11 Remedies For How To Get Rid Of Bunions On Pinky Toe Without Surgery

How To Get Rid Of Bunions Naturally

How to cure bunions without surgery & home remedies to relieve from bunions naturally. but, it is the time you have to do something about that massive bump growing on your base of big toe.

“Doctors May call that bump hallux valgus, but you may know it as a Bunion”

What Is A Bunion?

tailors bunion pictures

Bunion Will grow when the bone at the joint of the bottom of the big toe moves out of place. When having a long-term of abnormal motion or may be pressure on the joint can force the big toe which bends towards the others that cause an often causing pain on the joint.

Bunion on your toe carries much pressure of your weight while walking, so bunions can lead to severe & constant pain on the toe and the joint will become sore and stiff, So that shoes may be too painful to wear.

Are High Heels The Cause Of Bunions?

Bunions often related to families. However, they also can be the result of the style we walk. Or the type of shoes we wear that are not well fitted. Women mainly develop bunions by far more generally than men, especially when they getting older.

pinky toe bunion corrector

People who have flexible joints seem to suffer lesser pain with their bunions. However for those with stiffer bone or arthritis condition usually has high trouble with respect to their bunions or may develop pain earlier.

You can talk to your family doctor if you significantly develop a bunion, and they will refer you to the nearest podiatrist. podiatrist treat or diagnose conditions of the foot, related structures of the leg and ankle of the foot.

We all know that the bunions can be surgically corrected permanently, but here are some natural treatments to reduce Bunion’s Pain & progression suggested by a podiatrist.

Child Bunion SplintWatch Your Feet Since Childhood

Unfortunately, flat-footed is not given due attention, and its presence in young children is considered even the physiological norm. But this approach is correct only about children up to four years. Later, this deficiency can no longer be considered harmless.

Pain in the legs, fatigue, the possible development of deforming arthrosis of the foot joints often lead to reduced working capacity and even disability. Static flatfoot can form in people whose work is associated with prolonged standing, lifting and carrying weights, as well as with a rapid increase in body weight.

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Bunion On The Big Toe – (Traditional Treatment)

The choice of the method of treatment of the bones on the legs depends on the stage of the disease. There are various ways to get rid of bone deformity on the big toe. Follow the below treatments and recommendations for reducing pain and inflammation:

To Decrease The Load On The Affected Joint By Lowering Body Weight

  • Change Uncomfortable High-heeled Shoes
  • Message
  • Therapeutic Exercises Developed For The Treatment Of Flatfoot.
  • Wearing Specialized Shoes And Orthopedic Insoles.

Specific Inserts Between The Fingers

The surgical method of treatment consists of prompt correction of the deviation of the metatarsal bone and thumb. This type of therapy radically solves the problem of pain in the thumb bone and returns the aesthetic appearance of the foot.

But it should be remembered that, as with any operation, there is a high risk of complications. You should wear a unique valgus finger band. If the degree of damage corresponds to the first and second degree, mechanical devices can be used. Some of them are worn all day.

Others are designed to be worn at night. The essence of the method is to fix the thumb and foot, to maintain the correct position. With regular use, the growth of valgus deformity decreases.

Bunions Bandage

The valgus band is designed to reverse the pathological position of the joint to a normal one. The orthosis can be made of soft or hard enough materials and consists of several parts.

Elimination of deformation is achieved by:-

  • Pressure Bandage On Protruding Bone.
  • Finger Leads To The Natural Position.
  • Reducing Stress From The Arch Of The Foot.

For the first weeks of use, the valgus splint should reduce discomfort and pain. Subsequently, the regular arrangement of the curved joint is slowly restored. Thus, to get rid of the defect, the valgus finger band should be worn for many periods and sometimes more than a year. After achieving a visible effect, we must not forget to wear a tire for prevention.

The effectiveness of the valgus band when deforming the big toe of the foot depends on several components. First of all, it is essential to restrict the degree of deformity accurately, and only an orthopedist can do this using special examinations and tests.

Then you need to choose the right tire, it should not cause severe pain and should not irritate the skin of the foot.

Home Remedies For Bunions

essential oils dissolve bunions

1Olive Oil For Bunions

How To Use?

a) Apply some warmed up olive oil and massage the bunion, toes, and foot for around 15 minutes for two times a day.

Dissolving Bunions - By Olive oil

b) Olive oil massage will improve blood circulation to the foot and toes, thus promote synovial fluid to move around the bones.

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c) This fluid movement will lubricate and nourish joints especially to dissolve the excess calcium bunion and to heal it.

2 Essential Oils For Bunions

There are many essential oils for bunions. It contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce swelling and ease the pain.

how to get rid of tailors bunion without surgery

How To Use?

a) Dip a thin cloth into the castor oil and wrap it around your bunions, also cover it with the towel to keep the heat.

b) The heat will promote blood flow to the area to relieve soreness. So, repeat up to 3 times a day until the pain relieved.

3 Epsom Salt For Bunions

Epsom salt is pack with magnesium sulfate that helps to reduce inflammation and minimize Bunion pain.

bump on middle outside of foot

How To Use?

Apply some warmed up olive oil and massage the bunion, toes, and foot for around fifteen minutes two times a day.

Dissolve just half Cup of Epsom salt into a small bathtub with a bucket of hot water and soak your foot for around twenty minutes.

Use this method two times daily, and the salt will start to decalcify the joint and reduce the size of the Bunion.

4 Ice Pack For Pain

Ice pack & direct ice pieces act as natural home remedies for Bunion.

Ice Pack To Get Rid Of Bunions Pain On Toes

How To Use?

a) Place some ice cubes inside a bag and put it directly on the bunion for about 10 min.

b) Repeat the same method several times a day to relieve pain and reduce swelling.

5 Coconut Oil

It is the most essential recommended ingredients to heal bunions.

Coconut Oil to Get Rid Of Bunions

How To Use?

a) Warm up a few amounts of coconut oil and gently massage it on the bunions area until the oil soaks into the skin.

b) Apply this effective method 3 to 4 times a day to get relief from the pain.

You can Watch this video:-

6 Maintain A Healthy Weight

When you keep at a reasonable healthy weight level, this can physically reduce the pressure of your body.

7 Splint for Bunions

plantar fasciitis pinky toeBased on the doctor, you can wear a splint for bunions at night. To hold the toe straight and ease discomfort. Many patients with bunion had found out this works for them and were incredible.

8 Must Wear Well-Fitting Footwear

In this disease, doctors actively recommend constantly wearing soft, loose shoes with low heels and arch supports. However, this advice is not followed. Most women, despite the pain and discomfort, continue to walk in high heels.

More intelligent are regular visitors to the physiotherapy and massage rooms, rubbing incredible ointments and mixtures into the feet. And only a small percentage of those persistent or desperate are decided on the surgical treatment of the deformity of the first toe.

But a timely appeal to the orthopaedic doctor and the conservative treatment started on time – an individual selection of special insoles, massage, physical therapy – can stabilize and even delay the development of the disease.

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If despite all the measures taken, the legs are unbearably sore, the “bone” is growing and has already reached such dimensions that it makes itself felt even in the old trampled shoes. Then there is blank else to do but turn to the help of an orthopaedic surgeon.

How To Use?

a) For women with high heels, be sure to choose low heeled,

bunion taping technique

b) comfortable shoes provide plenty of space for your toes and the fullest part of your foot.” same goes to male or female with shoes, remember to buy well-fitting footwear that is wide in the toes area.

c) Shop at a real store for right shoe measurements instead of buying online.

9 Gel Filled Pad For Bunions

This is one of the best treatment to fix bunions pain on toes.

bunionette pads

How To Use?

a) Protect the bunion with moleskin or gel-filled pad which is available normally in stores

b) These sleeves can give gentle gel pad cushioning and easily best fit underneath socks.

10 Bunion Exercises

Another method is to reduce Bunions naturally with specific exercises for your toes.

bunion exercise at home

Many had tried and found out the bunion exercises treatment had helped a lot of relief and reduce the progress of bunion.

A Spoon Of Tar:-
Of course, the described operation is not shown to all suffering deformations of the first toe. An individual approach is necessary for the diagnosis. In deeply neglected cases, more complex operations are performed, after which more extended rehabilitation is required.

However, the effectiveness of treatment of the “bone” is very high, since the very cause of its “frail” nature is eliminate.

11Is Bunions Surgery Necessary?

Podiatrist recommends bunion patients to take surgery when they have felt pain for at least a year. Bunions can intensify other painful feet problem, for example, hammertoes, bursitis below the little toes pain in the balls of your foot.

It happens when patients come in at an older age, usually, it’s because the bunion is causing other problems.

how to get rid of bunion without surgery

For these patients, the pain is more regular or is creating issues with the 2nd toe, the goal of this surgery is helping to return the big toe into its correct position.

A surgeon will put bones, ligaments tendons, and nerves back into proper order and remove the bunion bump.

Try the most convenient of these home remedies to relieve and reduce your bunions before surgery, unless long-term pain.

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