Why Does My Stomach Hurt During My Period?

Why Does My Stomach Hurt During My Period?

I just inform you “Why Does My Stomach Hurt During My Period” The woman feels moderate pain during her period for several reasons not related to serious health problems.

The soft muscles of the uterus contract to get rid of old endometrial cells. This process can be very painful for women who have increased sensitivity in the abdomen.
The cause of painful periods can also be the position of the uterus. If it is slightly deflected back, it hurts the nerve endings, which causes pain during menstruation.

  • Hormonal imbalance (anti-estrogen and progesterone) that occurs during menstruation can also create a painful effect.
  • A healthy woman will not have too much pain during her period. Also, such pain scars are easily treatable by painkillers.
  • It’s also essential to know that pain should not last uninterrupted throughout menstruation and is accompanied by heavy bleeding.

What To Do If Your Stomach Hurts During Your Period (Why Does My Stomach Hurt During My Period?)

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Why Does My Stomach Hurt During My Period?

To get rid of abdominal pain during your period, you can take spasms and analgesics. Now there are a large number of drugs that can quickly relieve pain. However, do not overuse pain pills, because moderate pain during periods – this is normal.

To prevent painful periods in the future, you need to adhere to the standard rules of a healthy lifestyle: sleep at least 8 hours, eat right, spend your free time outdoors more often, minimizing stress and engage in moderate physical activity. In this case, the period will not be very painful.

If you have a stomach ache and no painkillers at your fingertips, use such useful life hacks.

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Why Does My Stomach Hurt During My Period?

Put a heating pad or a bottle of warm water on the bottom of your stomach. It will help relax the abdominal mice and reduce the intensity of uterine contraction. Massage can also relieve your suffering. Massage the abdomen clockwise until the pain subsides.

During periods, the body often swells, so you need to drink enough water. If you use herbal teas, you can achieve and reduce the intensity of pain. Choose mint or chamomile tea.

Aromatherapy can also relieve you of pain during your period. Rub twice a day into the lower back and underbelly mixture of St. John’s wort oils (50 milliliters), marjoram (5-7 drops), millennial (5-7 drops) and muscat sage (4-6 drops).

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Why Does My Stomach Hurt During My Period?

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To reduce pain, you can lie down in a pose that will relax the abdominal muscles. Rest curled up, and the pain will gradually come to naught.

Scientists have long abandoned the idea that exercising during periods is terrible for a woman. Moderate physical activity, on the contrary, will help to fight pain. However, it is always worth considering the individual characteristics of the body.

If during your period, you feel terrible, and the pain is impossible to tolerate – then this state of affairs can indicate health problems.

What Health Problems Can Indicate Acute Pain During Periods

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Why Does My Stomach Hurt During My Period?

Inflammatory diseases during the period can manifest not only pain but also fever and nausea. There may also be lingering pains at the bottom of the abdomen after menstruation.

Cysts, tumors, and fibroids can manifest themselves during menstruation with thick and abundant secretions with inflections of another color, acute pain and difficulty urinating.

A disease such as endometriosis can also be felt during periods: abundant discharge, fever, pain a week before menstruation. Endometriosis is also characterized by pain during vaginal sex.

  • Hyperthyroidism is characterized by prolonged periods and pain.
  • If you experience the following symptoms during your period:
  • There are abundant discharges. You need to change the pad every few hours.
  • Severe pain does not stop 2-3 days.
  • The menstrual cycle has been broken.
  • If standard painkillers (ibuprofen, spasmalgon, but-spa) can not cope with the pain.
  • The number of allocations has changed dramatically.

Take care of your health. If you find the above symptoms, be sure to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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