8 Tips For How To Lose Belly Fat In A Week

how to lose belly fat in a week

Do you want to lose belly circumference? So you get your belly fat away: you need abdominal exercises for more muscle, few carbohydrates, and a stable blood sugar levels.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “8 Tips For How To Lose Belly Fat In A Week”

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We’re not talking about the six-pack when it comes to belly-fat programs. We’re talking about a belly that’s unhealthy, where the abdominal muscles are almost gone and are in the way of proper fat burning. Your blood sugar and carbohydrates have a lot to do with it.

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1 Measure Belly Circumference

how to lose belly fat in a week

Hopefully, you are not close to the dangerous belly circumference yet. It is clearly defined: 88 centimeters for women and 102 centimeters for men. From there it gets dangerous. So the belly fat has to go away first.

Do you not know how to measure your waist size? Quite simple: stand in the morning before breakfast. Put a tape measure around the body at the level of the belly button and take measurements. Be honest!

Dangerous Belly Circumference

Even if your belly fat does not make 88 or 102 centimeters belly circumference, but the unhealthy visceral fat accumulates.

It lays under the abdominal muscles around the internal organs, intervenes in the metabolism, drives up the blood sugar level and can promote the development of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. In men, a thick belly additionally presses on erectile ability. It threatens the loss of power – and that’s no fun.

Belly fat away is a health program. According to a study by the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, the abdominal circumference is more important in this context than the BMI. And unlike bacon, which at least still absorbs weak fatty acids, bacon is just unhealthy. So: diet!

Reduce Waist Circumference

If your belly fat is going to go away, you will get helped by a limited amount of food, mostly vegetables, grains, and minimal animal products.

Research by the University of Texas Health Sciences Center and the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy by a group of 7,000 Americans of diverse backgrounds showed that:

Those who paid more attention to a varied diet had burnt the least belly fat. Although they had a variety of diets but eaten only a few healthy foods, many desserts or high-fat meat dishes. This study participant not only failed to burn belly fat, it even increased.

2 Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises - How To Lose Belly Fat At Home

It’s clear that abdominal exercises are essential as part of your belly fat-away program. Our abdominal exercise program consists of two levels: Basic and Power.

How To Reduce Your Belly Fat Effectively:

1) If your stomach is untrained, start with one pass per exercise in the Basic program.
2) Choose the resistors in each case so that you barely manage the specified repetition number and then feel a slight burning sensation in the stressed muscles.
3) Do the abdominal exercises one over the other day, so one day break in between.
4) After four weeks, get into the power program.

Abdominal Exercises Basic Program

With the Basic Abdominal Fat Program, you work with Theraband on some exercises. On the one hand, this gives stability, on the other hand, it increases the intensity.

The abdominal exercises are designed to give you ten repetitions and one pass even as a beginner. Then increase the repetitions after 14 days. After four weeks, you need to be able to switch to the power program.

Abdominal Exercises Power Program

During the first workout, you will do three passes per 10 dynamic reps per useful exercise. Then increase the repetition number to 20 over the following weeks. In exercises with side change: Change without pauses. Only then do you pause for 20 seconds?

Hold the maximum muscle tension at the end point of each movement for 3 seconds. At the last repetition of a passage, at the moment of highest tension, you make small partial moves. Relax for 30 to 40 seconds after each exercise.

3 Belly Fat Away With Magnesium

Belly fat away with magnesium - 8 Tips For how to lose belly fat at home

Our body needs magnesium – around 300 processes and chemical reactions in the human body do not run smoothly without magnesium. Magnesium adjusts heart rate and blood sugar levels, and it can also help with weight loss. Researchers concluded that more magnesium lowers fasting glucose and insulin levels. That can also tumble pounds.

To absorb more magnesium, you should increasingly resort to green leafy vegetables, nuts, and beans. Diet supplements may also be useful – ask your doctor if that applies to you.

4 Hit, Hiit And Functional Training

HIT, HIIT and Functional Training - 8 Tips For how to lose belly fat at home

Many people who want to lose weight rely on pure cardio workouts and kilometer-long jogging tours – the more sweaty, the better. It can be due to the increased calorie consumption initially also the pounds tumble, but soon the body adjusts to our new habits.

Experts consider HIIT, High-Intensity Interval Training, to be the best way to work on long-term body weight. The great thing about it: a lot of variety – because you can combine racing, swimming, and cycling with various full-body workouts.

Also, swimming can get HIT. Belly fat away with freestyle – just in summer a great alternative.

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5 End With Soft Drinks

End with soft drinks - how to lose belly fat at home

Are you addicted to coke and lemonade? Even if you reach for a version without calories, that’s bad for your waist size. Sugar-free showers are at least as harmful in the long term as the calorie bombs. It is due to the sweeteners that replace the sugar.

Nothing beats our bodies – he likes to taste sweet, and that’s what he calls for. People who consume light drinks usually suffer more from cravings. The result: increasing BMI, higher body fat, adieu waist. Get rid of your vices and drink better water and unsweetened teas and now and then a coffee.

6 Strong Legs Against Belly Fat

Strong legs against belly fat - how to lose belly fat at home

Maybe it sounds a little strange – but the fitness of the legs has a lot to do with the stomach. Researchers at Tokushima University in Japan investigated the relationship between abdominal fat and leg muscles. They found that subjects with strong legs had a significantly lower percentage of belly fat than subjects with weak legs.

Study leader Michio Shimabukuro sees the reason that the muscle groups at the legs are unusually large and therefore consume significantly more energy. So the fat is already burned thanks to strong legs before it can turn into visceral abdominal fat.

7 Sleep The Belly Fat Away

A study published in the ‘American Journal of Epidemiology’ came to a frightening conclusion: women who regularly sleep five hours or less are significantly more likely to be overweight and overweight. Another study, which looked at women with only four hours sleep, found that they consumed 300 calories each day better than individuals who rested more.

Sleep the belly fat away - how to lose belly fat at home

Sleep deprivation stimulates the formation of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates the appetite – preferably on fatty foods. Therefore, try to get the recommended 8 to 9 hours of sleep that the body uses to regenerate and repair – keeping you asleep while you sleep.

8 Less Salt – Loss Belly

Less salt - loss belly - how to lose belly fat at home

Have you ever noticed that you feel fat after a particularly salty meal? Excessive salt intake removes water from the blood and stores it in the skin. Whoever overeats salt permanently, therefore, looks slightly swollen. 2.3 grams a day are enough.

Try to cook as much as possible without resorting to finished products. Because they usually contain a lot of sodium. Season with herbs rather than with salt. You will be able to discover a new variety of flavors and will soon not miss the salt.

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