10 Recommendations On How to Increase Fertility

10 Recommendations On How to Increase Fertility
10 Recommendations On How to Increase Fertility

Family planning has entered a new stage – now it is possible to provide your hormones and eggs with such a future that they will not prevent you from having a child in 5-10 years without having problems. We inform you what you need to know about fertility for women of all ages”how to increase fertility”.

The number of women under 34 who find it difficult to conceive or bear a child has doubled in recent years. Therefore, it has become fashionable to plan motherhood, for five or even ten years. Why take the risk? Moreover, there are many centres and specialists who will determine how fertile you are (i.e. able to conceive and endure) and help to prolong your fertile period – it is no longer necessary, as before, to go abroad.

Do An Ovulation Test

Age is the main factor influencing fertility. The optimal conception period for most women is from 23 years to 31 years. Then pregnancy begins to fall by about 3% annually, and ten years before the onset of menopause, conceiving naturally becomes problematic.

It is impossible to calculate the beginning of time X. Still, it is necessary to focus on the number 41, and already at 35 years – to take ovulation under control. You can check whether your body produces an egg in each cycle, you can buy a home ovulation test at the pharmacy (Frautest, Ovuplan, ClearBlue or any other brand).

You need to be tested 3-4 months in a row for five days in the middle of the cycle. A negative result is an occasion for a visit to the doctor and further research.

10 Recommendations On How to Increase Fertility
10 Recommendations On How to Increase Fertility

Freeze The Egg

Cryopreservation of an egg is a rare service so far (storage costs about 230.44 Dollar a year). Still, after 12 years – the shelf life of the frozen egg – everything will pay off. If you decide, contact the clinic where IVF is done. First, you will have to pass standard tests for infections and be examined by a gynaecologist.

The next stage is a two-week course of injections of follicle-stimulating hormones, which begin to be done on the second day of the cycle. Thus, your body will be forced to produce at a time instead of one or two eggs a record dozen.

Not to take more money from you. Just after the thaw, the workers will be only three or four. When the material matures, it will be removed (the procedure is done under general anaesthesia) and canned for a year.

The chance with the clinic, where the eggs are stored, should be renewed annually and done precisely on time – for the sake of the safety of future children.

Put The Weight In Order

Talia is needed not only to attract quality father-producer. Lack, like excess, fat in the body can cause hormonal imbalance. As a result, in too large or too thin girls, the production of eggs by the ovaries is disrupted.

Fortunately, not for good, but only until the weight is back to normal. For its (norm) definition, Belgian sociologist and statistician Adolf Ketlet came up with a BMI – body mass index. To calculate it, you need to divide your weight (in kilograms) into a square of growth (in meters).

It is believed that the BMI of a potential mother should fluctuate between 20 and 25 units. Going beyond that is a risk. Recently, a study was conducted in the Netherlands, which showed that with each group above the 29 marks, fertility falls by 4%.

Get Out Of The Big Sport

Physical activity is useful. But only within reasonable limits. American doctors have set the norm for women who are going to conceive soon – run no more than 10-12 km per week and practice in the gym no more than one hour a day because those who pedal to a stationary bike can lose their menstrual cycle or stop ovulating.

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This is primarily due to the loss of fat tissue – which we tend to strive for. However, fat is also the source and storage of female sex hormones – estrogen. Therefore, if you crash in the cycle, you need to stop training immediately.

Don’t Drink Coffee And Quit Smoking (How to Increase Fertility)

Everyone who smokes knows it’s harmful. But few people know that chemicals that accumulate in the body of smokers disrupt the level of estradiol, the primary estrogen steroid hormone. To delay the onset of menopause and increase fertility by 30%, you just need to quit smoking.

By the way, your feat will reduce the risk of miscarriage in the event of pregnancy. Coffee (as well as products containing caffeine) can not be thrown for good. Simply cut the dose to one cup a day.

Change Your Diet

Recently, the book The Fertility Diet was published in the United States. It presents new data. For example, that sweets, potatoes, white bread and other foods rich in “fast carbohydrates” interfere with ovulation, and “slow carbohydrates” and foods high in iron – on the contrary, help to conceive.

10 Recommendations On How to Increase Fertility
10 Recommendations On How to Increase Fertility

Also, those who sooner about the next plan to become a mother, are recommended to eat more dairy products – with as high fat as possible.

This will increase the level of female hormones estrogen. As for vitamins, pay special attention to folic acid (vitamin B6) – it increases the chances of conceiving. When planning a pregnancy, it is advisable to start taking folic acid and vitamin C (in the first phase of the cycle) and vitamins A and E (in the second).

Pick Up A Contraceptive

Taking oral hormonal contraceptives does not harm fertility. On the contrary, when the tablets are picked up correctly, you can adjust the hormonal background. What you need – to reduce the level of androgens or increase the level of estrogen – will show a blood test for hormones.

It will have to be handed over twice – in both phases of the cycle. After that, the doctor will prescribe a suitable oral contraceptive or, if there is any indication, will advise them to take.

10 Recommendations On How to Increase Fertility
10 Recommendations On How to Increase Fertility

Make An Ultrasound

Keep an eye on your health. Some women’s diseases make themselves felt by pains in the lower abdomen and lower back, menstrual cycle failures. Others, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis, can mask themselves.

Or in general asymptomatic lurk in the body, slowly destroying reproductive health. But if every six months to visit a gynaecologist and do an ultrasound of pelvic organs, any disease can be caught at an early stage.

Don’t Have An Abortion

Abortion itself is not dangerous and does not prevent the possibility of giving birth to a healthy child in the future. Complications after it are critical. This is, first of all, a severe hormonal failure – regardless of whether it will be a medical or mechanical abortion.

In the second case, there is a high probability of injury, which can provoke endometrium – inflammation of the lining of the uterus. How long can I recover from an abortion or use reliable contraceptives? The choice is obvious.

Take Care Of A Man

Theoretically, he can become a father even after 70 years. Still, in half of the cases, it is his fault that he cannot conceive because of the decrease in the number of mobile sperm.

To prevent this from happening, it is enough for him to follow two simple rules – not to squeeze or heat the area of the scrotum. Of course, you are unlikely to be able to persuade a man to give up the car and change the sedentary job in the office to a good hard physical work.

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But he can stop for a long time to keep his laptop on his knees, sleep in a hot tub and sauna, wear tight shorts and ride a bike with an uncomfortable seat. And sex, by the way, someone could do more – 2-3 times a week, To improve the quality of sperm.

It’s All In My Head

The scientific director of the Institute of Perinatal Psychology and Psychology of Reproductive Sphere, Professor Galina Filippova, explained why problems with conception are often related to mental strength & what to do on it.

How Does The Brain Attack Our Ability To Get Pregnant?

Don’t believe it. He plays a vital role! You have to want a baby. I mean, the motivation has to be so strong that your desire to give birth should be accepted inside. Many women are surprised: I want to become a mother so much, I consciously need to But they dont know that inside they can have strong ignorant resistance.

In the left region, all mammals have a part of the brain called the “dominant of motherhood” and is responsible for organizing our childbirth behaviour. And in the right earth, there is another interpretive centre – it is called the “chief of concern.” if for some purpose, he is excited, he can suppress the “ruling of motherhood” and, accordingly, the ability to conceive.

That is, your brain – without your knowledge – sends signals to the body: do not become pregnant, it is now dangerous if this happens for a long time, functional changes in internal organs can begin – ovulation will stop, hormonal balance will be disturbed, etc.

When Does The “Dominant Anxiety” Be Activated?

The cause may be any unresolved problem you are responding to. Your social environment is of paramount importance.

For example, if you have a strained relationship with your mother, your mother or husband, or you are afraid (even subconsciously) that the birth of a child will limit your freedom, the dominant anxiety will be aroused continuously. You will find it difficult to get pregnant.

In my practice, where are often some who have shame just during the ovulation – as on the clock! – and they, accordingly, these days avoid intimacy. Perhaps they unconsciously experience anxiety, do not want a child, although they deny it.

By the way, the dominant concern is in men – it can suppress sperm activity with the same expert as the use of the ovaries in women. I had a patient to whom my mother always said as a child, “Before you, 20 abortions, and you, a jerk, left me to spoil my life now!”

But There Are Women Who “Fly By The Wind.”

They have no suppressed fear of having children or, for example, the hyper responsibility that is essential of multiple strong modern women who have difficulty conceiving. Those who get pregnant “from the wind” for one reason or another are not afraid that the child will prevent them from living.

How Do You Remove These Blocks?

Often fertility occurs when we just let go of the problem, stop straining us & strain the partner. Many women diagnosed with infertility decide to adopt a child and then suddenly become pregnant themselves – sometimes already at the stage of adoption.

This is because they either stop experiencing stress – tormenting themselves and their husband to conceive at all costs – or simply the inner take a phylogenetic position. And then everything works out.

In general, a woman needs to realize her fears and find out: the child will help or interfere with her. Many are afraid that the last will happen, without good reason.

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How Do You Help Women?

With each individual, we study family history – in particular, what image of a mother a woman carries (usually, it is copied from his mother, and if it is negative, it can also prevent getting pregnant). Still, often, we go deeper and look at at least three to four generations of family scenarios.

10 Recommendations On How to Increase Fertility
10 Recommendations On How to Increase Fertility

Of course, we analyze your current life situation – at work, with your man, parents, etc. As a result, we develop your personal “motherhood plan.”

The Price Of The Question

At the Southern California Reproduction Center, one egg freezing cycle costs $7,000. Still, most do several cycles, and then they give you a discount. In Russia, it costs from 150,000 rubles plus storage – from 8000 to 18,000 rubles a year. In USA it costs 2,038.50 dollar plus storage – 244.44 dollar a year.

In Moscow, eggs can be frozen at the Perinatal Medical Center, the Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology. V. I. Kulakova and at the European Medical Center. There is a way out even if your man’s sperm or your eggs are not suitable for some reason – in the same centres, you will be prompted by the contacts of banks of donor material.

It Happens

Ilona, 36: “I got pregnant with a stranger.”
Two months ago, I had a daughter from a man whose name I didn’t even know. Before that, my husband and I tried unsuccessfully to conceive for five years. To be honest, I wanted more of the two children.

We had common interests, mutual friends, at first – good sex. True, he liked the oral history more, but for my sake, he once a week did the marital duty as it should be.

However, over time, the bed turned from pleasure into hard work. My husband got involved in strip clubs, from where he returned, to put it mildly, drunkā€”or pretending to be asleep and snoring loudly on purpose.

At the same time, I did not want to go to the doctor, claiming that I am infertile and there is no need to try. But I’ve been to a lot of doctors, and they’ve said I’m not the problem. One day at a colleague’s birthday party in the bathroom, I had sex with a friend of a friend. As they say, quick.

There was no pleasure. But two weeks later, the test showed I was pregnant. While I was deciding how to tell my husband, a colleague said the guy in the bathroom. That man found me. We started dating. I left my husband without much regret.

Maria, 45: “Without pills, It Would Be Easier.”

When I had a boyfriend (I was 16 years old), I went to a women’s clinic to be prescribed birth control pills. Naturally, secretly from the parents. Soon I got obese. I had to tell my mother, who gave me the first number. But nothing could be fixed. I’m still fat. Worse than that. I couldn’t get pregnant.

Treatment for infertility did not give results. The first three years after the wedding, my husband and I were worried about it. Then they resigned themselves. For 15 years we got used to living together, got dogs and kind of even calmed down.

And four years ago, I got pregnant. It turned out to be an accident. I had a stomach ache, we went to the district clinic and found out that I was in the fifth month.

All this time, I continued menstruation, there was no toxicosis and no deviations from the norm.

Moreover, I smoked and did not deny myself other joys of life. Fortunately, it did not affect my daughter. A year ago, when I was 44, I also gave birth to a son, too naturally. I’m thinking of stopping there for now.

Regards: sarah williams


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