15 Ways How To Get Rid Of Bursitis

15 Ways How To Get Rid Of Bursitis

How to get rid of bursitis? Bursitis is a critical or constant pain of the synovial joint sycos. Most often bursitis occurs in the shoulder joints, less often – in the knee, elbow, femur and the synovial bag between the heel bone and the Achilles tendon.

Clinical Cause:

  • Sharp
  • Under acute
  • Chronic
  • Recurrent

And the nature of the pathogen – non-specific or specific.

Acute bursitis is manifested by pain, local soreness and restriction of movement.

Chronic bursitis may be a consequence of repetitive acute bursitis or repeated injuries.

In non-infectious acute bursitis, rest, temporary de-importation and large doses of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as indomethacin, ibuprofen or naproxen, are useful. In the process of treatment requires surgery – excision of the joint bag in which fluid is formed.

Treatment Of Bursitis By Home Remedies – How To Get Rid Of Bursitis

15 Ways How To Get Rid Of Bursitis

I) People’s treatment of bursitis. Traditional medicine offers useful recipes for the treatment of bursitis with a golden seal and flaxseed.

Take one art. spoon of crushed moustache golden moustache, pour a glass of water, cover and boil on low heat for 5-7 minutes, infuse for an hour, drain.

Soaked in the resulting broth and slightly pressed gauze napkin to impose on the sore joint, then cover with plastic or wax paper (its area should be larger than the area of the towel), on top to tie a wool handkerchief and leave overnight.

Such a compress is convenient to fix mesh bandage — course 15-20 procedures.
After each procedure, you need to wash the napkin!
During treatment, only the minimum load of the joint is allowed!

II) Preheat the flaxseed, put in a bag and tie to the sore joint. Repeat the procedure for 12-15 days.

1. When bursitis is good to take inside apple cider vinegar with honey (1 tsp per glass of warm water) 1-2 cups a day for a week.

2. A sound effect in the treatment of acute bursitis by folk means give the leaves of kalanchoe. To do this, freeze the estimated number of leaves and daily, during the week, apply to the inflamed joint beaten sheets. The joint is insulated with a wool cloth. As a rule, after a week, the pain goes away.

3. In acute bursitis, the joint is put to rest. It should be observed immobility for ten days, in the following days, overcoming pain, it should be twice a day to bend and bend.

This will help to avoid the complete immobility of the joint. Cold and heat should be applied to the source of inflammation.

4. To prevent the transition of acute bursitis into the chronic stage, after the removal of inflammation, you need to continue treatment with an infusion of burdock root. To do this, prepare the broth from the source of the burdock and make compresses for 20 days.

The food is cooked daily by boiling for 5 minutes a tablespoon of crushed burdock root in half a litre of water. Then 15 minutes insist broth, make a compress, insulate and stand it for two hours.

5. An excellent anti-inflammatory agent will be medicine made from 15g propolis and 100 g of butter. Carefully spread the mixture is taken for a week by a teaspoon an hour before eating.

6. Effectively eliminates bursitis at home with celery tea. A tablespoon of seeds insists in a glass of boiling water for an hour and a half.

7. Strain, drink twice a day for two weeks. In bursitis also need to drink grapefruit juice for 1/2 cup three times a day.

8. When exacerbations bursitis is applied to the joint for 40 minutes of punctured ice or a heating pad with freezing water. This compress is tightly fixed with a bandage dipped in silver water.

To obtain which, you need to insist for three days the silver product of the highest sample in a closed dish in a litre of cold boiled water. Silver has an antiseptic and calming effect on the sore joint.

9. The remedy for bursitis, which is used even outside the house, is prepared from the beaten cabbage leaf. The sheet, slightly let in the juice, applied to the sore joint and insulated somewhat. This compress is done continuously during the week, changing every four hours.

Other vegetables are suitable for homemade compresses — for example, finely chopped or grated potatoes, beets. Vegetable should be alternated until the swelling disappears completely.

10. The sick joint can be applied to the newly torn lilac leaves. You can soak in the ash of the quinoa leaves and, wrapping a damp gauze or bandage, attach to the joint.

11. Removal of the tumour in bursitis is facilitated by compresses from the tincture of propolis on vodka. Ingredients take in a ratio of 1:10 and insist for five days.

12. For the treatment of bursitis, home healers make compresses made from bile, horse chestnut and aloe. Prepare the composition as follows: grind three fruits of chestnut and three sheets of aloe, mix everything with a bottle of pharmacy bile.

500 ml of alcohol is added to the mixture and insisted for ten days. The course of treatment is a week and a half.

13. As a compress on the sore joint can be applied a mixture made from 2 parts honey, 1st part aloe juice and three parts vodka.

14. If bursitis has become chronic, you can try out the old method at home. On the sore joint for 2 weeks, it is necessary to apply a compress, prepared from shavings of household soap, honey and onion porridge.

Take a teaspoon of soap shavings and honey and melt in a water bath, put the mixture on a clean gauze, level and cover it with finely chopped onions. The compress is insulated and left overnight.

15. In bursitis, conifer baths, baths with hay work are shown. A massage with olive, eucalyptus, lavender or Vaseline oil has a beneficial effect on the joint. After the procedure, the joint should be kept warm.

It should also be said that the use of traditional treatments for bursitis should be coordinated with the attending physician.

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