The Top 10 Best Foods For Hair Growth

what are the best foods for hair growth

There are countless cures, conditioners that should conjure up full, beautiful hair. It is also much more natural – and cheaper: With these ten beauty foods you feed yourself to dream hair!

In Today’s Article, We Will Discuss “The Top 10 Best Foods For Hair Growth”

These Foods Will Make Your Hair Happy

The hair industry is booming and launches new products for beautiful, healthy hair every second. For a long time, we women have tested every new care product, hoping to find THE Elixir for great hair finally.

We have tasted through many shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. Sure, to a certain extent, they also help, but if it goes into depth, namely to hair growth – where the true origin of beautiful hair is – these products do not help.

what are the best foods for hair growth

So we have always searched in the wrong place because the secret of beautiful hair is not inexpensive care products, but the diet! Everyday groceries from the supermarket shelf can make sure that your hair is not only stronger, but also shinier and softer.

And no, do not panic – they should not clap sticky honey, avocado slush or other DIY cures in their hair. It is enough if you only eat the food for beautiful hair.

So with our daily diet, we are now killing two birds with one stone and from now on eat foods that are healthy and at the same time make beautiful hair. Shopping, dining and getting a magnificent mane – that’s it. Sounds easy, it is too. We tell you, which food your hair will profit from!

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The Top 10 Foods For Beautiful Hair

1 Nuts For Healthy Hair

In the office, they are the perfect snack for in between nuts. The nuts not only enhance our performance but are also the ideal beauty food for great, shiny hair. In particular, walnuts and almonds can do wonders: they are not only rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, which promote hair growth and prevent split ends.

Nuts For Healthy Hair - food for hair growth and thickness

They contain a lot of biotin (also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7), which is responsible for building our hair structure. It merely makes sure that our hair does not fall off our heads. Dull, brittle hair and hair loss are therefore also typical symptoms of a biotin deficiency. The two nut variants are therefore the optimal boosters for healthy hair.

2 Apricots Against Split Ends And Hair Breakage

Apricots are not only delicious but also contribute to hair health. The contained vitamin B5 ensures healthy and full hair. It not only defends your hair from breakage and split ends, but also shines with a fuller mane at the same time.

Apricots Against Split Ends And Hair Breakage - vegetarian food for hair growth

Your skin also benefits from apricots: Especially the dried version tightens our skin and causes it to age more slowly. But beware! Too much of the drupe can have a laxative effect on our stomach, leading to abdominal pain and diarrhea.

3 Oatmeal For Shiny Hair

A bit (more) shine for your hair complacent? No problem with an extra dose of oatmeal in the morning. Cereal also contains a lot of biotins, which makes your hair shine.

Oatmeal For Shiny Hair - diet for hair growth female

Zinc is also included in the flakes. What many do not know – if there is a lack of zinc, it can lead to hair loss. Means: Quite often for breakfast to grab the porridge.

4 Salmon For A Healthy Scalp

The salmon contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids that provide our scalp with sufficient moisture. The proteins contained in the healthy fatty fish also provide fast and robust hair and help to prevent your hair from breaking.

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Salmon For A Healthy Scalp - foods for hair loss recovery

You see: salmon includes a real all-round carefree package for your hair. Whether raw, roasted or grilled-also skin and nails will thank you because the miracle fish strengthen even these areas of skin.

5 Improved Hair Texture Thanks To Meat

Now our meat lovers will get their money’s worth: For who would have thought that even meat provides beautiful hair. Due to the high protein content not only hair loss is prevented, but also improves your hair structure. The extra portion of zinc in the meat also has a positive effect on your hair growth.

Improved Hair Texture Thanks To Meat - hair growth foods list

Any meat should not be on the beauty food list. If you have thought of sausages or bacon, we, unfortunately, have to disappoint you -deny only lean variants of meat, such as chicken or turkey breast and beef fillet, score points in our hair.

6 Tofu For Powerful Hair

Anyone who had to fit in at point 5 due to his vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, now comes at his own expense: Tofu is not the only animal-friendly, but also super healthy for our hair. The reason for this is the amino acid lysine, which stimulates and strengthens hair growth.

Tofu For Powerful Hair - foods that strengthen hair

But since tofu pure tastes a bit bland, you can let off steam while seasoning. Ginger, lemongrass or coriander, for example, are ideal for spicing up tofu.

7 Lenses For Radiant-beautiful Hair

The secret weapon of this legume is the trace element zinc. That has a lot on the box and brings shine to our hair. In addition to zinc, lentils are still abundant in numerous vitamins, fiber, magnesium, and protein.

Ingredients that are also true benefactors for their metabolism. Whether in a stew or as a side salad – lentils are super easy to prepare and integrate into your daily diet.

8 Broccoli For Hair Growth

Not only does the green vegetable have a super-low-calorie count, but it’s also on top of the diet when it comes to losing weight – broccoli is also good for our hair.

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Broccoli For Hair Growth

Whether as a soup, fried in a wok or a vegetable casserole: with a daily serving of broccoli you will give your hair an effective beauty treatment. In addition to iron and vitamin C, the vegetables contain plenty of folic acids and this is responsible for tissue renewal. Simply put, it makes your hair grow.

9 Eggs For More Hair

The fitness freaks among you know that eggs are the perfect muscle food. But our beauty queens can also benefit from the protein supplier. What many do not know: an essential part of our hair is the fiber protein keratin and to grow it requires a lot of proteins. And they are in eggs.

eating eggs for hair growth

Added to this is the beauty vitamin biotin, which also contributes to healthy hair by actively supporting our hair growth. Processed as an omelet, fried egg or cooked merely – there are no limits to the variations.

10 Sweet Potato Against Dandruff

The sweet sister of the well-known Erdapfels scores not only regarding taste but also has a positive effect on our hair. The vegetables contain beta carotene, an antioxidant pro-vitamin, which is especially beneficial for our scalp.

Sweet Potato Against Dandruff - what are the best foods for hair growth

This miracle remedy prevents the formation of dandruff and additionally ensures that our mowing does not look brittle or dry. But the sweet potato is not only incredibly healthy but also convertible: Whether processed as fries, baked potato or soup.


Extremely healthy, delicious and at the same time conjures beautiful hair – what more does a woman want ?! But not only your hair is supplied by the culinary multi-talents with essential nutrients, but equal to your whole body.

But beware! The foods do not replace a wash. In case of doubt, no egg or a handful of nuts will come close to the scent of fresh morning flowers in your hair. So you have to continue washing!


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