as a result of transmission through the nerve fibres of the impulse that has occurred during receptor stimulation to certain parts of the brain. The receptors for pulp, periodontal and sometimes dentinal tubules are responsible for toothache. The reasons for their irritation may be as follows:


At the initial stage, it develops asymptomatically, destroying tooth tissues until sensitivity to mechanical, temperature or chemical effects appears. For example, pain can be felt if you drink a glass of cold sour juice. Caries that are not healed in time can lead to pulpitis, which means even more severe pain.


  • Inflammation of the dental pulp is characterized by severe spontaneous pain.
  • Periodontitis This is an inflammation of the tissues around the tooth root. Severe pain occurs when pressing on the tooth – for example when chewing.

Mechanical Damage 

For cracks, chipped enamel and other injuries, sensitive dentin are often exposed, causing pain with any impact.

The eruption of the wisdom tooth, The gums surrounding him are inflamed and swollen.

Toothache always catches us unexpectedly and at the most inopportune moment. In this situation, the main thing is to remain calm and not make mistakes.

What To Do If A Toothache Hurts

First of all, inspect the mouth and very carefully, but carefully brush your teeth. Removing stuck food and bacteria will help alleviate your condition. Until you get to the dentist, refrain from hard, sweet, salty, cold, hot food, so as not to provoke increased pain.

Measure the temperature, take an anesthetic. If the pain is unbearable, use the services of a call to the dentist at home or contact the institution providing emergency dental care. 24-hour dental clinics usually work by appointment, and in the middle of the night, they will not solve your problems.

If you regularly visit a specific dentist, make an appointment with him for the next date.

How To Remove A Toothache

At home, you can relieve pain, but you should visit a dentist after that. The exception is made by two cases – when a wisdom tooth erupts, or a tooth extraction site hurts.

Recipes Of Traditional Medicine

The problem of toothache humanity has to solve throughout the history of its existence, and the methods of conventional medicine have come down to us from time immemorial. They took into account the disinfecting, antihistamine, and analgesic qualities of the improvised means even before such terms appeared.

Phytoncides Infusion of a peel of one bulb in a glass of boiled water, The liquid must be collected in the mouth and hold for 15–20 minutes. This time is enough to disinfect the oral cavity. After three such procedures, the pain should recede.

  • Essential oils
    Apply a cotton swab dipped in mint drops of clove oil to the aching tooth. It will help relieve inflammation and provide an analgesic effect. Repeat the procedure several times.
  • Antihistamines
    Ground turmeric, roasted in a skillet and gently applied to a diseased tooth in a cooled state, will help relieve swelling and pain by blocking histamine receptors.
  • Tannins
    Moisten a bag of ordinary black tea in warm water, squeeze, and place on the aching tooth. After 15 minutes, the pain should pass.
  • Cold 
    The ice cube is wrapped in a gauze napkin and applied to a sore tooth or gum. The feeling of numbness will ease the pain.

It should be recognized that these tools are not suitable for everyone, and the reaction to them is individual. They may not work at all or solve a problem for a short time – half an hour, an hour.

Their undoubted advantage is the almost complete absence of contraindications. However, people prone to allergies from some of these recipes should refrain.

  • Gargles
    A practical and straightforward method of pain relief is rinsing the mouth with a little warm decoction or infusions. Differs in the speed of treatment of the entire oral cavity, the anesthetic effect usually lasts for several hours. The method is suitable even for pregnant and lactating mothers.
  1. Abundant rinsing the mouth with a solution of salt or soda at the rate of 1 teaspoon per glass of water, It will disinfect the mouth, relieve swelling, and help alleviate pain.
  2. Broths of sage, plantain, calendula, chamomile have a disinfectant and sedative effect.

Be sure to check the shelf life of herbs, if you are going to use them for making decoctions.

Toothache Medications

The official pharmacy offers the most effective and convenient ways to combat toothache. However, they all have contraindications, so you should use drugs without a doctor’s prescription, especially if the tooth hurts in a child. In any case, carefully read the instructions to the drug.

  • Analgin ‘ Spazmalgon ‘ –
    Inexpensive painkillers used by more than one generation, Help with weak pain, quickly absorbed by the body, can be given to children from six years.
  • Nurofen 
    An active anti-inflammatory agent that relieves pain and swelling. Available for adults and children.

Not applicable for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Baralgin
    Quickly relieves aching toothache, can be given to children.
  • Ketanov
    Powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It will help if a tooth is very sore. Single-use is best, but in extreme cases, you can take another pill. Contraindicated in pregnant, lactating, children, as well as in acute diseases of internal organs.

Drotaverine (no-spa) may be permitted for pregnant and lactating women.

Home Remedies For Toothache Pain And Swelling

Each of us at least once in a life faced with a toothache, She appears suddenly and at the most inopportune moment. Toothache is the cruellest kind of pain for a person.

It interferes with sleep, eating and makes a person irritated, destroying the nervous system to zero, so the person is just ready to pounce on the first and smallest stimulus for himself, although he may not be so.

A toothache should not be tolerated, it is necessary either to go to the dentist or to get rid of the pain, but you know, this is a temporary effect, the teeth should be treated. In this article, I will tell you how you can get rid of a toothache, and offer options checked by my friends and personal me.

There are several options for toothache: caries, damage to the dental-toothed tissues (gums), thin tooth enamel, inflammation of the gums or periosteum, mechanical or chemical effects on the dental nerves. For each person, only a dentist can determine the cause and the exact reason.

So, Let’s Go Over To Tips On How To Remove A Toothache At Home:

  1. The most popular are pain pills: Analgin, Nurofen, ketanov, ibuprofen and aspirin, even spasmalgon helped.
  2. Applying a tampon moistened with valocordin on a sore spot is no less compelling.
  3. You can also rinse your mouth with soda solution (dilute one tablespoon of soda in a glass of warm water, you can add a drop of iodine).
  4. You can also make a garlic-onion swab on the tooth. Take equal amounts of garlic, onion and salt, grind everything well and mix until smooth. Apply this mass on the swab and apply to the tooth.
  5. Massage the ear. It is necessary to massage the ear from the side that hurts the tooth. If the tooth hurts on the right side, then you should massage the right ear. Massage the lobe or the top of the ear with your thumb and middle finger. The massage lasts about 5-10 minutes. Do not be lazy to massage. Slight ear redness is guaranteed but helps.
  6. Hand massage. Massage the arm from the opposite side of the diseased tooth, between the thumb and index finger, in a circular motion. If the tooth hurts on the right side, it is necessary to massage the left hand. The massage lasts about 5-10 minutes
  7. You can also freeze the pain, putting cold fat from the freezer, but the effect is temporary.
  8. Buy “dental drops” at the pharmacy, put a couple of drops on the swab and attach it to the tooth. “Dental drops” can be used even during pregnancy.
  9. Fir oil. Apply to swab and attach to the tooth from all sides.
  10. Also, valid help not less effectively. A tablet of correct must be crushed and mixed with warm water so that we get a mass similar to sour cream, also apply it on a tampon and attach it to the aching tooth.

These tips will help to remove toothache, but these are all temporary measures to get rid of the pain. Doctors have not been cancelled. If you go to the dentist on time, you will not even have to get rid of the pain, keeping your teeth healthy.

You should go to the dentist at least once a year, but generally, it is recommended twice a year. No need to bring yourself to insomnia and nervous breakdown. Love and appreciate yourself.

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