What A Woman Feels Depending On The Day Of The Monthly Cycle

What A Woman Feels Depending On The Day Of The Monthly Cycle
What A Woman Feels Depending On The Day Of The Monthly Cycle

Sometimes, when we don’t get to work, we hear colleagues whisper behind: “She’s got critical days.” And often they get to the point. After all, in many ways, our mood and behavior depend on the monthly cycle. And different periods of our inner cycle affect us in different ways. We decided to investigate exactly how to base the average cycle – 28 days. So, we offer you a calendar of women’s well-being with recommendations of the practicing gynecologist Dr sumkum.

Monthly Cycle – Day 1-2: Sex – Stop

Monthly Cycle
What A Woman Feels Depending On The Day Of The Monthly Cycle


In the previous three weeks, your body was preparing for a possible pregnancy, and in the last days before the period was especially active produced progesterone, which is formed in the ovaries and adrenal cortex.

If conception does not occur, the level of this hormone drops – and begins the production of a large number of prostaglandins, substances that cause vascular spasm and help to start menstruation. It, in turn, creates a lot of unpleasant sensations in a woman’s body.

  • There may be severe aching pains at the bottom of the abdomen due to the contraction of the uterus, which pushes out menstrual blood.
  • A large number of prostaglandins affects the tone of the vessels (they narrow), so ladies with low blood pressure and disorders in the cardiovascular system may experience severe headaches. To avoid this, refrain from healthy meat broths, tea, coffee, and chocolate, which enhance the action of prostaglandins.
  • It also affects the tone of the intestines, so many women complain of digestive disorders. To eliminate these symptoms, in addition to diet, will help activated charcoal.


It Is Better To Refrain From Sexual Contact: during orgasm, menstrual blood can be thrown into the abdominal cavity, which will increase the risk of endometriosis.

Women With Painful Periods Should Not Lie On The Sofa All The Time: the tone of the uterus is reduced, pain is increased. If you feel the strength to get out of bed, go for a walk. After walking at least half an hour, you will improve the blood supply to the pelvic organs and relieve the spasm of the uterus.

Monthly Cycle – Day 4-6: Life Is Getting Better

Life Is Getting Better - What A Woman Feels Depending On The Day Of The Monthly Cycle
What A Woman Feels Depending On The Day Of The Monthly Cycle


Menstrual secretions are reduced, although the level of prostaglandin is still quite high, the poet may be bothered by unpleasant feelings. The emotional state is back to normal.


  • If you have a vascular mesh on your feet or varicose veins, during the first phase of the cycle, it is better to give up high-heeled shoes: it can aggravate the vascular conditions and cause headaches.
  • The right time to install an intrauterine spiral: the cervix is still ajar, and there is no need to open it with tools.

Day 7-11: Premium Time


The Body Is Refreshed: nothing bothers a woman; she is calm and balanced. Sexuality is quite high so that orgasm can be exceptionally bright, and desire – quite sharp.


  • This is the safest period for having sex without a condom. Pregnancy is not believed to have occurred yet (provided that the woman has a regular menstrual cycle and has 28 days or more).
  • The ideal time for a preventive visit to the gynecologist, because during this period he will be able to assess your health objectively. It is also good to analyze the hormonal background of the first phase (the “hormonal mirror”) and ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

To restore the level of hemoglobin after blood loss. It is necessary to include in the diet foods rich in iron: beef, apples, buckwheat, pomegranates, veal, liver.

Day 12-14: Equator


During this period, many androgens make a woman playful and passionate. Also, from the 12th to the 16th day, memory is sharpened, endurance, and resistance to stress increases.


  • The perfect time to conceive.
  • Sometimes the pain during ovulation is so intense that the woman confuses them with an attack of appendicitis. If this happens to you, consult your surgeon, and be sure to tell me what your cycle phase is today.
  • On the 12th to 14th day, you can re-analyze the hormonal background.
  • 14-15 days are ideal for “destroying” fat deposits. Boldly arrange unloading days or switch to a diet.

Day 16-28: PMS


Many ladies complain of swelling and soreness of the breasts, sweating. Sometimes you can see a weight gain of 1-1.5 kg. May bother pain in the lower back, bloating, nausea. All this is accompanied by a rapid change of mood, swelling of the face, and legs.

Tips : How To Get Rid Of Period Pain Home Remedies

  • If you are prone to swelling, try to reduce the amount of fluid consumed. And black tea and strong coffee in general exclude.
  • Drink best diuretic teas (birch buds, carcass, crimson or lime). You can eat watermelons, strawberries, apples.
  • On the 20th to the 21st day, it is desirable to take a third analysis to determine the hormonal background (the “hormonal mirror of the second phase”).
  • Avoid spicy, fatty, and fried food: it enhances the action of prostaglandins, which leads to narrowing of blood vessels and provokes severe headaches.
  • Many complain of an unreaperious appetite so that a strict diet will be given especially painfully, and the effectiveness promises to be very low.
  • To reduce the increased nervous excitability will help homeopathy, the regimen of which will tell you your gynecologist (Mulimen, lymphomaosot, Gynecol).
  • To reduce emotional tension will help positive emotions – going to the theater, movies, classes in the pool. Contrast dousing, aromatherapy help well.
menstrual cycle days - What A Woman Feels Depending On The Day Of The Monthly Cycle
What A Woman Feels Depending On The Day Of The Monthly Cycle

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