3 Physician Says How To Avoid Lower Back Pain

lower back pain- How To Avoid Lower Back Pain

A variety of causes low back pain. Physiotherapy and analgesics are central components of the therapy.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “3 Physician Says How To Avoid Lower Back Pain” 

Modern lower back pain therapy has it all: 30 minutes of individual exercises, then group gymnastics and strength training, 2 to 3 times a week – this is what a treatment program, presented by Professor Martin for Us Orthopedics and Traumatology, looks like.

“The pain of rest and stress, as well as everyday restrictions, decreased significantly over half a year among the participants,” summarizes the therapist from the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld.

Such exercises are an essential part of the so-called multimodal therapy, as it is now used in chronic back pain and recommended according to medical guidelines.

Back pain usually arises from a variety of influences and should, therefore, be treated not only medically, but in particular physiotherapeutic and psychological,” says Dr.

Low Back Pain Is An Expression Of Various Problems

Low Back Pain Is An Expression Of Various Problems - How To Avoid Lower Back Pain

For some time already, the experts agree that low back pain can be an expression of very different problems, ranging from damage to the musculoskeletal system to emotional conflict. In individual cases usually, some of it comes together.

“We assume a biopsychosocial pain mechanism,” says Dr. Hans-Christian Hogrefe, chief physician of the department for conservative orthopedics at the clinic Bad Bergzabern.

As complex as the pain arises, it can be treated with the broad approach of physiotherapy, behavioral adaptation and pain medication, as the physician points out: “About 90 percent of all patients with low back pain are treated so successfully.

Too Many Back Operations

Despite these not entirely new findings make another trend noticeable: The number of back surgeries has more than doubled in the past ten years, as health insurance data show and as now also by medical associations is complaining.

In some spinal diseases, although the increased numbers of surgeries are medically plausible, this does not explain the high total number. “The most common nonspecific back pain is not an indication for surgery at all,” Hogrefe points out.

This diagnosis is made when it presses and pulls in the back of the head, but there is no evidence of spinal injury, acute inflammation, or even a tumor that “requires space” in the return.

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X-ray Examination And Mri Not Always Necessary

X-ray Examination - How To Avoid Lower Back Pain

Even neurological symptoms such as abnormal sensations or paralysis, which could be explained by spinal injuries, it needs to be clarified. “For this, you have to examine the patient well,” says Professor Bernd Kladny, chief physician of the Department of Orthopedics & Traumatology at the specialist clinic Herzogenaurach.

An X-ray or MRI exam, however, is not required for nonspecific pain. The medical guideline even explicitly advises against carrying out a “diagnostic diagnosis” without concrete indications of current and local damage.

The reason: Discovered are often signs of wear on the spine and herniated discs which could indeed explain the pain in the back but have nothing to do with it. Studies have shown that many herniated discs cause no problems, while conversely, bad back pain can occur with a completely intact spine.

Accordingly, a connection between minor pain and the finding of an incident cannot get established which, however, appears to be frequently done and leads to “over-therapy” patients receive treatment usually an operation that they would not have needed.

Common Cause: Tense Back Muscles

Back Muscles - How To Avoid Lower Back Pain

“In most cases, the tense back muscles hurt,” notes Hans-Christian Hogrefe. The different muscle layers form an actuator: The statics and mechanics of the spine change only slightly, for example, because inter-vertebral joints are worn, trying to counteract the musculature.

It can lead to hardening, which hurt and in turn weaken the stability of the communicating system. The extent to which such processes become perceptible as pain also decisively controls the nervous system. Stress and dissatisfaction reduce the filtering power of the brain and spinal cord, increasing the sensitivity to pain.

“Psychological influences often determine whether the pain becomes chronic,” says Hogrefe. If they have not subsided after six to twelve weeks, the pain should be combated “multimodally” – that is, not only with medicines but supported by exercise.

Painkillers Are Only Part Of The Therapy

pills-Painkillers - How To Avoid Lower Back Pain

Medications are important to train without pain,” says Hogrefe. The funds should be used wisely, but not too defensively. Movement therapy is about mobilizing the afflicted and adjusting his musculoskeletal system as painlessly as possible.

‘To do this, the muscles must first be re-perceived and then purposefully strengthened,’ explains Professor Alfuth. This is done through various exercises that need to be continued to prevent new pain.

But the soul benefits too. ‘It frees patients in every way when they experience their mobility again,’ says Alfuth. Also, behavioral therapy is helpful to facilitate the management of pain and habits that harm the back.

Operation Sometimes Makes Sense

Operation - How To Avoid Lower Back Pain


“In spite of such possibilities, operations are still reasonable in some cases,” says Bernd Kladny. Pain that followed the course of nerves or even accompanied by accompanying neurological deficits indicated a pressure injury that could be surgically repaired.

Herniated discs or even a narrowing of the spinal canal can form such obstacles. “Whether you operate it depends on the extent of the resulting outages,” says Kladny. A compelling reason for the operation, however, exists only in extensive paralysis and neurological disorders of the bladder and bowel.

On the one hand, scar tissue can cause new pain. On the other hand, passivity affects pain processing unfavorably in the long term. On the other hand, whoever becomes active can experience being helplessly at the mercy of the pain.

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