How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month (29 TIPS IN INTERNET)

lose 10 pounds in a month

If you need tips while losing weight, this is the right place. These simple weight loss tips will help you to get rid of unwanted kilos in the long term.

Whether 3, 10 or even 20 kilograms: losing weight is always very difficult – we women know it all. We want to lose a few kilos at the typical problem areas.

So that we can start the project fully motivated, we cover ourselves with guides and women’s magazines. They often advertise with slimming tips that unfortunately do not work.

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month (29 TIPS) Lose Weight Fast”

They often advise us to strict diets. This is usually pretty pointless. By the time we break the food after 4 days frustrated, the kilos are back on the hips.

Table Of Contents

  1. Slimming Tips
  2. Decrease Properly
  3. Slowly Lose Weight
  4. Eat Balanced And Colorful
  5. Getting Enough Sleep
  6. Start The Day Feeling Fit
  7. Eating Regularly
  8. Drink Water Instead Of Soft Drinks
  9. Legumes Are A Secret Weight Loss Tip
  10. Drink A Lot To Lose Weight
  11. Do Not Use Juice To Lose Weight
  12. Not Eat Much Meat
  13. Eat Healthy Fat
  14. Make The Movie
  15. Tip To Lose Weight
  16. Lot Of Green On Your Menu
  17. Do Not Lead To The Goal
  18. Do Not Snack
  19. Make Sports
  20. Start Slowly
  21. Every Day Stretching Exercises
  22. Decrease Weight By Walking
  23. Strength Training
  24. Endurance Sports
  25. The Secret Weight Loss Tip
  26. A Small Plate Helps To Lose Weight
  27. Distinguish Hunger From Appetite
  28. Never Go Shopping Hungry
  29. Insert A Girlfriend
  30. Let Chips & Chocolate
  31. Finding The Right Way To Lose Weight

You Will Learn In This Post:-

a) Basics you need to know to lose weight

b) The 17 Best Weight Loss Tips on Diet

c) How to properly lose weight with these 6 fitness and exercise tricks

d) Which help 7 psychological tricks while slimming.

e) Also, many diets are very one-sided. It is very common to eat only very few foods. The body gets too little nutrients and vitamins through the partial menu. We feel limp, have no energy.

f) Then only chocolate can lift the mood. The vicious cycle begins, The kilos go up again, We are disappointed angry and demotivated.

g) We just wanted to follow the “ultimate weight loss tips” from the women’s magazine and be slim and slim in 2 weeks.

h) So that does not take to you again, we have collected the best weight loss tips here. Those who really help to get rid of kilos.

While not in 7 days 10 kilograms or another absolutely unrealistic promise. But for those that are sustainable. And help you keep your weight.

At the age of thirty-seven, I was fat, and since the age of thirty-eight, I have never been fat again. That’s the whole idea of effective weight loss – it’s permanent because it’s part of your lifestyle and the way you think about yourself, with pride and a sense of accomplishment. The goal you achieve is your own – you own it.

Slimming Basic Tips

lose 10 pounds in a monthIt may be that you need tips for losing weight. This is normal in the beginning. How can you find your way around the multitude of advice?

a) We’ll give you tips with which you can lose weight in everyday life. Without great renunciation and without horror diet.

b) So much foreshadowing: Who wants to get rid of bacon, who must rethink his diet habits. After all, the overweight was not on our hips overnight.

c) We ate it by taking in more calories than the body actually needs.

d) Then there’s the second component. Many do not like to hear that right now. But: Anyone who is looking for weight loss tips and really wants to be successful must also plan sports in daily routine.

e) And the third point is psychology. There are possibilities with which one can outsmart oneself a little Works fine. Always?

f) So the three big points are nutrition, exercise, and psychology. So if you are looking for tips to lose weight, you will first get nutritional advice, then exercise and sport, and finally a few psychological tricks.

Decrease Properly – That’s How It Works

a) You are currently over-motivated and are just bursting with energy and zest for action? Go down a gear.

b) Both for the sports and nutrition tips for losing weight: Good thing takes time.

c) So we need a long-term change of habits.

d) That’s what the body needs to get used to. Give him time to adjust.

e) So before you start taking weight-loss tips, take a moment to think about a typical day. What’s going well? What not?

f) Losing Weight Tips On Nutrition

Let’s start with our dieting tips. After all, this does not lead to muscle soreness? And is a good start for many in your own healthy weight loss program.

1 Slowly Lose Weight

Yes, you have high goals set and would like to implement all weight loss tips immediately. But go slow! Step by step is the motto!

Slowly Lose Weight - weight loss tips

a) A lot of people who want to lose weight start from one day to the next. They refrain from morning today on sugar, sweets, fast food, and Co.

b) On the other hand, in principle, nothing to object. However, this usually ends in a reasonably blatant sugar deprivation that neither our body nor our psyche pleases.

c) But if you want to succeed in the long term with the change in your diet, you have to go back a gear.

Tip:- Slowly reduce the unhealthy. First, change a meal or a habit, then the second and then the third.

2 Eat Balanced And Colorful

Eat colorfully? What is that weird tip for losing weight?

a) A perfect one! Because when losing weight, it is essential that you eat very versatile. Only then can the body get all the vital nutrients.

weight loss tips

b) You must not eat less than 1200 calories in any case.

c) But you can also save calories with healthy foods.

d) The insider tip is low-calorie foods. These include fruits and vegetables, lean meat, milk or fish.

e) The fact that it does not need to be low in calories and anything but the salad is what our vegetable pans show recipes!

f) Incidentally, many foods can boost your metabolism!

3 Decrease Properly By Getting Enough Sleep

Yes, too little sleep actually makes you fat. The hormone balance gets fatigued when tired.

Decrease Properly By Getting Enough Sleep

Then the body needs more energy to keep it going. So we are more hungry. And stupidly sweet and salty.

Try to sleep for at least 8 hours. Go to bed regularly – at least approximately – the same time. It also makes getting up a lot easier.

4 Start The Day Feeling Fit

Anyone who needs tips for weight loss who really work must see every day as a new opportunity. In other words, a healthy and prosperous day starts in the morning.

Start The Day Feeling Fit

Take time for breakfast. It should consist of a large extent of vegetables and fruits. This is how you supply your body in the morning with vitamins, fiber, and healthy nutrients.

So drop the croissant! To get rid of it, people have to climb the stairs for 60 minutes.
Porridge with lots of fresh fruit is perfect for a healthy start to the day. The oatmeal will last for a long time! Who gives a little quirk to it, loads its protein storage.

5 Decrease Weight By Eating Regularly

Again in a hurry? Here is a quick snack, as well as what to eat and sometime late in the evening food. That’s unhealthy and makes you fat!


a) If you need to lose weight, you should eat regularly. This applies to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

b) The body gets used to it. Metabolism and digestion adapt.

c) Whether three or five meals a day, opinions differ. Important are three larger meals that really fill you up.

6 Drink Water Instead Of Soft Drinks

The important thing now is that you save calories so as not to increase any more. Anyone who follows tips for weight loss so dips soft drinks against water. Soft drinks and limousines are full of calories that you can easily save.

Drink Water Instead Of Soft Drinks To Lose Weight - weight loss tips

In the beginning, this may be hard for you, but once you get over soft drinks, you will not like them anymore. You will not realize how cute they are until then.

And who says now: “I only drink Coke Zero, that is to say, that this has no calories, but it is very unhealthy. Artificial flavors, preservatives, and dyes are not suitable for our body at all.

If normal water is too boring for you, you can spice it up with fruits and herbs. How about a little lemon and orange in the water? Or mint? Especially mint is mega good because it is a natural appetite suppressant.

7 Legumes Are A Secret Weight Loss

Beans, lentils, chickpeas, and Co are just great! If you have too many kilos on your hips, you are guaranteed to eat legumes rarely.

Legumes Are A Secret Weight Loss Tip - weight loss tips

Give them another chance. Legumes are very diverse and can be transformed into many delicious recipes. The advantage is that plants have a high fiber and protein content. They load you up for a long time and provide you with a lot of energy.

8 Drink A Lot To Lose Weight

Let’s get straight to the topic of drinking. If you are looking for tips for weight loss, you can do even more here. And drink a lot.

Drink A Lot To Lose Weight - 30 Best Tips To Loss Weight That Really Work

Especially we women tend to drink too little. Some do not even come to a liter of water throughout the day. Our body needs plenty of fluid to work properly. Water is a metabolism booster and gets the digestion going.

By the way, water is also a good appetite suppressant. Drink enough and additionally at least one glass of still water before each meal & you are not so hungry anymore. That saves calories

9 Do Not Use Juice To Lose Weight

Although they are entirely trendy, our body needs more than just milk for power. Who is looking for weight loss tips and on such cures, should quickly forget that?

Do Not Use Juice To Lose Weight - weight loss tips

According to nutrition experts, you are harming your body if, for a long time, you only eat juice cures and powders that are mixed in the water. They can help you to live healthier lives. But never replace a healthy meal.

Basically, you have to question everything that makes you leaner, healthier and fitter in less than 7 days. This is indeed advertised in many of these detox juice cures. If you make your own detox drinks or slimming shakes, you will save yourself a lot of money.

But you should not refrain from solid food. This harms the body much more than it actually benefits.

10 Do Not Eat So Much Meat

Anyone who needs tips to lose weight should think about their meat consumption a little. Meat often comes with hearty sauces, side dishes or breadcrumbs.

Do Not Eat So Much Meat- weight loss tips

a) These are unnecessary calories that you can easily save yourself.

b) Choose one or two days a week to eat meat. The other days you go veggie. It will also take your cooking skills to a whole new level.

c) You get to know new ingredients and lots of tasty recipes. And your body gets much more nutrients than the Currywurst. Speaking of the subject, do you already know our lentil patties or chickpea patties?

Or how about a delicious quinoa salad in a glass, a low carb zucchini lasagna or a stuffed sweet potato? Does everything sound delicious?

11 Eat Healthy Fat

Fat makes you fat, do not eat that! “He follows tips like this when losing weight, he has already lost.

Eat Healthy Fat

a) Of course, you should reduce unhealthy fats from fast food and co. But there are still healthy fats that should definitely be on your menu.

b) Fat is not just a flavor carrier. It also takes a very long time. And it is still healthy. Provided you bet on the right fat.

c) Avocado or nuts are an excellent example of this. They contain a high proportion of healthy fats. The body needs it for different metabolic processes.

c) So why not pack an avocado in your protein shake or on bread? On the salad, you can sprinkle a mixed mix of nuts, or you nibble nuts as a snack.

12 Make The Movie And Girl’s Evening Healthy

Often girls or movie nights are inevitably associated with unhealthy eating. But why? It really does not have to be.

make the movie and girl's evening healthy

Exchange pretzel sticks and chips for vegetables or fruit sticks. Pepper, cucumber, celery, and carrots taste delicious with a dip of sour cream and herbs! Also highly recommended are vegetable chips especially from carrots and beetroot. yummy

13 Tip To Lose Weight (Do Not Eat More)

Eating out is great. You do not have to cook, do not wash and do not worry. But: You also do not know how healthy the food is. We also eat much more when we go out to eat.

Tip To Lose Weight: Do Not Eat - weight loss tips

a) It’s also difficult because many foods contain unnecessary additives that we do not even know about.

“You Know What The Secret To Weight Loss Is? Don’t Eat Much”

b) That can not mean that you should never see a restaurant from the inside again. But make eating something extraordinary. Do not eat out every day, but only every 14 days or once a month.

14 Pack A Lot Of Green On Your Menu

Green vegetables are healthy! Try to pack greens in your food at least 3 times a day. It contains many healthy nutrients and makes you long satisfied thanks to the high fiber content.

Pack A Lot Of Green On Your Menu - weight loss tips

You can pack it in smoothies, pour it as a salad for slimming or just nibble it raw.

15 Prohibitions Do Not Lead To The Goal

Anyone who has ever tried dieting and weight loss tips know that food is often banned.

a) And then? Then we really want to eat them.

b) You have such an uncanny appetite for chocolate, and it really is not without it? Then grab the dark version. It contains less sugar because of the bitter taste, we cannot eat so much.

c) What we mean by that: an Astringent ban on food only leads to cravings. Not to the goal.

d) If you have to strike already, then do it consciously. Keep your goal in mind.

If you feel like having ice cream, you can just lick a ball instead of a sundae.

16) Do Not Snack

Do Not Snack

You also have to take a break in the office. Often we then automatically reach for the chocolate bar, gummy bears or other. Spend your break healthier!

a) Take a little walk, do stretching exercises in the office or look for another job.

b) Here we are again on the subject: hunger or appetite and habit. Are you starving? Be true to yourself!

Slimming Tips On Sports And Exercise:-

And then there would be a sport too. That does not mean that you have to run a marathon immediately! You can easily incorporate many tips into your everyday life. Every step counts and burns calories!

17 Make Sports A Fixture

If you are looking for tips for weight loss, games will be hard to beat. Even if it’s tough at first, exercise helps you lose calories.

a) With a working day filled up to the top, leisure time is short. What suffers first is a sport. Even if your To Do List has been around for a long time, you have to set a fixed time for Sport.

b) With our “belly legs butt plan” you can train at any time at home.

By the way, this also helps you to pull it out and find no excuses really.

18 Start Slowly With Sports

If you want to stay healthy, you have to move. Our body is not meant for sitting or lying. Even if the sofa calls after a stressful day. Stay firm! ??

Start Slowly With Sports -weight loss tips

a) If you, as a beginner, decide to go to sports 5 times a week, you will probably fail.

b) The initial euphoria gives way to sore muscles.

c) How do you say so beautiful: step by step! This also applies to anyone who is looking for weight loss tips.

d) Instead of running 5 times a week to the gym, your training week may look like Monday – Monday, Tuesday – break, Wednesday – belly, legs butt, Thursday – a long walk, Friday break, Saturday – hiking, cycling or swimming.

19 Start Every Day With Stretching Exercises

Those who actively start the day have already done a lot for their health in the first few minutes after getting up.

Start Every Day With Stretching Exercises - 30 Best Tips To Loss Weight That Really Work

So get up a little before than usual. 15 minutes are enough. Activate bodies by simple stretching exercises or by a small yoga unit in bed.

Excess exercise tends to be counterbalanced by excess hunger, exemplified by the phrase ‘working up an appetite.’ A few people with extraordinary willpower can resist such hunger day after day, but for the vast majority, weight loss through exercise is a flawed option.

20 Decrease Weight By Walking A Lot

Try to make your everyday life more active. There are some simple tips that you can implement immediately.

Decrease Weight By Walking A Lot - weight loss tips

a) The classic: Instead of the elevator, you just take the stairs. No matter whether on the way to the subway, the office or at home – from now on you can avoid the lift.

b) During the lunch break, you go for a little walk every day. Sunshine, fresh air and a slight change of location are good for the mood.

c) You can also get off the subway or bus one stop earlier. That’s not so far. And you have already taken a few more steps!

And who is in a good mood, is a lot more motivated in weight loss tips to really implement.

21 Strength Training Helps To Get Rid Of Kilos

When it comes to sports, everything is better than nothing! And best of all is strength training. You do not have to lift heavy weights. Also with body weight exercises, you can build muscle.

Strength Training Helps To Get Rid Of Kilos

The advantage of muscles is that they consume a lot of energy. Also at rest. Also, strength training stimulates the metabolism.
Who starts with sports, should be based purely on body weight. This is more than enough for the beginning. Later, you can use light weights or dumbbells to train your arms.

And if that’s too little for you, you can do barbell exercises.

22 Endurance Sports Is A Great Weight Loss Tip

The healthiest is always a mix of stamina and strength. That does our body really well.

 Endurance Sports Is A Great Weight Loss Tip - weight loss tips

a) In your first runs at the very beginning may not yet – but that will be better after the time. Promise?

b) Endurance sports make us sweat, release endorphins and make you happy all over.

c) Grab a bike regularly, lace up your running shoes or swim as many lengths as you can.


Psychology can also help us get rid of a few pounds. There are weight loss tips that can easily trick your brain. Anyone looking for suggestions for weight loss is always in good hands in psychology. Because even though we know that we are cheating, it works again and again

23 The Secret Weight Loss Tip: New Sports Clothes

Yes, often you have to treat yourself to something. Sports clothes for example. Anyone who puts on new clothes is much more motivated for fitness.

The Secret Weight Loss Tip: New Sports Clothes - weight loss tips

That’s because the reward center in the brain is activated. We feel happy. Small rewards push your motivation and let you continue to train full of power. Just reward yourself with a new sports bra when you have achieved a goal.

24 A Small Plate Helps To Lose Weight

A typical one is using small plates. While the same food on the dinner plate looks like a mini serving, the small plate is a real main course.

a) Here is the psychology entirely under control. In fact, our brain is so timed that we get full when the plate is full. With the size of the dish we can but a trick.

b) If you want to feel full sooner, give your food on small plates. That looks like a lot, but in fact, it’s not that much.

25 Distinguish Hunger From Appetite

Often we are not hungry at all, just taste. Be it out of boredom or because we have only seen somewhere on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Co a super delicious food photo.

Distinguish Hunger From Appetite - weight loss tips

You have to learn to distinguish these two from each other. Seek distraction. Walk around the block, drink a glass of still water or knit a scarf. Already the supposed hunger is history. And if so, it was not hunger, just appetite.

Also, this tip for losing weight is attributed to psychology. Distraction always works

26 Never Go Shopping Hungry

But you probably already know that anyway: If you shop with an empty stomach, not only buys more but also much unhealthier.

Never Go Shopping Hungry- weight loss tips

Pudding, chocolate, chips, cola and much more will end up in the cart. And when we have it at home, the danger is much higher than we can achieve.

27 Insert A Girlfriend

a) If you are looking for weight loss tips, you should look for a fellow sufferer.

b) For two you can hold better.


c) You can exchange experiences, recipes, and ideas.

d) Maybe you even find a colleague who wants to get rid of a few kilos with you.

28 Let Chips, And Chocolate Go Away

Those who follow magazines crash diets and weight loss tips often get cravings. As if the food was not the slightest evil, the apartment is full of chips, chocolate, and other delicacies.

Chips, Chocolate

a) So if you really want to start the project, you have to get rid of the sweets and snacks first. But do not eat! Take it to the office is always great.

b) The temptation to break a healthy lifestyle is enormous if you have an unhealthy home.

c) If you need to leave the house for ice cream or chocolate extra, you’ll think twice about it.

d) Especially when the cravings come in the middle of the night, and you wear unicorn pajamas.

29 Finding The Right Way To Lose Weight Through The Trigger

a) When will you eat, even though you are not hungry at all? Everyone has different eating triggers. We have to find these.

b) Is it stress, anxiety, anger or boredom?

Finding The Right Way To Lose Weight Through The Trigger - 30 Best Tips To Loss Weight That Really Work

c) Take a near look at yourself and take a few notes. If you are looking for tips for weight loss, you must first know yourself very well.

d) Try to break these eating habits and distract yourself! If you are bored, you should look for a new hobby.

e) Stress-eaters must learn to take breaks and switch off.

Those who are in trouble must learn to let go of anger.


Anyone looking for tips for weight loss has indeed found in this post. Don’t worry, you do not have to follow all the suggestions for losing weight. Choose the right one. But don’t take it easy.


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