How To Make A Cucumber Face Mask : The 7 Best Recipes

How To Make A Cucumber Face Mask : The 7 Best Recipes

The mask of cucumbers is a great way to return the skin of the face a fresh and healthy look. And if you combine the cucumber base with other components, you can solve many skin problems.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “How To Make A Cucumber Face Mask”

The Secret Of The Effectiveness Of The Cucumber Face Mask

Cucumber has a wide range of skin-friendly ingredients that make this product a real treasure.

  1. Vitamin A is especially useful for dry skin. It can eliminate the feeling of tight skin, peeling, chapping.
  2. Riboflavin is responsible for the proper saturation of the skin with oxygen.
  3. Thiamine rejuvenates the skin, protects it from external influences.
  4. Folic acid eliminates acne and pimples.
  5. Ascorbic acid contributes to the return of elasticity.
  6. Pyridoxine improves metabolic processes in cells.
  7. Due to the content of Pantothenic acid, small wrinkles can be smoothed, and deep wrinkles can be made less visible.
  8. Tocopherol is involved in cell renewal.
  9. Biotin helps damaged tissues recover faster.
  10. Niacin gives the skin a fresh and healthy look.

Cucumber for the face is very useful, masks based on it give an instant effect. After applying them, the skin immediately becomes fresh, smooth and very moist. Also, there are no irritating components in the face cucumber mask so that it can be applied to the area around the eyes without fear.

The Benefits Of Cucumber Masks

cucumber mask benefits


The benefits of cucumber formulations for the face are difficult to overestimate.

  1. Effectively bleaching agent, prepared from cucumbers. If you regularly apply the healing composition, you can solve the problem of freckles and pigmentation. The skin color of the face will become evener.
  2. The cucumber face mask does not cause allergies. This is because the pH of this vegetable is equal to the indicator of the acid-base balance of the skin.
  3. A face mask with a cucumber is an excellent tool to get rid of excessive fat, prevent inflammation and the formation of acne.
  4. If cucumber slices are applied to the eyes and the area around the eyes, then you can get rid of dark circles, small bruises, and bags.
  5. The remedy made from cucumber has no less effective effect on dry skin than expensive cosmetic preparations.
  6. Cucumber for the face is used as a tonic and restoring skin elasticity remedy.

Also, homemade cucumber face mask helps to get rid of enlarged pores, unhealthy complexion, and eyelid skin problems.

Mask Cooking Tips

cucumber for face mask

To get the maximum effect from the use of cucumber composition, it is necessary to follow specific rules.

  • Cucumbers are recommended to use fresh, grown in their garden.
  • The benefits of the prepared product will be noticeable if you use only natural products.
  • Cucumbers need to be pre-cooled.
  • As a rule, after wiping the face with cucumber juice do not wash.
  • To get a face mask with fresh cucumber, you need to grind this vegetable (grate on a fine grater).
  • The mask of cucumber at home is applied to the face for a particular time, then wash with cold water. For the face, you need to have a separate towel.
  • A composition prepared from cucumber should be used immediately, as, over time, the healing properties of this product are lost.
  • Before applying the mask, it is desirable to use a scrub.

You should have an idea of how much to keep the cucumber mask. Recommendations beauticians are:

  1. The mask is applied to the area around the eyes for no more than a quarter of an hour.
  2. Cucumber slices on the whole face are superimposed on 20 minutes.
  3. Cucumber juice does not need to be washed off. It absorbs well.

Whiten Skin

Whiten Skin

Cucumber wonder mask, prepared according to this recipe, can whiten the surface of the face. For its preparation, you will need:

Ingredients Required:-

Natural Honey
Fresh Cucumber
Lemon Juice

How To Use:-

All these ingredients need to take one teaspoon and mix thoroughly (cucumber should be rubbed in advance). Apply bleaching agent to cleansed face and leave for 10 minutes. Due to this composition, pigment spots can be lightened.

You can whiten your face with another mask. For its preparation will require fresh cucumber and lemon. To prepare the composition of cucumber to rub, then squeeze the juice through gauze.

Juice is also squeezed out of a lemon. For the mask, mix two tablespoons of each ingredient. With a cotton swab soaked in a solution, you need to wipe the face gently. The duration of the composition – 15 minutes. You can moisten a small piece of gauze or cotton fabric in the prepared drug and apply it on the face.

Smoothes Wrinkles

Smoothes Wrinkles - How To Make A Cucumber Face Mask

The facial cucumber mask for wrinkles is very simple, but effective. We only need a cucumber. To prepare a healing mask, you must take half a cucumber, rub and cool in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

Cucumber gruel should be applied to the eyelids for a quarter of an hour. Thanks to this tool you can get rid of dark circles and eliminate swelling under the eyes. But the most important thing is that this simple remedy cleans fine wrinkles well.

Mask For Dry And Sensitive Skin

This mask is made from cucumber and sour cream. Sour cream needs to be taken fat and fresh. In a bowl, mix a few tablespoons of fresh cucumber, grated, and a spoon of sour cream. Apply the mask left on the face for 15 minutes. Remaining funds are removed using cotton pads.

Anti-acne Remedy

By cucumber and baking soda, you can prepare a tool that perfectly copes with acne and rashes. Two tablespoons of cucumber gruel should be mixed with a teaspoon of soda. The resulting composition is applied to the face in a circular motion and leave for 15 minutes.

You can try another mask of cucumber and egg white. This composition is most suitable for oily skin. Egg white you need to beat a little and mix with one tablespoon of cucumber gruel. Apply to face for 15 minutes.

Mask With Curd

best yogurt for face mask - How To Make A Cucumber Face Mask

Through this simple composition will be able to get rid of the imperfections of the skin of the face, moisturize and soften it. For this mask, you need to mix one tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese with the same amount of cucumber gruel. Mass evenly apply on face and leave for 10 minutes.

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber Juice

Very useful for the skin of cucumber juice. Everyone knows how to cook it. It is enough to take a fresh cucumber, grind it, squeeze through cheesecloth. The resulting juice can be poured into ice molds and frozen. The easiest way to use cucumber juice is to wipe the face in the morning with frozen cubes.

And you can moisten gauze in cucumber juice and apply to face for 15 minutes. Cucumber juice not only perfectly moisturizes the skin, but also saturates the cells of the epidermis with vitamins and beneficial trace elements that instantly improve the complexion.

Mask With Oatmeal

oatmeal face mask for oily skin

Make such a mask at home is very simple. To do this, you will need grated cucumber, half a glass of crushed oatmeal and the same amount of natural yogurt. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed to a uniform consistency, apply on face for 10 minutes.

After the procedure, face wiping well with cucumber juice. This tool will well moisturize, soften and soothe irritated skin prone to allergies.

Cucumber And Honey

This composition is an excellent means of home cosmetology. It perfectly moisturizes, tones, nourishes, brightens and delicately removes redness of the skin.

Honey must be heated in a water bath or a microwave. Cucumber puree in the amount of 1 tablespoon mixed with one teaspoon of honey. Means to put on the face for 15 minutes. After the mask, it is advisable not to use cosmetics.



The use of cucumber masks is not shown to everyone. Very rarely, but still there is an allergy to cucumbers, so this product cannot be used as part of masks for those who have similar problems. This also applies to those who are allergic to the pollen of this plant.

Refrain from the use of such a cosmetic product should people who have open wounds on the face of cuts. Also, you can not use a mask of cucumber in the period of exacerbation of skin disease.

Cucumber mask for wrinkles – an excellent cosmetic tool, the effect of it can be assessed after the first use. Proper use of homemade masks will give your skin a second life.

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