How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies

How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies
How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies

Pain and discomfort at the bottom of the abdomen is a common condition for many women during the menstrual cycle. In a scientific view, this phenomenon is referred to as “oligomenorrhea” (dysmenorrhea). Statistics show that about 70-80% of women suffer from pain during their period. To eliminate all sorts of unpleasant symptoms in the first place, it is necessary to deal with the etymology of pain. Finding out the causes of pain can be understood: it is a common phenomenon inherent in natural processes in a woman’s body or an excuse to immediately see a doctor and how to reduce pain during menstruation, Also read: how to get rid of period pain home remedies.

Causes Of Painful Periods

During menstruation, uterine tissue produces prostaglandin, which causes its contraction. The severity of painful sensations depends on the level of this hormone. Doctors identify two groups of causes of period pain.

  • Primary dysmenorrhea
  • Secondary dysmenorrhea
how to relieve period cramps fast - How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies
How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies

Primary Dysmenorrhea

It is common for women under 35 and adolescents. In primary oligomenorrhea, there are hormonal changes associated with the increase in the amount of prostaglandin.

In simple words, the causes of cramped pain and spasm of blood vessels in hormonal disorders and a state of anxiety, stress. At the same time, it is observed that girls of adolescence experience, particularly severe pain.

  • Symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea.
  • Headache.
  • Stool disorder.

The soreness is of the same intensity throughout the cycle.

In addition to pulling pains at the bottom of the abdomen and in the lumbar area, there may be reactions such as nausea, vomiting, fainting. In the absence of serious problems, unpleasant feelings disappear with age, as well as after childbirth.

Secondary Dysmenorrhea

Women over 35 years of age are exposed. Secondary oligomenorrhea is a sign of inflammatory diseases, pathologies of pelvic organs. It can be linked with the development of fibromatosis nodes, pelvic nitush, endometriosis, fibroids, polyps in the uterus, as well as with the effects of gynecological and strip operations (abdominal adhesions).

Severe pain during menstruation can cause and intrauterine spiral. Bleeding and anxiety, in this case, manifest more intensely. Visiting a gynecologist is the first thing to do in such situations, which will already tell how to remove abdominal pain during menstruation.

Causes Of Painful Periods Not Related To Sexual Problems:

Causes Of Painful Periods - How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies
How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies
  1. Disruption of the balance of the female genital ire, excessive thyroid activity.
  2. Intrauterine spiral.
  3. High threshold of sensitivity to changes in the body. Nervous system instability.
  4. Pain due to abortion or childbirth.
  5. Wrong location of the uterus.
  6. Hereditary predisposition.
  7. Deficiency of magnesium, calcium.
  8. Unbalanced diet.

Women suffering from secondary dysmenorrhea have reduced libido; they feel dissatisfied with sexual life, propensity for depression, depression sometimes can be observed even psychological disorders.

At the same time, the cure for related algomenore diseases contributes to an almost complete cessation of pain during critical days. But with younger and healthier outwardly women, the situation is more complicated.

In this case, you must pass all the recommended examinations. If gynecological problems are not detected, and the pain does not stop, then this is a reason for a more serious approach to clarifying their etymology.

With increased discomfort, heavy bleeding, nausea, migraines, you should immediately consult specialists, pass the recommended tests, undergo ultrasound examination, which will help to figure out how to relieve pain in painful Monthly.

Pain Relief Techniques

Pain Relief Techniques - How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies
How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies

There are many more ways to get rid of pain during your period, giving a tangible effect. They can also be used at home (given the contraindications available). Consider more about each of the categories giving an answer on how to reduce or relieve pain during periods without pills and at home.

Medicines – How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies

This method is proper for those who are committed to traditional, medical technologies in treatment, solving the question – how to relieve pain during the period, if the lower abdomen hurts.

Over-the-counter medicines. In this category – NSAIDs, that is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as an example, ibuprofen. Spasmolytics. These include No-spa, Ketonal, Spasmalgon, Analgin. Sedative. With pain, the cause of which stress, overexcitement of the nervous system can cope with the usual sedative (for example, valerianka).

Before using medication to relieve abdominal pain, you need to consult a doctor or independently study all its aspects on instructions. Another category of medical treatment is oral contraceptives (birth control pills). In this case, the medication is taken strictly on the prescription of a specialist.

In contraceptives, some hormones restore hormonal levels in a woman’s body, and this weakens menstrual pain. Birth control pills are used for daily use. They are available at a price and sold in almost all pharmacies.

Contraceptive methods to eliminate abdominal pain also include contraceptive patches, contraceptive vaginal ring, hormonal injections, intrauterine spiral. You should consult your dr before using these tools to reduce soreness.

Option for those who are interested in home treatments. Alternative ways to relieve menstrual pain without pills include:

1. Heat 

In some cases, the usual heat has an even greater effect than medicines. A heating pad or thermoplastic attached to the lower abdomen (no more than 10-15 minutes) will help relax muscles and eliminate unpleasant symptoms. Sticky patches are very comfortable. They keep warm for a long time.

An alternative option may also be a warm bath, shower, and swimming in the pool. Water will soothe the pain. After water procedures, it is recommended to put on warm things and lie down for a couple of hours.

2. Behavioral Or Figurative Intervention 

Relaxation, positive mood, breathing gymnastics positively affect the emotional state. These techniques help to distract from the pain. This includes the occupation of favorite things: communication on the Internet with friends, computer games, reading books, magazines, watching an exciting movie.

3. Massage 

Light stroking of the abdomen (clockwise) reduce unpleasant sensations, relieve spasms. At the same time, you should lie down and put under the feet of some object, so that they were in an elevated position. Push on the abdomen and lower back is not very much; it will relax the muscles and eliminate the pain.

4. Grass 

Hot tea of leaves of melissa, raspberries, chamomile, cherries, nettles, as well as other warm infusions, will help with painful periods. In the absence of allergies, you can add honey to the broths. To improve your well-being, it is recommended to use as much liquid as possible during critical days.

5. Other techniques 

In this group, ways to relieve period pain are available at home. To reduce unpleasant feelings will help to accept the right position. To do this, you need to lie on your side and curl up, which is to adopt the posture of the embryo.

This condition will slightly relieve the pain and get rid of the discomfort that occurs during the blood flow to the genitals.

Another way to relieve pain is “breathing belly.” The procedure should be done in the following sequence: put on the belly of the book, take a slow breath, while lifting the book lower abdomen. Raising it to a certain height, withstand a pause in this state. Repeat for 2-5 minutes.


food - How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies
How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies
  • A woman’s poor diet often causes pain during critical days. There are several rules when observing which, you can significantly reduce the possibility of unpleasant feelings:
  • Limiting the amount of dairy, flour, and meat products in the diet. Recommended before menstruation and throughout the cycle.
  • More vegetable juices. Green vegetables and berries contain antioxidants that combat various inflammations.
  • Admission in the recommended amount of vitamin and mineral complexes. They should contain vitamins A, E, B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, iron. These drugs are prescribed after the appropriate tests.
  • It is limiting tobacco use, alcoholic beverages. Alcohol-containing beverages can cause fluid retention in the body and bloat. Nicotine leads to the narrowing of blood vessels. It can reduce the intensity of blood flow into the uterus and increase painful spasms.

The day before the period makes an unloading day.

Physical activity (How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies)

Moderate physical activity with pain in the lower back and abdomen will help to relieve unpleasant sensations. There will also be leisurely walks in the air.

A Set Of Exercises To Reduce Soreness During Menstruation:

A Set Of Exercises To Reduce Soreness During Menstruation - How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies
How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies

Original Position: lying on your back. Raise your feet at an angle of about 90 degrees. A few minutes to stay in this position.

Original Position: lying on your stomach. Resting on the floor with your hands, slowly raise the chest, bend as much as possible.

Original Position: lying on your back. Legs bend in your knees. Bend your belly up, resting on your feet. Smoothly fall.

Physical activity leads to the result of endorphins in the body, i.e., natural painkillers. Walking, jogging, gym classes, cycling, swimming – all this set of exercises in one way or another will help with the problem.

Application during the monthly decoctions of herbs, following a diet along with exercise, can give an even more pronounced effect. They have also proven themselves to be painkillers working on pilates and yoga.

benefits of exercise during period - How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies
How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies
exercise help with menstrual cramps - How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies
How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies

A healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent various diseases, which are pains in the lower abdomen during periods.

A few simple recommendations will help to relieve the pain, and in the future and get rid of all the unpleasant symptoms:

  • Rejection of harmful, aggravating habits such as smoking, alcohol, drugs.
  • We are limiting the consumption of spicy and spicy products, coffee.
  • Regular sex. On average, up to 3-4 times a week.
  • Positive emotions, avoidance of stress, and hypothermia.
  • Regular physical activity (dancing, running, yoga, swimming).
  • If a doctor should consult persistent, persistent pain during menstruation.
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