What To Do When Constipated On The Toilet: Natural Remedies 

What To Do When Constipated On The Toilet: Natural Remedies 

What to do when constipated on the toilet: our useful tips to alleviate the hassles. The tips to facilitate the intestinal transit of food in a natural way avoiding swelling and constipation problems without resorting to drugs and invasive and annoying systems.

Constipation and the feeling of bloating and abdominal tension afflict a good part of the population. A settled lifestyle, stress and poor eating habits can cause these disorders or sharpen them. The intestine becomes “lazy” and must be stimulated to resume its normal motility.

Usually, invasive and annoying systems or real medicines are used. Here is some remedy to use before relying on drugs.

How To Fight The Constitution – What To Do When Constipated

How To Fight The Constitution - What To Do When Constipated On The Toilet

One of the first tips to fight constipation is never to ignore the urge to go to the toilet. Many times we find ourselves outside the home or in situations where we can not go to the bathroom.

In those cases, we are ignoring our body, and the feces harden more and more in the tract of the colon dehydrating. Swelling and abdominal tension begin to be felt, and when we want to try to sit on the toilet in the bathroom, we can no longer “free ourselves.”

Here Are The Natural Remedies For Constipation

natural remedies for constipation

  1. Water and bicarbonate: drinking a glass of warm water with bicarbonate as soon as you wake up seems to be one of the primary treatments of the grandmother against constipation.
  2. Coffee: hot coffee stimulates intestinal motility thanks to the action of caffeine.
  3. Fibers: a high-fiber diet helps regulate the intestine
  4. Whole grains: refined cereals block intestinal motility, it should be avoided in favor of whole grains such as rice, bread, and pasta made with unmilled and treated flours that increase the amount of water present in feces.
  5. Apple and pear juice: apple and pear juice, taken daily, helps the intestine to free itself thanks to the cleansing of these fruits inside the colon.
  6. Plums and Raisins: eating prunes and raisins, rich in organic acids, osmotic and oxyphenolic (natural laxative) sugars helps to improve the discomfort. However, eye not to exaggerate because they cause flatulence.
  7. Sesame and pumpkin seeds: the seeds are oily and contain vitamins and salts useful for fighting constipation. Here too, one should not exaggerate in taking. Just a couple of tablespoons a day.
  8. Oil and water: drink a lot of water and take 3/4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to help the stools remain soft even in the case of a long intestinal transit favoring natural evacuation.
  9. Physical activity: keeping fit through sport promotes intestinal motility. A sedentary lifestyle, stress, and medication can block the natural function of the colon and intestines.

How To Relieve Constipation On The Toilet

How To Relieve Constipation On The Toilet

Constipation is just some of the names that associated with the lack of spontaneous stimulation to evacuate or the great difficulty in doing so. In any case, it is important to underline that constipation is a symptom and not a disease and that it is, therefore, necessary to evaluate the many causes that can bring it.

Generally, this symptom is due to high absorption of water from the colon or abnormal contractions of the muscle groups that make defecation difficult. To promote the transit of feces in the colon, it is necessary first to drink a lot of water. It may seem trivial, but we often forget that we should drink at least two liters of water a day, and not just for this reason.

Dehydration, especially in the summer, is very common because we forget that alcoholic or caffeine-based beverages tend to increase this problem.

In addition to water consumption and body hydration, it is important to monitor our diet, which often also becomes the most effective and quick remedy. Fiber consumption is often overlooked, but the use of high-fiber foods should never be lacking in a balanced diet.

That especially when we are in a period of constipation, we should avoid complex sugars, red meat, fried foods and increase the intake of fruit and vegetables, preferably with the peel that contains the majority of the fibers in vegetables. Courgettes, carrots, legumes, citrus fruits, bran, and cereals can be an effective natural remedy before resorting to other artificial treatments.

what to eat when constipated and bloated

The use of laxatives is only necessary when you have already taken steps to change your eating habits, and just after talking to your doctor or pharmacist. The abuse of these medicines can cause an addiction that will force you to increase the dose, so it is advisable only in extreme cases.

Also, other natural remedies can be beneficial such as sodium bicarbonate and dark molasses.

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