The True Story Of Christmas

The True Story Of Christmas

What is the origin of the true story of Christmas? The Bible says something about it. The Gospel of Matthew mentions the Magi & the Star of Bethlehem, and the Gospel of Luke refers to the awe-ridden shepherds and the fact that Jesus was born in the barn because all the inn yards were overcrowded.

History Says That Jesus Was Not Actually Born In The Barn Or December 25

What Is The Origin Of The Story Of Christmas?

Over the centuries, the familiar scene of Christ’s birth was embellished and replenished with new legends, and in the end, we got an image of the baby Jesus lying in a manger surrounded by Mary and Joseph’s parents, and shepherds, bulls, donkeys and three Magi watching This.

But even such authority as Pope Benedict XVI, says that the traditional scene of the Nativity nativity scene has little basis. Thus, the animals were probably not there, writes the pontiff in his new book “Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives” (Jesus of Nazareth.

Chronicles of infancy). The tradition of depicting bulls and donkeys comes from early Christian teaching that even animals recognized Jesus as the Son of God.

Benedict is not the only one who questions the accessible version of Christ’s birth. “It is impossible to reduce all stories and descriptions into a single narrative,” says religion historian L. Michael White.

When Was Christ Born?

When Was Christ Born

  • Probably not 2012 years ago on December 25. Matthew attributes the birth of Jesus to the last years of the rule of the king of Judea Herod the Great, who had enjoyed the support of Rome, who died in 4 BC.
  • Benedict writes that Christ was born less than two years before, that is, in the 5th or sixth year BC, the Roman Catholic Church chose December 25 as the date of Christ’s birth in the 4th century to take care of the pagan holiday celebrated in the same year Day.
  • To decide the exact date of Christ’s birth, scientists are trying to determine when the Star of Bethlehem could have risen.

What Is The Star Of Bethlehem?

There are different theories about this. According to Matthew, the Magi saw a bright light in the sky, followed it, and came to the birthplace of Jesus.

What Is The Star Of Bethlehem? - The True Story Of ChristmasSome say it was a new star or explosion of a white dwarf star recorded by Chinese stargazers in 5 BC Others claim it was the planet Jupiter that appears to have drifted across the sky westwards from September 3 years before AD through May next year.

Astronomer John Mosley of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles recently proposed the theory that the Star of Bethlehem was in fact a convergence at one point in Jupiter and Venus, and it happened on June 17, 2 BC.

  • The object in the direction of Jerusalem, if you look out of Persia, he says.
  • “Jesus Christ Superstar” Performance
  • So the Magi were Persians?

The Gospel of Matthew says only that they came from the east, and the Magi there are called “maji” or “Magee.” This word was called the caste of priests of Zoroastrianism – the monotheistic religion of Persia, whose adherents sought instructions and signs in the stars.

  • The idea that there were three of them, and that they were kings, appeared in later texts, where they were called Baltasar, Melchior, and Caspar, kings of Arabia, Persia and India, respectively.
  • Bible scholars say that this element was incorporated into the narrative of the Christmas of Christ to reflect the Christian tradition that all people recognize the divine nature of Christ.
  • Brent Landau, a professor of theology at the University of Oklahoma, has created an 8th-century text purporting to be the story of the birth of Christ.

It tells the story of how twelve religious mystics make a trip to Bethlehem (perhaps from China) to contemplate this event. “There are no other early Christian scriptures that provide an exhaustive explanation of these mysterious people,” Landau said.

Where Was Jesus Born?

Where Was Jesus BornMost scholars agree that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but not in a barn. The Gospel of Luke says that Mary put Jesus in many because there were no beds in the hotel.

  • But the word “hotel” in the King James Bible is a mistranslation of the Greek phrase “free space.” Plus, in those days, families kept animals in the house, not in a separate room for livestock.
  • Therefore, according to the historian R.T. France, Jesus was most likely born “in the main living room of a peasant house, where animals were brought at night.”

Should Inconsistencies Bother Christians? – The True Story Of Christmas

Dad says, no. “The purpose of the apostles was not to give an exhaustive account,” he writes, “but to create a chronicle of what seemed important to the nascent community of believers in the light of the word.”

  • The story of the Christmas of Christ shows the humility of Christ and God’s miracle, which has acquired a human form. Stories about Christ’s life are not scientific and historical chronicles, says Bart D.
  • Ehrman, a professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina, but a sermon, or “good news.” The true meaning of Christ, he notes, is not that “what happened” but “what happens in the lives of those who believe that such stories convey a more important and majestic truth.”

What Did Jesus Look Like?

What Did Jesus Look Like?The Gospel does not say anything specific about Jesus’ nationality, except that he was A Jew. But scientists draw it in a variety of ethnic colors and shades. In 1836, the English historian Godfrey Higgins suggested that Jesus was a dark Indian.

  • Some African-American Christians, including Jesse Jackson, claim that he was black, suggesting as an argument that Mary came from a tribe of African Jews.
  • The earliest images of Christ that have come to us date back to the 3rd century, so we have few historical evidence sprees, although Jesus could hardly be blue-eyed and blond, as his Western tradition draws.
  • The authors of an anthropological study in 2001 concluded that it was likely that Jesus had a little dark skin and dark curly hair. The inaccurate impressions of the West note theologian Charles D.

Hackett, “remind us of our tendency to unjustly usurp it by putting our cultural values at the service.”

The True Story Of Christmas -

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