5 Miracle Food That Kills Cancer Cells

miracle food that kills cancer cells

Cancer remains one of the most difficult to treat diseases for which there is no one effective cure. Moreover, in numerous studies devoted to the search for effective remedies for illnesses, several foods are mentioned more than once, which are considered by different researchers to be effective in killing cancer stem cells(miracle food that kills cancer cells).

This is very important because the fact that chemotherapy does not destroy cancer stem cells is considered to be the reason that cancer patients have relapses and metastases. These cells sometimes called “mother cells,” make up only a small fraction of all tumor cells, but they have the ability to repair themselves and resist chemotherapy.

They can also separate and create new colonies of tumors, so their destruction is the key to effective cancer treatment in the long term.

There are no drugs specifically targeted at these cells, but researchers have discovered many natural substances that can fight these cells. Naturalnews. com has listed products that are the best “killers” of cancer cells.

Green tea (Miracle Food That Kills Cancer Cells)

green tea- 5 Miracle Food That Kills Cancer Cells

Green tea has long been used in Chinese medicine to treat many ailments, but only recently have researchers discovered its incredible potential for cancer treatment.

Researchers at Baylor University Medical Center have found that the active ingredient in green tea, EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), kills cancer stem cells and therefore can help in cases where the formation is not chemotherapy resistant. Although EGCG is also present in black tea, its concentration is higher in green tea.

Ginger (Miracle Food That Kills Cancer Cells)

ginger - 5 Miracle Food That Kills Cancer Cells

A preclinical study shows that one of the components of ginger gives 10,000 times greater effectiveness in the fight against stem cells in breast cancer than the popular drug Taxol.

The component, which is known as 6-Shogaol, is released when the ginger root is cooked or dried, and its concentration, which is necessary to kill cancer cells, is not dangerous for healthy cells, unlike traditional drugs used in such cases.

Turmeric (Miracle Food That Kills Cancer Cells)

turmeric- 5 Miracle Food That Kills Cancer Cells

Curcumin, a component of the ancient Indian turmeric spice, can selectively affect stem cancer cells without the risk of affecting the healthy stem cells necessary for tissue regeneration. This substance is effective for breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, and brain cancer.

Grape berries (Miracle Food That Kills Cancer Cells)

grape berries- 5 Miracle Food That Kills Cancer Cells

The substance resveratrol, which is found in the skin and seeds of grape berries, inflicts a “fatal” blow on the stem cells of colon cancer. These are the findings of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania.

They believe that in the future, this discovery will help to learn to prevent colon cancer, which is one of the most common types of cancer today. When resveratrol and extract from grape seed were taken at the same time during the experiment, their effect was extremely powerful, and they did not harm healthy cells.

Other Products That Kill Cancer Stem Cells

Although the above products are some of the most potent anti-cancer natural medicines, there are many others with similar effects. Among them are blueberries, carrots, coffee, grapefruit, mint, cherries, onions, black pepper, and thyme.

The abundance of products that can have a big impact on cancer reminds us how efficiently and safely nature can help deal with the severe ailments of our time. Many doctors are not very well versed in the topic, while others have financial motives to continue to insist on expensive and often dangerous drugs.

For this reason, it makes excellent sense to broaden your horizons and find out what, in addition to medical care, is available to us in the fight against serious diseases.

What Foods Kill Cancer

Fresh vegetables and diet cola will help prevent tumors.

American scientists are pleased with discoveries. A group of researchers from Harvard Medical School found that regular consumption of vegetables and fruits reduces the risk of developing breast cancer. But one apple or a few cucumbers is not enough. To achieve this effect, you need to eat more than five servings of fresh vegetables and fruits per day.

Scientists for four years studied the nutrition of more than 180 thousand women. Researchers found that ladies who consumed more than 5.5 servings of vegetables and fruits daily experienced breast cancer 11% less often than those who ate them less or did not eat them at all.

Experts believe that it is all about fiber, antioxidants, and micronutrients, which are very rich in fruits and vegetables. They support the immune system and reduce the risk of developing breast tumors.

Two weeks ago, scientists from the University of Illinois (USA) identified two more products that reduce the likelihood of cancer. They turned out to be seafood and flax seeds. They contain omega-3 fatty acids. Experts have found that this compound literally “kills” cancer cells, stopping the formation of metastases.

Researchers from the Yale Cancer Center made even more unexpected conclusions. They studied the relationship between food and cancer and found that diet drinks help prevent the risk of recurrence or development of colon cancer in 46% of cases.

The scientific world is in shock! Coca-Cola, which was previously considered a 100% harmful product, can be useful for your health.

A person is adapted to the use of certain foods, depending on the place where he lives. For centuries, the mechanism of metabolism of certain substances has been formed.

In Russia, these are seasonal fruits and vegetables, meat, cereals. To maintain health and prevent the appearance of cancer, you need to eat the usual foods entirely. There are no cancer protection products; this is a marketing ploy.

There is a competent consumption system. However, some products increase the risk of cancer. These are those that underwent prolonged preservation – smoked meats, canned goods. All preservatives have relative carcinogenesis.

Everything that preserves food, that is, destroys the microbes in it, can also affect the body’s cells and microflora. The best way to protect is freezing.

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