Miracle At Christmas: 7 Real Stories


Remember the good old fairy tales in which something good happens at Christmas? Only in life do we usually be skeptical of such stories. The editors of steptoremedies remembered seven real cases that will make you believe that miracles happen!

Two Million In The Lottery – Miracle At Christmas

Miracle At Christmas
Miracle At Christmas
  • Scott Bennett, 48, of New Hampshire, received the most significant gift ever from Santa Claus.
  • A resident of Hillsborough on Christmas Eve won the lottery Two million 100,000 dollars.

Curiously, his family might not have received such a gift at all, if Not a mistake by the salespeople. That day, the man asked to give him two lotteries at the local supermarket – one Megabucks ticket and one Lucky For Life ticket.

The girl made a mistake and gave two megabucks tickets. Bennett found it at home. He was so upset that he didn’t even watch the prank on TV. But his son looked. After the results were announced, 20-year-old Travis called his parents.

They said on TV that the lucky ticket was sold at Hillsborough! Daddy, check it out now!

Bennett was in the seventh heaven with happiness and immediately rushed to hug and kiss the saleswoman. And she, by the way, got 21.5 thousand dollars for selling the ticket that broke the jackpot.


  • A similar gift for Christmas received and an unemployed migrant from Senegal Ngame, winning the Spanish lottery.
  • The 400,000 euro jackpot was a lifeline for Ngama. After all, recently, 35-year-old Ngame was out of work because of problems with documents.
  • I can’t believe it. In the old days, my wife and I didn’t have 5 euros for two. And now he will have his own home,” Ngame cried with joy when he saw the money.

Survived To Fall From The 8th Floor

Sometimes, falling in the street, you break your arms and legs. But a three-year-old boy from Kharkov survived to fall from the eighth floor!

It was Christmas Eve, and the boy’s mother was busy in the kitchen over a festive dinner. & the baby was left to himself and fiddled with the designer when something caught his attention outside the window.

The unthinking man climbed on the window sill and reached for something. The window was ajar, and the child, having lost his balance, the bullet flew down.

Fortunately, the baby landed in a large snowdrift, which softened the fall. What a surprise it was when the fallen child burst into tears. It later emerged that the boy had suffered fractures.

I Couldn’t Have Children – I Gave Birth To Triplets!

Englishwoman Anna Mitchell is more than anything who dreamed of becoming a mother.

But fate did not please her. Her first child died in the third month, and Anna herself was in a hospice, where she died of cancer.

But she decided to survive by all means! And, surprisingly to all, the terrible disease won. But I couldn’t give birth. In the summer of 2010, she lost her second child, and in November of the same year – the third. At the same time, the woman underwent a complicated operation, after which doctors reported that she is unlikely to be able to get pregnant again.

  • The fourth time the woman tried to do IVF. And i lost the baby again. Any other in her place would have given up, but not Anna.
  • The miracle happened on Christmas Day 2012 – a new pregnancy, which this time succeeded.

And not a simple success, but a real miracle. The woman who lost four children successfully gave birth to triplets. Toddlers were born strong and healthy, and this year will meet with their parents their fourth Christmas.

Met Love In Traffic

Standing in the holidays in traffic can not be one hour, but that there is an hour. It turned out that it is easy to do all 9 hours. If you live in New York and it’s Christmas Eve.

In 2011, 34-year-old Suzanne Rob postponed a hike for gifts for the last days and, without buying half, got into a monstrous traffic jam. Frustrated by what was happening, Suzanne had no choice but to accept and turn on the radio Christmas “Jingle Bells.”

And when the woman finally lost count of time, she noticed that a glass of hot cappuccino and a box of takeaway food was knocking on the window of her car.

  • Even more so, Suzanne is overtaken by the fact that a stranger is holding a snack.
  • It turned out that the neighbor on the traffic jam had been watching a long time & decided to please her on Christmas Eve.
  • Two years later, the couple married and celebrated Christmas by the fireplace.

Blossomed Sakura In The Cold

It’s no secret that it’s freezing at Christmas in Berlin. And although this year turned out to be warmer than usual, the columns on thermometers still showed 10.

And for heat-loving cherry blossoms, it is freezing! As you know, in Japan, amazing white flowers bloom in the weather. But in Berlin, they took and bloomed, to the delight of the residents, at Christmas!

These trees did not appear in Germany miraculously. They imprisoned 20 years ago thanks to a television show.

The Puppy Came To Life At His Funeral

Six-year-old twins Kayden and Cheval Woods were visiting their grandparents on Christmas Day with their seven-month-old puppy named Saloon. At one point, the children did not keep track of the fidget, the baby jumped out on the road and, having only managed to squeal, got under the wheels of the car.

  • The eyes of the crumbs did not move; there was no heartbeat.
  • The adults thought the baby was dead. They took the crying children to the house with difficulty and left the baby in the garage to bury them the next morning.
  • What was the surprise of his grandfather when, in the morning, he did not find a puppy in the same place. But someone was squealing under the car. It turned out that Saloon came to life and began to study the garage.
  • The happy family immediately took the baby to the veterinary clinic, and doctors quickly put Shalon on his feet.

Although the bill for the treatment of the dog exceeded 3000 dollars, people do not regret it and call his resurrection the best gift for Christmas.

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