How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask-11 Best Facial Mask Recipes

How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask
How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask-11 Best Facial Mask Recipes

With each subsequent birthday, women are looking more closely at their reflection, looking for new wrinkles on their faces – everyone wants to stay longer young and beautiful. But you cannot argue with nature – the closer old age is, the thinner the epidermis becomes, losing its elasticity. The skin fades, becomes pigmented and wrinkles.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask-11 Best Facial Mask Recipes”

If you do not care for your appearance, the aging process will begin quickly enough. Extend the youth of their presence can be masked for the face, and among the many recipes are invited to try masks based on neutral henna.

What Is Henna?

Henna is a red-yellow dye obtained from the leaves of the henna shrub. An essential component of henna is the pigment Lawson, which is responsible for the characteristic colour. The colour is obtained by drying the leaves of the plant and crushing them into a powder.

How To Use Henna Face Mask – Briefly About This Tool

How To Use Henna Face Mask
How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask-11 Best Facial Mask Recipes

Henna came to us from the East, where it was popular during the time of the Prophet Mohammed. Not a single area of healing could not do without this tool and even the legends of its use in creating the perfect look of the oriental beauty.

Until now, neutral henna for the face (the use of which is indisputable) is in demand in cosmetology, and all this is due to the mass of the advantages of the product and the absence of adverse effects.

  1. For therapeutic purposes, henna is used to relieve inflammation, eliminate fungal diseases of the skin and as an antibacterial drug.
  2. In cosmetology, neutral henna for the face helps cleanse the skin, whiten and nourish it. This tool does not cause allergic reactions, so you can not be afraid of skin redness, rashes on it and itchy symptoms. Also, it is exclusively natural and environmentally friendly product.
  3. Henna contains a different acid that can bind collagen in tissues, which helps to slow down the aging of the skin.
  4. It is also known about the astringent properties of the plant; therefore, the henna face mask from acne, boils, herpes, and hematomas will help.
  5. You can start to use henna from adolescence when the skin is particularly prone to acne and the formation of black spots. It is enough to mix the powder with tea tree oil to eliminate these problems – the product will dry oily skin, relieve inflammation, and normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands.
  6. The mask from white henna for face will help to discolor freckles if you mix it with boric acid. The same composition will make the skin on the face more matte.

Even if there are no problems on the skin yet, neutral henna should not be ignored, using masks as a tonic.

Preparatory Moment

Preparatory Moment - How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask
How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask-11 Best Facial Mask Recipes

Before applying any mask, the skin must first be prepared by conducting a series of procedures.

  • Hold the face over hot steam for about 15 minutes.
  • Now you need to massage the skin, rubbing soap suds into it.
  • Wash the foam, put a mask on the wet face.

The preliminary stage helps to moisturize the skin, making it more susceptible to the action of the mask. On the steamed face the pores open, and with the help of the foam, it is easier to free them from the accumulated dirt and fat deposits.

Hot steam will accelerate blood circulation, and it stimulates the restoration of the normal function of the sebaceous glands.

Beauty Recipes With Henna

Beauty Recipes With Henna - How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask
How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask-11 Best Facial Mask Recipes

Below a selection of the most popular masks, taking into account skin types and problems that need to be eliminated. But before proceeding with the procedure, you should correctly select the container in which the ingredients will be diluted.

  1. Cleansing and narrowing the pores. Henna, powdered, poured boiling water and insisted 30 minutes. Then it is added to the whipped protein, and the mask is applied to the face. Keep until completely dry and rinse with cold water.
  2. Calming effect. Crumble henna, leaves of mother-and-stepmother, plantain, calendula (all 1 tbsp) and pour boiling water to make a pasty mass. After allowing to stand for half an hour, add starch (1 tbsp.) And jojoba oil (1 tsp.). The mask on the face is recommended to cover with a gauze cloth. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.
  3. Toning composition. On 2 tbsp. Henna needs to take so much hot water to make a creamy mixture. Apply on a face when cool. After the mask, use a nourishing cream.
  4. Lifting rejuvenation. This effect will provide a combination of neutral henna with a few drops of essential oil (sandalwood or rosewood).
  5. Universal cleansing. Henna and white clay in equal amounts are diluted with a hot decoction of chamomile to a mushy state. The henna colorless face mask is washed off first with warm water, then cold, after which the cream is applied.

Masks For Dry Skin

Masks for dry skin - How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask
How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask-11 Best Facial Mask Recipes

Ingredients Required:-

  • Brewed henna
  • Sour cream
  • Vitamin A
  • Water

How To Use:-

Meals will be provided by steeply brewed henna (10 ml per 2 Dec. Liters of water) with the addition of (cooled) sour cream (15 ml) and oily vitamin A (capsule).

Well revitalizes skin olive oil (5 ml), mixed with a steamed powder of neutral henna (1 tbsp).

Masks For Oily Skin

Masks for oily skin - How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask
How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask-11 Best Facial Mask Recipes

Ingredients Required:-

  • Chopped henna
  • Honey
  • Hot water
  • Kefir
  • Yogurt

How To Use:-

This mask is best done at bedtime. Chopped henna (1 tbsp) is mixed with 15 ml of liquid honey and gently applied to the skin.

The leaves of colorless henna (1 tbsp.) Pour hot water and diluted with kefir (50 ml). This mask can be varied using other dairy products – yogurt.

For combination skin, do not add water to the composition – it is enough to dissolve henna with heated kefir.

Masks For Normal Skin

Masks for normal skin - How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask
How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask-11 Best Facial Mask Recipes

Ingredients Required:-

  • Neutral henna
  • Banana
  • Sour cream
  • Yolk

Despite the terminology, healthy skin is far from ideal and also requires cosmetic care.

Here is an excellent composition with the addition of aloe juice to a mushy henna mixture (at the rate of 30 ml per 1 tablespoon of powder).

How To Use:-

This mask is not only nutritious but also smells good. 1.5 tbsp neutral henna take 20 ml of sour cream, 1 yolk and mashed pulp of 1 banana. Mass should be kneaded thoroughly to avoid lumps.

All masks are usually kept on the face for 20-30 minutes (no more) and washed off with warm water unless another option has been specified.

Henna Fixes Problems

There are recipes not only to preserve youth. The henna mask for the face has healing properties so that it can be used to eliminate a lot of unpleasant defects.

Teenage Problems – Solving

Teenage Problems - How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask
How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask-11 Best Facial Mask Recipes

Hormonal imbalance of adolescence is always reflected on the face – acne appears, the pores of oily skin are dotted with black dots of accumulated fat mixed with mud. Henna brewed with boiling water and insisted 15-20 minutes under the lid.

On the face mask is kept until dry. Before removing the composition is recommended to hold a peeling – massage the skin for several minutes.

Wash off the mask with warm, then cold water and apply a nourishing cream. After such a mask is not desirable exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin, so it is better to carry out the procedure before bedtime.

Cosmetic Cleansing

This face mask will help to clear clogged pores quickly. In this case, henna powder (1 tbsp) is mixed with curative clay (1 tsp), the color of which is selected for your skin type.

  • For oily take white or green
  • For dry and very sensitive – red
  • For inflamed – blue

Warm water is added to the composition gradually to form a homogeneous gruel. The mask is kept on the face for 25-30 minutes, then washed off.

Anti-inflammatory Effect

Ingredients Required:-

How To Use:-

Inflammations on the face, as well as acne, are removed by this composition. In a henna gruel diluted with hot water, a few drops of the attracted essential oil (rosemary, tea tree, fir, etc.) are injected. Stand under the lid for 15 minutes, then applied to the face with a thick layer for half an hour.

Pigmentation Facial – Fight Against Pigmentation

Pigmentation Facial - How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask
How To Use DIY Henna Face Mask-11 Best Facial Mask Recipes

Ingredients Required:-

  • Gelatin
  • Hot water
  • Chamomile infusion
  • Cucumber

How To Use:-

With pigment spots, you can cope with a whitening mask, which is prepared on gelatin. 1 tsp soaked in hot water gelatin mixed with 2 tbsp. Plants. You also need to add 10 ml of chamomile infusion and pulp from a small cucumber.

All the masks described are quite useful, but you should make it a rule to buy henna only in pharmacies where the product has been certified.


Henna itself is considered non-allergenic. Pure henna natural hair colour can be an alternative to chemically produced hair dyes. However, consumers should study the name and composition of the product and pay attention to information such as PPD or phenylenediamine.

Preferably choose a domestic branded product. If you want to avoid other chemical residues, you can use products from ecologically controlled cultivation.

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment advises against henna tattoos in holiday countries as a precautionary measure for the above reasons. But also for temporary tattoos or internet goods offered in USA, Germany, you should be careful and check the product carefully (product description, colour, smell, time of use).

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