#3 Best Vegan Blackhead Peel Off Mask Benefits

#3 Best Vegan Blackhead Peel Off Mask Benefits

Do you know what has excited me the most about YouTube in addition to all the Prank videos and the Clickbait lately? The many young women who smeared glue in their videos and then uploaded it as a DIY for copying. Those of you who have missed these videos so far are now thinking, “Huh? What?! Glue in the face? HOW SO?”

Currently, face masks with activated carbon are totally in fashion and the peel-off masks from South Korea and Japan, which are supposed to help against blackheads, are particularly popular.

Vegan Peel Of Face Mask   

You certainly know these nasal stickers from the drugstore. It is a similar principle, but without activated carbon, for example. However, as the Asian masks are not so easy to buy within the EU or the US, DIY instructions can be found everywhere.

Unfortunately, the main component of these DIYs is unfortunately mostly glue. So I sit with my mouth open and completely suspicious in front of my screen and look at how YouTuber * inside smear the entire face with glue and activated carbon and then wondering about the horrible pain they have when removing the mask.

Aside from the ingredients in the various adhesives, great cracks develop in the sensitive facial skin. The small hairs are pulled out. The surface remains irritated back.

But after the ordeal is cheered, because on the withdrawn mask are now as proof of a lot of blackheads, dirt and everything else that was torn from the skin.

I imagine the many young people who are watching this and imitating it at home. Who may not use water-soluble, harmless craft glue, but maybe take the glue that they have only at home. Nobody wants that. Nobody needs that!

What Are The Substances Of Concern In Adhesives?

 Vegan Blackhead Peel Off Mask Benefits

I have looked at some ingredient lists of well-known adhesive brands. For example, in all-purpose adhesives, craft adhesives and wood glue, I found ethanol (alcohol, preservative, solvent, irritating in large quantities), acetone (solution, irritant).

benzisothiazolinone (irritating, may cause allergic reactions), butyl glycol acetate (solvent, an irritant to the skin) and formaldehyde ( Preservative, may cause allergic reactions, carcinogenic).

The adhesive will not sting the facial skin, but it will dry out, irritate and lastingly cause permanent damage. As soon as the glue has dried on the surface, skin damage occurs when peeling off.

A Few Failures In The Diy Preparation

A Few Failures In The Diy Preparation - Vegan Blackhead Peel Off Mask

So I tried a vegan and harmless DIY that in my opinion should not be applied to the entire face but most likely on the nose and chin, just like the well-known pore-strips from the drugstore. About sense or nonsense can be argued at this point.

I do not like the plaster, and I still think it’s too harsh, but at this point, I want to offer an alternative for the people who get along well with such patches and like them. You should think in advance what you would like to do with the mask. Do you have any blackheads on your nose or are they just accumulations of sebum and dandruff?

My DIY odyssey took a whole afternoon because I first had to find out what works best for it and can easily be imitated at home. First, I tried it with Agar and found my idea terrific until the first load of the hot Agar landed on the ground due to my clumsiness and trampled on Kater Shodan.

After several versions of different ratios of water, agar and activated charcoal, I can safely say that this is not an alternative. Although the mask on the face is slightly firm but looks more like black cake and casting cannot be deducted, but only crush.

Funny is that I found afterward on many US blogs instructions with Agar and there were pictures to see how allegedly the mask was peeled off in one piece. No, sir. No way.

If you still want to dare: My best possible mix consisted of half a teaspoon of agar and 50 ml of water, which I heated together in a water bath. It’s better on a cake. Maybe the adhesive power is a bit better if you put a piece of tissue on the brushed nose. But I had no muse for this experiment.

Vegan Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask

I got a flash of thought while I washed my hair with rye flour. In rye flour is very little gluten contained, otherwise on the head a sticky dough would arise.

Therefore, under no circumstances should wheat flour be used. Wheat flour. Delicious. That’s what I’m doing for Seitan. I push away the last thought, and then it comes WHEAT GLUE.

charcoal face mask diy - Vegan Peel Off Mask

Ingredients Required:-

15 Grams Of Wheat Flour
1 Activated Carbon Tablet
125 ml Of Water

How To Use:-

I bring the 125 ml of water to a boil. Since it is such small amounts, I use the kettle and pour the hot water on the 15 grams of wheat flour. With a small fork, I have to stir very thoroughly, so that no lumps arise. That’s precisely what happened to me on the first try, so I had to push the mass through a sieve again. Larger quantities work best in the pot, like a roux.

Once the mass is pretty mushy, the well-crushed charcoal tablet can do so. After it cools down, I apply it to the skin with a brush. The even distribution is necessary because otherwise the mask dries at different speeds and nobody wants to sit and wait for hours.

Removal of the dried mask ruptures the pore contents and any blackheads from the skin. It is an immediate effect, which feels very nice and is directly visible. Nevertheless, I advise you not to use such masks too often so as not to irritate the skin unnecessarily.

What Makes Wheat Flour?

The protein in wheat flour has a skin-tightening and healing effect. Vitamin E, i.e., tocopherol, promotes wound healing, is anti-inflammatory and nourishes the skin. For the mask, however, gluten and starch in the flour are especially crucial because they ensure that everything sticks together and dries firmly.

What Does Charcoal Do In Charcoal Peel Off Mask?

Activated carbon consists in most cases of different plants and woods. Be sure to check before buying! In medicine, it is used to absorb toxins in the digestive tract or the intestine — this feature we use in the mask for the benefit. The activated carbon adsorbs the dirt on our skin.

Alternative: Vegan Activated Charcoal Peel Off Mask Without Tearing And Plucking

I prefer this alternative, and I like to use it. For this, I merely mix activated carbon powder with a little aloe vera gel. If I feel like it, then healing earth or jojoba oil is added. In that regard, you can hardly do anything wrong. With it on the face. Like the whole. Relax for thirty minutes and then remove with water.

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