Best Potato Face Mask For Glowing, Fair, And Smooth Skin

Best Potato Face Mask For Glowing, Fair, And Smooth Skin

Well, who does not like delicious potatoes? Moreover, its tubers are not only nutritious but also healing, not paying attention to the potatoes and home cosmetologists, including it in beauty recipes. On the beneficial properties of vegetables for the skin and how to make it face masks at home, and will be discussed below.

Potatoes In Cosmetology

Potatoes In Cosmetology

To understand what effect the product has on the skin, you should carefully study the composition of tubers. In the potato, indeed, an extensive list of useful substances.

  1. Potatoes are classified as protein foods, but this component of plant origin is much more valuable than those obtained from animals. Amino acids of potato protein in contact with the skin can slow down it is aging.
  2. The main component of tubers – starch makes the skin smooth and silky and also helps get rid of age spots.
  3. To increase the immunity and protect the cells of the epidermis will help such a biologically active substance as selenium.
  4. Potassium helps to remove puffiness from the face and to establish metabolic processes in the cells.
  5. Luther (pigment-containing oxygen) protects the skin from UV exposure.
  6. Vitamin-like compound choline actively smoothes wrinkles and eliminates inflammatory processes in the skin.
  7. A large vitamin complex (group B, C, K) not only provides the cells with proper nutrition but also contributes to the activation of collagen. Warm potato face masks expand skin pores, and the vitamin complex is included in the work of the sebaceous glands.

Main Problems

Main Problems - potato face mask

Masks from potatoes are suitable for any skin type, and in addition to slowing down aging, they help to get rid of other problems on the face.

  • This cosmetic tool will smooth any wrinkles.
  • Starch will help lighten freckles to those who are shy, and also remove any pigment spots.
  • If the skin on the face peels off, and here the mask from potatoes will help to cope.
  • Greasiness, acne, inflammation on oily skin – these problems are treatable with these masks.
  • The tool nourishes dry skin with moisture, giving it a healthy appearance.
  • Fatigue and flabbiness of the skin, like a hand, will remove the mask of potatoes.

You can use the potato composition and for problems with the lips, put a mask on the eyelids. Solve each problem. Their recipes are selected, in which raw or boiled potatoes, juice from it or starch are used.

How To Use Potato Face Mask

potato for face pigmentation

It would show that there could be a simple product such as potatoes. But here, too, negative consequences can be expected if the tubers are chosen incorrectly. Potatoes can overheat. Old tubers, stale in the cellars until the end of spring, sprout and are no longer suitable for food or beauty recipes, as they are saturated with poison.

It is worth harvesting the harvest in the fall in the sun, and the skin on the tubers begins to turn green – this is also a sign of poisonousness. Therefore, these potatoes should not be taken for the preparation of masks or use only the core of the nodule, previously soaked in salt water.

Among Other Recommendations Is The Following:

  • The most effective face mask of raw potatoes, as in this form the product is more aggressive; especially suitable for acne skin care and helps relieve eyelid fatigue.
  • The raw product must be used immediately since it will quickly darken from contact with air.
  • It is better to boil the tubers for a couple, and not in the water – so more useful substances will remain.
  • boiled potatoes are better suited for sensitive skin than raw, but at the same time, mashed potatoes should not be whipped in a blender so that the composition does not turn out too heavy.
  • Do not use copper or aluminum dishes for the preparation of mashed potatoes – ascorbic acid, which is part of the product, is destroyed.

Before applying potato masks, it is recommended to hold the face over the steam so that the pores are maximally open, allowing the active components of the product to penetrate the lower layers of the epidermis.

The mask can be used 2 times a week in courses for 2 months. But if there are wounds on the face, abrasions, it is better to wait until they heal. Do not use masks from potatoes for herpes and rosacea.

Potato Face Mask Recipes

Folk Recipes

As much as home cosmetology exists, it develops so much, acquiring new methods. With starch, our great-great-grandmothers have induced beauty, and for several centuries of folk remedies for caring for the appearance, a sufficient number has gathered. The following is only a millionth part of what you can try to apply to your problem.

Raw Potato Face Mask

Raw Potato Masks

  1. Aging raw potatoes will invigorate aging skin. Mass, without squeezing is distributed between 2 wipes of gauze and put on a face for 20 minutes, then washed off.
  2. If you had a too tiring day or had a sleepless night, you can relieve fatigue from your face with this tool. Chopped raw potato bread 1 tbsp. Milk and add 1 tbsp — wheat flour. The mask is held for 10 minutes, then washed off, and the skin is rubbed with an ice cube wrapped in gauze dipped in lemon juice.
  3. Potato mask for wrinkles may have the following composition: 1 young potato, chopped on a fine grater, and light beer (2 tablespoons). It is recommended to put a gauze cloth moistened in boiled water over the mask.
  4. To work out the sebaceous glands, relieve inflammation from oily skin will help the following recipe. To the grated potato add 1 protein, 15 g of dry milk, 5 ml of lemon juice. All mix well and pour another 32 ml of light beer.

Mashed Potato Face Mask

Mashed Potato Masks

  • Hollywood beauties actively use this mask always to look fresh and young. To a small number of mashed potatoes add 2 tbsp. Oat flakes (ground) and 4 tbsp. Sour cream (or cream). Apply the mask on the face for 20 minutes after the chips swell. Wash off with warm water.
  • This composition is recommended to be used in winter to soften weathered skin. Potato should be boiled in the peel, and then cleaned and turned into puree, which is mixed with sour cream (1 tbsp).
  • Such a mask will be very nutritious. Boiled potatoes are kneaded with a fork and brought to a pasty state, mixing with any vitamin juice (berry, citrus, cucumber). Milk can be used for the same purpose.
  • Refresh the dry skin will help recipe French. 1 tuber is boiled in a uniform and turned into mashed potatoes. 2 small chestnuts grind in a meat grinder. The ingredients are mixed by adding a little olive oil. It turns out very tonic and cleansing effect.

Starch Potato Face Masks

Starch Masks

  1. Milk (2 tablespoons) and cream (50 ml) are mixed with starch (1 tsp) and whipped well. It is enough to hold on the face for 5 minutes to get a whitening effect.
  2. Starch has an excellent effect on acne. 1 tsp The product is mixed with the same amount of glycerin and lemon juice. The mask is applied to problem areas and washed off after 15 minutes.
  3. The tomato mask with starch will rejuvenate and smooth the code on the face. Vegetable grate, add a little potato product and a couple of drops of vegetable oil.

Potato Juice As Face Mask

Using Potato Juice

  • To relieve inflammation from the skin on the face will help fresh potato juice. It must be mixed with buckwheat or oatmeal flour to a thick mushy consistency, which is applied to the face with a thin layer. Rinse off this mask with cold water.
  • From 2 grated potatoes squeeze the juice, mix it with chicken yolk, add a little olive oil and steamed oatmeal. This potato mask is suitable for a person suffering from tight skin.

Each of the compositions described is good to slow down old age and always look fresh. The procedure itself takes a little time, so it will be easy to set aside half an hour before bedtime to get younger in the morning.

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