25 Natural Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain Relief Quickly

lower back pain

There are many more than 25 natural ways to relieve back pain. However, this will be a good starting point. How To Cure Back Pain Naturally – The 25 natural ways to ease back pain can be broken down into several categories.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “25 Natural Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain Relief Quickly”

The first is stretching then strengthening and then by drinking and eating. The third area when looking at the 25 natural ways to relieve back pain is to use good posture when sitting and standing.

How To Cure Back Pain Naturally? the 25 natural ways to relieve back pain will involve stretching. To perform this, you will need to hold each position for 5-8 seconds and do not jump or make any swift moves. Do not move past the pain. If you feel pain, you want to stop.

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Stretching Moves:-

  • Sit face down on an exercise ball and move your shoulders send a little.
  • Lay on the ground facing up. Pull one knee up towards your chest and then pull your other leg up to your chest
  • After sitting for some time, stand and place your hands upon your lower back, then push your shoulders back and hips forward.

lower back pain

  • While keeping the over the location, twist the base half of your body to your left and point your knees to the 10 o’clock place, then look them to your right at the 2 o’clock position. Remember to hold each location for 5-8 seconds.
  • When lying on the soil face up, flex your legs at the knees and place your feet flat on the floor. Slowly push up your hip area until you form a link.
  • Make Hindu style squats. It will increase your lower back so that you can deal with everyday rigor.
  • The Reverse Fly. Lean over at about 90 degrees, use a 5- 10-pound weight in each hand, then raise both arms straight out.
  • The Superhero position. Lay face down and pick up your upper torso and legs so that your body styles a bowl and hold the place for a few seconds.
  • Do sit-ups. Sit-ups strengthen your abs but also takes the pressure off of your back muscles.
  • Other arm and leg raise. Get on all fours, extend one of your arms fully and then build the opposite leg and then change to the other arm and leg.

Eating And Drinking To Reduce Back Pain:-

How To Cure Back Pain Naturally-25 Natural Ways To Relieve Back Pain

  • Eat vitamin B-12 rich foods.
  • Avoid extremely a lot of sugar and carbonated drinks.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat foods that are wealthy in magnesium.
  • Increase your calcium levels.

Good Position While Sitting or Standing:-

  • If standing or sitting prop a foot on a step stool.
  • If you are sitting or standing sit with your back pushed to your tummy, and your shoulders forced back.
  • If you sit for a long time use some back support for your lower back.
  • If you have to hold for an extended period keep your chest raised, shoulders pushed back and your body straight to the floor.
  • If you have to sit at a table for a long time, raise your laptop or computer monitor to a higher setting, so you do not have to look down. Be sure to keep your mind level.
  • Walk more. Walking strengthens your back muscles.
  • Ones you sit for huge periods, lean to the right and left. Make sure to keep altering yourself.
  • get sure to move your head around.
  • Bend down to touch your toes.
  • Give yourself a large hug.

25 Natural Home Remedies For Back Pain:-

25 Natural Home Remedies For Back Pain

Back pain is a symptom of various diseases, and at times, a detailed examination is necessary to establish the real cause of suffering. Most often, back pain is associated with impaired functioning of the spinal column.

Also, a cold muscle can give this signal and only in some cases the back hurts due to diseases of the heart, lungs and abdominal organs.

For the correct treatment of back pain, it is necessary to establish the cause of its occurrence. In some cases, medical treatment is required, but traditional medicine and unique exercises that can be done at home can cope with many causes of back pain.

1. Traditional Medicine

Recipe For The Treatment Of Osteochondrosis And Intervertebral Hernia

  • Prepare a plastic wrap, a piece of cotton or linen cloth, and warm wool or a scarf.
  • Mix in a separate bowl one teaspoonful of honey and aloe juice.
  • If you are allergic to honey, then this component can be excluded.
  • In a separate container, mix 100 g of blue clay and three glasses of warm (not higher than 40 ° C) water – the mass should be homogeneous and resemble cream in consistency.
  • In the clay mass, add a mixture of honey and aloe juice and mix everything thoroughly.
  • The resulting composition is applied to the affected area of? the back and wrap with cling film. Put a cotton napkin on the cling film and wrap it in a warm woolen cloth.
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Compress to withstand about an hour and remove. Clean the skin from the remnants of clay with a warm, damp cloth and wrap in a warm material again. Such a compress from earth can be done if necessary, but the best effect is its three-time use throughout the day for 2-3 weeks.

2. Treatment Of Sciatica

Treatment Of Sciatica

  • In a ceramic dish mix 100 gm of green or blue clay with 2-3 glasses of apple vinegar.
  • Heat the resulting mass slightly to 38-40 ° C and apply to the lower back or thoracic spine (i.e., the area of? sciatica).
  • Cover the clay with cling film, cotton cloth and wrap with a warm wool cloth.

Compress to withstand an hour and wash off the remains of the earth with a cloth moistened with warm water, put on warm clothes and wrap the affected area with a scarf. Such procedures must be repeated three times a day for two weeks.

3. Instant Back Pain Relief

A Recipe For Quick Relief Of Back Pain With Incense:

  • Mix 50 g of scent and 50 g of apple cider vinegar.
  • The resulting solution to moisten a piece of wool, attach to the lower back and wrap.
  • A compress can be kept until dry.

This procedure helps to get rid of back pain in three days.

4. Getting Rid Of Back Pain

Getting Rid Of Acute Back Pain With Fresh Root And Horseradish Leaves.

Getting Rid Of Back Pain

  • Chop the root of horseradish in a meat grinder and apply the resulting mass on a piece of cotton cloth.
  • A cloth with horseradish gently attaches to the area of pain.
  • Heat the iron slightly and use it to the fabric with horseradish for 3 minutes.
  • After that, the cloth with a gruel of horseradish root is removed, and horseradish leaves are applied to the back, which can be fixed with wool fabric.
  • The patient may dress and wrap his end with a warm blanket.
  • Wrapping must last at least 15 minutes.

During the next session, you can apply a heated iron for a longer time – 4.5-5 minutes, and extend the wrapping time to half an hour.

Such warming up procedures will help to forget about back pains for a long time, and the effect of them will become noticeable after the first or second procedure.

5. Sciatica Treatment At Home

Freedom From Sciatica With Mustard

Sciatica Treatment At Home - 25 Natural Home Remedies For Back Pain

  • Mix 100 g of mustard powder with 100 g of salt and add to the resulting powder so much purified kerosene to make a gruel.
  • All components are mixed to dissolve and rub the area of pain with the mixture.
  • Rubbing can be carried out until the symptoms of sciatica disappear.
  • In the absence of kerosene, mustard powder and table salt can be used to prepare a solution for a vodka compress.
  • Mix 100 g of mustard powder and 200 g of salt and pour a mixture of 500 ml of vodka.
  • Infuse the resulting solution for 1-2 days.
  • Apply on a piece of cotton cloth and attach to the lower back, wrap and withstand a compress for 2-3 hours.

Treatment can be continued for a long time – about 1-2 months, depending on the severity of symptoms and the frequency of relapses.

6. Mustard Plaster For Back Pain

Treatment Of Back Pain With Mustard Plasters With Honey

Mustard Plaster For Back Pain

  • Lubricate the area of pain in the back with liquid honey and cover with napkins.
  • Wash the mustard plasters in warm water and attach to towels.
  • Wrap your back with a warm woolen cloth.
  • After an hour, remove mustard plasters and wipes, and clean your back skin with a damp, warm cloth.
  • Wrap the patient and put in a warm bed.

The procedure can be performed 1-2 times a day until recovery.

7. How To Cure Back Pain Fast At Home

Treatment Of Acute Back Pain With Snow And Salt

  • For this handy recipe, you must take 2 cups of dry snow and 1 cup of large table salt.
  • Mix the ingredients and put on the back, covered with a cotton napkin.
  • The time of exposure to the site of pain – no more than 5 minutes, This procedure can only be used as a one-time remedy.
  • Further, it is recommended to use other recipes of traditional or traditional medicine for the treatment of the underlying disease.

8. Treatment Of Lower Back Pain

Treatment Of Lower Back Pain With Salt And Sheep Wool

Treatment Of Lower Back Pain

To quickly get rid of acute pain in the back, you will need a piece of fabric or knitted sheep wool (you can take another wool fabric, but sheep is more healing and useful for such treatment).

  • The size of the piece of cloth should completely cover the area of pain.
  • Sew the elastic to the upper and lower edges of the fabric to get a similarity of a belt that you can wear to yourself.
  • The length of the gum should be adjusted so that it does not pinch the body excessively and does not injure the skin.
  • Reduce a large handful of salt in a basin with hot water and place a stitched belt there for one and a half hours.
  • During this time, the fabric will absorb the salt.
  • Belt squeeze and dry.
  • Such a salt belt can be worn and worn regularly.
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Salt practically “pulls out” all the pain, and sheep’s wool creates the necessary heat and a particular electromagnetic field, which helps eliminate the inflammatory process and improves the microcirculation of blood and lymph outflow in the pain zone.

The belt can be worn for several weeks. It is imperceptible under clothes and does not constrain movements. After 1-2 weeks the pain will disappear.

9. Tiger Balm Back Pain

Tiger Balm “Star” And Foil From All Ills Back

Tiger Balm Back Pain

A roll of foil and the popularly favorite star balm or tiger balm will help to get rid of back pain. The area of pain should be massaged with balsam and covered with a piece of foil, which can be fixed with an ordinary gauze bandage.

This foil wrap wraps with a warm cloth and leaves overnight. This procedure can be performed during the day, but then the patient should not go out into the cold air.

10. Dandelion Flower Recipes

Alcohol Tincture Of Dandelions For Back And Joint Pain

 Dandelion Flower Recipes

Pour fresh dandelion flowers into a liter jar and pour 500 ml of vodka. Close the jar with a lid and insist in a dark place for ten days, periodically shaking the jar. Use for rubbing the area of pain in the back or the joints. Such grinding can be carried out 3-4 times a day.

11. Radiculitis Treatment – Myalgia Treatment

Black Radish Compress For The Treatment Of Myalgia And Radiculitis

This healing and burning compress can be used to treat many ailments of the back: myalgia (stiff muscles), intercostal neuralgia (shingles that are caused by inflammation of the intercostal muscles and nerves), stitching and radiculitis.

  • To implement it you need a piece of thick cotton fabric, a grater, black radish, food wrap and a warm cloth for wrapping.
  • Lay the fabric on your back so that it covers the entire area of pain.
  • Grate radish and paste the resulting gruel onto the cloth.
  • Cover the cloth with radish cling film and wrap with a warm towel.
  • Keep this compress you need to feel an intense burning sensation.
  • Then the compress is removed, and the skin of the back is cleared of radish juice with a warm, damp cloth.

The procedure can be repeated two times a day or 1 time, alternating it with other recipes, until complete recovery.

12. Nettle Leaf Recipe For Back Pain

Nettle Leaf Recipe For Back Pain

This rather painful method of treating back problems has been practiced since ancient times by our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. He was appreciated for efficiency and availability – after all, nettle is growing everywhere in the territory of all CIS countries.

For its realization, you will need young shoots of nettle and a glove to protect the skin of the hands from the “bites” of this healing plant.

  • The glove is worn on the arm, and several shots of freshly collected nettle are taken into it.
  • Sore spot shoots shoot 5-6 times before the appearance of several bubbles.
  • After that, the patient can get dressed.
  • When using this tool should take into account the sensitivity of the skin to the nettle, because the excessive formation of bubbles will not benefit.

You can repeat this procedure daily.

13. Cherry Bones From The Ailments Of The Back

Such a home remedy for back pain has been used for many centuries in many countries – it is valued for its availability and effectiveness. To begin with, it is necessary to sew a square bag with sides of about 30 cm from dense fabric. Fill it with dried cherries and sew.

When a backache occurs, the bag is heated in an oven, oven or microwave to 50 ° C and applied to the affected area. As a rule, 2-3 such procedures eliminate the pain.

14. Horseradish And Raw Potatoes For Back Pain

  • To prepare this favorite recipe, you will need potato tubers, horseradish root, and honey.
  • Mix for a compress to make each time fresh.
  • Potatoes and horseradish are grated and mixed in equal proportions.
  • A spoon of honey is added to the resulting mass, and everything is thoroughly mixed until a sticky and viscous mixture is formed.
  • Paste the resulting paste on the areas of pain with a layer that will be equal to the thickness of the finger, and wrap with thin food wrap and a warm cloth.

To withstand the compress need to be patient, because it gives a feeling of severe burning sensation. Sustaining this procedure within an hour is necessary. Then the compress is removed, and the skin is cleaned with a moist warm cloth.

Compresses of potatoes and honey are made daily until the complete disappearance of back pain.

15. Birch Buds Oil From Backaches

Buy birch buds oil can be at the pharmacy. It is used as a rub for an area of back pain that can be applied several times a day. After the procedure, you can attach to the back fresh birch leaves, securing them with a bandage.

Such applications help to “pull the pain out of the back” and further warm the sore area, increasing the healing effect of birch buds oil.

16. How To Cure Back Pain Naturally

  • For the treatment of various closed injuries of the joints and spine, You can buy it today at the pharmacy and prepare a rubbing solution for back pain from this healing powder.
  • In a half-liter of vodka or moonshine pour a bag of pharmacy body age.
  • To enhance the warming effect, add a small pod of bitter red pepper.
  • This tincture should be infused in a dark place for a month.
  • Rub this solution is necessary for the position in which the pain is felt most acutely.
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After rubbing your back must be wrapped with a warm cloth.

Traditional medicine for the treatment for back pain

17. Aspen Buds From Radiculitis

Pour one tablespoon of aspen buds with a glass of boiled water, wrap a container with a solution with a warm towel and leave for an hour. Strain the infusion and take 1 tablespoon 4-5 times a day.

18. Parsley Root Recipes

Parsley root from osteochondrosis

Place 3 teaspoons of chopped dry parsley root into an enamel bowl and pour 500 ml water. Close the container with a lid and boil the broth over low heat. The resulting broth strain and take twice a day and 1 tablespoon.

19. Collecting Herbs From Thoracic Osteochondrosis

Mix in equal proportions of lemon balm leaves and dry crushed orange peel. 1-2 teaspoons of the mixture pour 1 cup boiling water and insist under the lid closed for an hour. In the infusion, add 1 teaspoon of valerian tincture and a teaspoon of honey. Drink this infusion should be 200 ml twice a day for a month.

20. Collecting Herbs From Cervical Osteochondrosis

To prepare this healing collection you need: dry nettle leaves – 100 g, dry burdock leaves – 200 g, waterless oregano grass – 100 g. Mix the herbs and boiling water, close the container with gauze and insist in the shade for 3-4 days. Drink an infusion of 1 tablespoon twice a day.

21. Infusion Of Spring Adonis From Myalgia

Pour a teaspoon of spring adonis with a glass of boiling water. Cover the container with a warm towel and infusion for an hour, strain and drink three times a day in a tablespoon.

22. Exercises For Back Pain Relief

In the event of back pain, it is necessary to stop the exercise that caused them and to take a position in which the pain is least noticeable. It should be remembered that complete immobility is also harmful – stagnation of blood circulation only intensifies the inflammatory process.

To provide the necessary microcirculation of blood in the affected part of the back, you can use simple and effective postures and exercises. The causes of pain in the spine are many, and it is possible to choose the activity or attitude that is necessary for a particular person using careful samples.

You can understand this by assessing the sensations that arise after exercise. If the pain has become weaker – the exercise is suitable.

23. Yoga For Back Pain Relief

Yoga For Back Pain Relief

  1. Lie on your stomach and stretch your arms at your sides.
  2. Has the pain not disappeared? Then you need to put a small pillow under your belly and try to find the least painful position. To do this, you can try to put your hands under your head or turn the body on the left or right thigh.

Then you can proceed to the exercise. In the first 2 days of exercise should be performed three times a day, but not more than 3 times each. The number of exercises can be gradually increased as the pain subsides.

Remember! If one of the exercises causes increased pain – it should be stopped immediately!

24. Exercise number 1

Lie on your back Legs bent at a right angle at the knees, feet on the floor. Bend the lower back, lifting it from the floor, and then press it back into the level. When performing this exercise, you must monitor the immobility of the chest – it should not turn from side to side.

Repeat the exercise three times, gradually increasing the number to 10 times.

25. Exercise number 2

Lie on your back and bend your knees at a right angle (as in the first exercise). Shift your knees from side to side, dropping them as close to the floor as possible (do not achieve discomfort).

Repeat the exercise three times, gradually increasing the number to 10 times.

Back pain preventative measures

  1. Exercises for the development of abdominal muscles.
  2. Exercises for stretching the back muscles.
  3. Tilt the body to the left and right to relax the muscles of the back.
  4. Use special belts for lumbar support.
  5. When standing, try to pull in the stomach and keep your head straight.
  6. When standing, take breaks and spend time in a comfortable sitting position.
  7. When sedentary work, periodically get up (once every 40 minutes) and perform exercises to improve blood circulation in the back muscles.
  8. Do not use shoes with high heels or reduce their wearing to the optimal time (2 hours per day).
  9. When buying a work chair or chair, choose models with an orthopedic back.
  10. When organizing a place to sleep take care of a mattress of medium hardness and comfortable orthopedic pillow.
  11. Do not lift heavy objects.
  12. Stop smoking.
  13. Do not forget about the motor mode: physical education, sports, swimming, walking.
  14. Proper and rational nutrition: limiting salt, eating fresh vegetables and fruits, adequate fluid intake.
  15. Promptly seek medical help and conduct preventive treatment courses.

Familiarization with the recipes and practical tips on physical therapy and preventive measures described in the publication will allow our readers to be fully armed and not only to cope with back pain but to prevent their appearance.


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